8 accommodations in Baexem

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Kasteel Baexem in Baexem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 980 meter9.7
Kasteel Baexem
Kasteelweg 7, Baexem

Dutch castle stay: Inclusive of garden views, fine dining, and tranquil relaxation.

Camping Activiteitencentrum Geelenhoof in Kelpen-Oler Camping
Distance: 4,0 km8.7
Camping Activiteitencentrum Geelenhoof
Grathemerweg 16, Kelpen-Oler

Camping Geelenhoof: explore Central Limburg by bike, relax at our swimming pool, or spend a unique night in an airplane or army truck!

Landgoed Lemmenhof in Ell Camping
Distance: 5,7 km9.5
Landgoed Lemmenhof
Kampstraat 10, Ell

Lemmenhof estate: ultimate peace and space, near the A2 and Weert. Luxury rooms, studios and safari tents. Shops and eateries within walking distance.

Bie os aan Hoes in Baexem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 790 meter9.3
Bie os aan Hoes
Parallelweg 15, Baexem

Bid to Hoes: Stylish apartments, full kitchen, luxurious breakfast. Incl. WiFi. Near the Leudal and Stokshof nature reserve.

Hoeve de Schoor - Bakhuys in Baexem Vacation home
Distance: 1,3 km8.1
Hoeve de Schoor - Bakhuys
Schoorstraat 8, Baexem

Hoeve de Schoor: comfortable Limburg carree farm with professional kitchen, spacious park garden and play facilities, suitable for 18 adults and 4 children.

Oostappen Vakantiepark Heelderpeel in Heel Holiday resort
Distance: 3,4 km7.1
Oostappen Vakantiepark Heelderpeel
De Peel 13, Heel

Holiday park Heelderpeel: enjoy lush forests and rippling water at our modern camping sites in the picturesque Heel.

Bed & Breakfast Bergheide in Baexem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,0 km10
Bed & Breakfast Bergheide
Vestjenshoek 4, Baexem

B&B Bergheide: Luxury, privacy, free bicycles, sauna & terrace. Ideal for rest and relaxation. Managed by experienced hosts.

SVR-Camping Scheyvenhof in Heythuysen Camping
Distance: 3,1 km9.3
SVR-Camping Scheyvenhof
Scheyvenhofweg 10, Heythuysen

Camping Scheyvenhof: 28 pitches with WiFi & electricity, heated sanitary facilities, in Leudal.

Information about Baexem

Located in the province of Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands, Baexem is a small, quiet village that carefully preserves the charms of the countryside. Known for its historical and architectural value, the area is home to Baexem Castle, a beautifully maintained building dating back to the 13th century and surrounded by generous greenery. The village is also home to St. John the Baptist Church, a late 19th century architectural marvel that dominates Baexem's skyline.

Baexem also offers visitors a taste of Limburg's rich culture and culinary traditions. Local gastronomy includes typical regional dishes and sweet temptations such as the famous Limburg flan. With many hiking and cycling trails in the area, visitors can enjoy the serene nature and unique landscape of the Limburg countryside. The village functions as a perfect base due to its proximity to larger cities such as Roermond and Weert, while still remaining a peaceful retreat.