5 accommodations in Bornem

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Hotel De Notelaer in Bornem Hotel
Distance: 339 meter7.7
Hotel De Notelaer
Stationsplein 2, Bornem

Hotel De Notelaer: Stylish four-star accommodation with brasserie, spacious party room and cozy summer terrace, perfectly located near local attractions.

Het Laathof in Bornem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,5 km8.7
Het Laathof
Wolfgang d'Urselstraat 7, Bornem

Het Laathof: Ideal base for youth groups in historic Hingene, with full board and 21 rooms, perfect for schools, choirs and families.

B&B Klik Klak in Bornem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,7 km9.1
B&B Klik Klak
Edmond Vleminckxstraat 79, Bornem

B&B Klik Klak: Fully equipped studio in Hingene, ideal for walkers and cycling enthusiasts, near Scheldepolders and castle park d'Ursel.

Atelier van Antonine in Bornem Vacation home
Distance: 2,8 km9.9
Atelier van Antonine
Koningin Astridlaan 200, Bornem

Antonine's Atelier: Stay in a stylish home in Castle d'Ursel, surrounded by an idyllic park. Near Scheldeland and Flemish art cities.

Hotel Secundo Bornem in Bornem Hotel
Distance: 1,2 km7.5
Hotel Secundo Bornem
Rijksweg 58, Bornem

Four-star comfort with ample amenities in a prime location for business and leisure travel.

Information about Bornem

Bornem is a Belgian municipality in the province of Antwerp, located on the Scheldt river. The place is known for its rich historical heritage, including the castle of Marnix de Sainte-Aldegonde and the Abbey of Bornem. Originally built in the 10th century, the castle offers a deep insight into the medieval architecture and history of the region. The abbey is a working abbey that is open to visitors and offers a serene environment for reflection and cultural-historical research.

In addition, Bornem is an attractive destination for nature lovers. The Het Broek nature reserve is a vast swamp area where visitors can walk and enjoy the flora and fauna. Bornem also organizes annual events such as the Dodentocht, a well-known 100-kilometer walk that attracts participants from all over the world. This combination of historical, cultural and natural attractions makes Bornem a versatile destination for diverse interests.