6 accommodations in Biddinghuizen

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Hotel, Sportsbar & Brasserie Dorhout Mees Biddinghuizen in Biddinghuizen Hotel
Distance: 5,7 km8.5
Hotel, Sportsbar & Brasserie Dorhout Mees Biddinghuizen
Strandgaperweg 30, Biddinghuizen

Indulge in our equipped suites with WiFi, sauna, and top-notch room service for the peak comfort.

Walibi Village in Biddinghuizen Holiday resort
Distance: 5,7 km8.5
Walibi Village
Cerespark 2, Biddinghuizen

Immerse in theme park thrills, leisurely lake excursions, and sumptuous dining from a comfortable home base.

Recreation Veluwe Strandbad in Elburg Holiday resort
Distance: 8,8 km8.7
Recreation Veluwe Strandbad
Flevoweg 5, Elburg

Veluwe Strandbad: Unique holiday in luxury bungalows on Veluwemeer. Enjoy nature, our facilities and nearby attractions.

Camping Koelioere in Biddinghuizen Camping
Distance: 2,5 km9.3
Camping Koelioere
Oldebroekerweg 21, Biddinghuizen

Camping Koelioere, your rural base in Flevopolder with a choice of campers, caravans or tents, suitable for both groups and solo campers.

EuroParcs Resort Zuiderzee in Biddinghuizen Holiday resort
Distance: 6,9 km7.5
EuroParcs Resort Zuiderzee
Spijkweg 15, Biddinghuizen

EuroParcs Zuiderzee: Swimming pool, bowling alley, private marina, near Walibi & Batavia Stad.

Bungalowpark De Bremerberg in Biddinghuizen Bungalow park
Distance: 5,3 km9.1
Bungalowpark De Bremerberg
Bijsselseweg 3, Biddinghuizen

Holiday Park De Bremerberg: near Veluwemeer, IJsselmeer, Schokland. Ideal for nature and water sports enthusiasts.

Information about Biddinghuizen

Located in the province of Flevoland, Netherlands, Biddinghuizen has much to offer visitors of all ages. This city, nestled in a rural environment and bordering Lake Veluwe, is characterized by its wide range of recreational options. From the world-famous Walibi Holland theme park, famous for its adrenaline-pumping rollercoasters, to the tranquility and beauty of the Flevo landscape, Biddinghuizen offers a variety of tourist attractions that are both adventurous and relaxing. Interesting events such as Lowlands Festival and Defqon.1 Weekend Festival also make this city an important cultural hub.

Despite its smaller size, Biddinghuizen is a city with an extensive infrastructure, including a multitude of accommodation options ranging from luxury hotels to cozy B&Bs. In terms of culinary enjoyment, Biddinghuizen offers a variety of dining options, from traditional Dutch to international dishes, to suit the tastes of every visitor. Nestled among vast agricultural fields, wooded areas and the nearby waterfront, Biddinghuizen combines the charms of tranquil country life with the exciting and dynamic features you would expect from a modern and tourist-friendly city.