10 accommodations in Anderen

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De Herberg van Anderen in Anderen Hotel
Distance: 142 meter8.7
De Herberg van Anderen
Nijend 2, Anderen

Drenthe charm meets modern comfort for an exceptional stay. Enjoy peace, hospitality, and gourmet cuisine.

B&B Slaopen en Stoet / Podium Nijend24 in Anderen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 509 meter9.5
B&B Slaopen en Stoet / Podium Nijend24
Nijend 24, Anderen

Slaopen en Stoet B&B, on the edge of Andere, with modern rooms and private access to the Drentsche Aa National Park. Unique for music lovers.

't Anderhoes Groepsaccommodatie in Anderen Vacation home
Distance: 106 meter8.7
't Anderhoes Groepsaccommodatie
Het Loeg 9, Anderen

't Anderhoes: Spacious and wheelchair-accessible group accommodation for up to 32 guests. Rustic atmosphere, modern comfort, large terrace, playing field and near Drentsche Aa. Perfect start for tours.

farm Liebe in Anderen Camping
Distance: 169 meter9.5
farm Liebe
Veenvoort 4, Anderen

'Farm Liebe': a rustic campsite in the Drentsche Aa nature reserve. Near Drenthe national forests and Balloƫrveld with comfortable facilities and pet-friendly.

De Loeghoeve B&B - groepsaccommodatie - vergaderlocatie in Anderen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 76 meter9.3
De Loeghoeve B&B - groepsaccommodatie - vergaderlocatie
Het Loeg 23, Anderen

De Loeghoeve, authentic group accommodation and B&B in Drenthe, ideal for rest, wellness and meetings. Experience the personal welcome and care.

B&B Anderen Erf in Anderen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 718 meter10
B&B Anderen Erf
Nijend 19, Anderen

B&B Andere Erf: Relaxing accommodation with panoramic views, directly on the Pieterpad. Highly rated for fantastic location and luxurious rooms.

Vakantiehuisje 't Tolhuisje Drenthe in Anderen Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km10
Vakantiehuisje 't Tolhuisje Drenthe
Nijend 28, Anderen

Tolhek estate: picturesque 2-person holiday home in Andere, Drenthe. View of the Drentsche Aa, modern facilities, horse-friendly.

Camping Estate Tolhek in Anderen Camping
Distance: 1,2 km9.5
Camping Estate Tolhek
Nijend 28, Anderen

Camping Landgoed Tolhek in Drentsche Aa offers quiet, spacious camping pitches with WiFi, electricity and a private water source. Pets welcome, cycling and walking paths nearby.

Pieterpad Cabins Drenthe in Anderen Camping
Distance: 1,2 km10
Pieterpad Cabins Drenthe
Nijend 28, Anderen

Pieterpad cabins, the attractive hiker's cabins in Drenthe. Equipped with all amenities, located between stages 4 and 5 of the Pieterpad. Affordable overnight stays available.

Boomhut Drenthe TOLHEK in Anderen Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km9.7
Boomhut Drenthe TOLHEK
Nijend 28, Anderen

Treehouse on the Tolhek Estate in Drenthe: luxurious hideaway surrounded by nature, with WiFi, including taxes & winner of The Boomhut Battle.

Information about Anderen

Andere is a small and historic village located in the province of Drenthe, in the north of the Netherlands. The village is named after the Andereensloot, a canal that flows through the village. Others is home to a range of authentic thatched farmhouses and homes and is surrounded by vast green meadows and impressive tree-lined areas. The tranquility and harmony of nature makes Andere a sublime escape from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas.

The main attractions are the old water mills and the nearby walking routes through the Drentsche Landscape. The surroundings of Andere are dominated by the presence of impressive dolmens, old grave monuments dating from the Stone Age. Tourists can also enjoy the local culture in the village, including by visiting the craft shops and tasting delicious regional dishes. With its authentic Dutch charm and rural setting, Andere offers a timeless and enriching experience for every visitor.