26 accommodations in Berg en Terblijt

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Hotel Lamerichs Berg en Terblijt in Berg en Terblijt Hotel
Distance: 605 meter8.5
Hotel Lamerichs Berg en Terblijt
Geulhemmerweg 27, Berg en Terblijt

Experience serene locale, top-notch dining, free WiFi, and parking facilities in Maastricht outskirts.

Fletcher Hotel De Geulvallei Valkenburg in Valkenburg Hotel
Distance: 1,1 km6.7
Fletcher Hotel De Geulvallei Valkenburg
Onderstestraat 66, Valkenburg

Indulge in tranquil sanctuary, close to major cities. Historical building with stunning terrace views.

Brasserie Hotel Brakke Berg - Berg en Terblijt in Berg en Terblijt Bed and breakfast
Distance: 897 meter8.5
Brasserie Hotel Brakke Berg - Berg en Terblijt
Wolfsdriesweg 10, Berg en Terblijt

Offering top-notch service in luxurious surroundings with convenient, secure parking facilities.

Berghotel Vue Valkenburg in Berg en Terblijt Hotel
Distance: 807 meter7.7
Berghotel Vue Valkenburg
Wolfsdriesweg 7, Berg en Terblijt

Savour luxury in a tranquil setting, with a cozy fireplace, gourmet restaurant and park-like garden.

Chateau St. Gerlach Valkenburg aan de Geul in Valkenburg Hotel
Distance: 1,6 km9.1
Chateau St. Gerlach Valkenburg aan de Geul
Joseph Corneli Allee 1, Valkenburg

Enjoy world-class service, leisure facilities, and free shuttle to Maastricht, in serene country estate surroundings.

Hotel de Lange Akker Berg en Terblijt in Berg en Terblijt Hotel
Distance: 204 meter9.3
Hotel de Lange Akker Berg en Terblijt
Langen Akker 33, Berg en Terblijt

Discover tranquillity in a hotel nestled between Maastricht and Valkenburg, providing essential comfort and exceptional service.

Hotel Bergrust Bemelen in Bemelen Hotel
Distance: 1,8 km8.5
Hotel Bergrust Bemelen
Bemelerberg 6, Bemelen

Situated just 3km from historic towns, offering access to countryside walks and sandstone caves.

Aan 't kapelke in Valkenburg Vacation home
Distance: 1,3 km10
Aan 't kapelke
Onderstestraat 46, Valkenburg

Luxury holiday home Aan 't Kapelke in Limburg: with attractive bedroom, full kitchen and bathroom, close to Houthem St. Gerlach, Valkenburg and Maastricht.

Bed & Breakfast Gerlachus in Valkenburg Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,5 km10
Bed & Breakfast Gerlachus
Sint Gerlach 50, Valkenburg

Bed & Breakfast Gerlachus: comfortable rooms, private bathrooms, local breakfast products and only 2 minutes from the train station.

Restaurant Hotel de Potkachel (Hotel Holland) in Berg en Terblijt Hotel
Distance: 181 meter8.3
Restaurant Hotel de Potkachel (Hotel Holland)
Rijksweg 65, Berg en Terblijt

Restaurant De Potkachel - Hotel Holland: comfortable rooms between Maastricht and Valkenburg, in Heuvelland. Ideal for walking and cycling tours.

Saga&More in Berg en Terblijt Bed and breakfast
Distance: 853 meter9.3
Geulhemmerweg 32, Berg en Terblijt

Saga & More: picturesque B&B and brasserie between marl caves and Geul. With comfortable rooms, various routes, bicycle storage and smoke-free environment.

Herberg De Geulhemermolen in Berg en Terblijt Hotel
Distance: 879 meter8.3
Herberg De Geulhemermolen
Geulhemmerweg 49, Berg en Terblijt

De Geulhemermolen: historic inn and café in Berg en Terblijt; along the Geul, foot of the Geulhemmerberg. Atmospheric Limburg atmosphere with room location.

Het Bovenhuis in Bunde Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,5 km8.5
Het Bovenhuis
Oude Rijksweg 2, Bunde

Het Bovenhuis Maastricht: Comfortable holiday home with 8 sleeping places, close to the center & equipped kitchen. Perfect for city and regional exploration.

B&B - Bij Margriet in Bunde Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,0 km10
B&B - Bij Margriet
Papenweg 105, Bunde

Knusse Bed & Breakfast offers comfortable, well-equipped rooms, fresh breakfast and luxurious bathroom, ideal for extra guests and children.

Bed & Breakfast Fijn in Valkenburg Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,6 km10
Bed & Breakfast Fijn
Vroenhof 98, Valkenburg

Bed and Breakfast Fine: Authentic luxury in the South Limburg landscape, near the Ingendael nature reserve and historic Maastricht.

Bed and breakfast Ut Bergske in Berg en Terblijt Bed and breakfast
Distance: 569 meter10
Bed and breakfast Ut Bergske
Kleinstraat 8A, Berg en Terblijt

Ut Bergske B&B offers a spacious bedroom, private bathroom, beautiful garden, unlimited coffee/tea, free WiFi, private parking and electric charging station.

EuroParcs Poort van Maastricht in Berg en Terblijt Holiday resort
Distance: 871 meter8.7
EuroParcs Poort van Maastricht
Rijksweg 6, Berg en Terblijt

EuroParcs Gate of Maastricht: enjoy the indoor swimming pool, bicycle rental, sports fields and entertainment, in the middle of the Burgundian Limburg hilly landscape.

De Biesenberg in Ulestraten Vacation home
Distance: 4,0 km9.1
De Biesenberg
Waterval 40, Ulestraten

De Biesenberg: enjoy the tranquility of Limburg in spacious holiday homes on the edge of a forest, close to Euregio areas, with modern amenities.

Villa Verde in Bunde Vacation home
Distance: 5,4 km9.9
Villa Verde
Boschweg 1, Bunde

Villa Verde - sustainable houses with hotel facilities in green Bunde, near 't Bunderbos & Maastricht, including WiFi and pizza oven!

Hoeve Waterval in Ulestraten Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,5 km9.9
Hoeve Waterval
Waterval 14, Ulestraten

Hoeve Waterval B&B in the Limburg hills, near Maastricht, offers tranquility, space for 4 pax, private sanitary facilities and recreation in the area.

Green Resort Mooi Bemelen in Bemelen Holiday resort
Distance: 1,9 km8.3
Green Resort Mooi Bemelen
Gasthuis 3, Bemelen

Resort Mooi Bemelen: Luxury holiday park in South Limburg with outdoor swimming pool, BBQ & gourmet facilities, near Valkenburg & Maastricht.

Boerderijcamping ’t Gasthoes in Bemelen Camping
Distance: 1,9 km9.5
Boerderijcamping ’t Gasthoes
Gasthuis 1, Bemelen

At Boerderijcamping 't Gasthoes in South Limburg you can enjoy luxurious facilities, free WiFi and unique nature. Ideal for hiking and cycling enthusiasts.

Herberg De Bonte Haan in Berg en Terblijt Vacation home
Distance: 1,0 km8.9
Herberg De Bonte Haan
Lindenstraat 62, Berg en Terblijt

Nature Holiday Bonte Haan: Cozy family business since 2005. Various accommodations from tavern to group accommodation. Ideal after a cycling or walking tour.

Stay in Terblijt in Berg en Terblijt Bed and breakfast
Distance: 822 meter10
Stay in Terblijt
Lindenstraat 46, Berg en Terblijt

Stay in Terblijt: comfort and hospitality between Valkenburg and Maastricht. Superhost service, modern amenities and bicycle storage near Pieterpad and Amstel Gold Race.

Hemelse Hoeve in Bemelen Vacation home
Distance: 2,0 km9.7
Hemelse Hoeve
Gasthuis 73 a, Bemelen

Hemelse Hoeve: characteristic guesthouse in South Limburg, with comfortable family rooms, perfect between Valkenburg and Maastricht. Ideal for family or friends.

B&B Het Wolfshuis in Bemelen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,4 km9.3
B&B Het Wolfshuis
Gasthuis 18, Bemelen

B&B Het Wolfshuis in Bemelen combines 18th-century charm with modern comfort. Enjoy privacy, luxurious box-spring beds, private garden, fast Wi-Fi and a view of marl rock formations.

Information about Berg en Terblijt

Berg en Terblijt, located in the province of Limburg in the south of the Netherlands, is a merger of two villages, namely Berg and Terblijt. It is known for its picturesque hilly landscape, charming houses and peaceful atmosphere. The region is surrounded by a variety of flora and fauna, making it a fantastic destination for nature lovers and hikers. The proximity of Maastricht, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, also makes this location ideal for anyone looking for a combination of nature and culture.

Berg en Terblijt has unique attractions that you can visit, including old castles, mills and churches. Among the famous sights is the Geulhemmer quarry, known for its historic limestone caves. In addition, the local cuisine offers a range of Limburg specialties, including the famous Limburg pastry, which are worth tasting. In short, a visit to Berg en Terblijt is a wonderful option for those who want to relax in a serene environment while enjoying the Dutch countryside.