New times. New model.

Since started 20 years ago, a lot has changed in the hotel world. In the past, when hotels were unable to facilitate a good booking channel themselves, stepped in to assist its visitors in conveniently making a reservation. Even until 2010, sent most bookings to its affiliated hotels by fax. Times have changed. Whether with or without the support of a channel manager, nowadays almost every hotel has a well-functioning reservation system on its own website. Hence, most hotels prefer to receive bookings directly through their own website. aims to comply with this wish. At, we want to facilitate the best possible booking channel, not only for guests, but also for our affiliated hotels. That’s why starts making it possible for you to receive our visitors on your own website. Our 3 million unique Dutch bookers, 395,000 followers on Facebook and 300,000 mailing recipients will help us to achieve this!

The new cpc (cost-per-click) model:

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From the 1st of July 2022, will offer its CPC model. This CPC model enables your accommodation to receive visitors to your website from just € 0.01 per click.

The benefits:

- All bookings through your own website.
- Never pay commission again.
- Not in competition with other OTAs (such as on Trivago and Google Hotel Ads).
- You can welcome your guests for as little as 1 cent!
- Take advantage of the marketing power of
- Load availability and prices through the channel manager.

How it works

If you switch to the CPC model, will set up several links to the website of your hotel. We will then lead our visitors directly to your website.

Link to the homepage
From the hotel overview pages (without date), our visitors have the option of going straight to your homepage.

Link to contact page
From the hotel page, our visitors can go straight to the contact page on your hotel website.

Link to the booking system (with arrival and departure dates)
After our visitors have searched for availability and set the requested dates of stay, they will be forwarded directly to your booking system.

Transition period for existing accommodation partners

From the 1st of July 2022, will slowly roll out its new CPC model. Our aim is to convert all affiliated accommodation partners to the new CPC model in the course of 2022.

Not a customer yet?

You can register your accommodation directly via this link. Registration takes about 15 minutes. Please note that it may take some time to process your application, depending on how busy it is.