13 accommodations in Burdaard

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Hotel Restaurant It Posthûs Burdaard in burdaard Hotel
Distance: 157 meter8.7
Hotel Restaurant It Posthûs Burdaard
Ds. R.H Kuipersstraat 1, burdaard

Relish in tranquility beside flowing waters at our quaint hotel, known for its excellent cuisine and stunning views. Easy access to Leeuwarden within 20 minutes.

Harsta Hoeve Hegebeintum in Hegebeintum Vacation home
Distance: 4,6 km9.7
Harsta Hoeve Hegebeintum
Harstawei 23, Hegebeintum

Relax amidst fruit groves in this cozy farm stay with private rooms, bar, and scenic paths.

Herberg Het Rechthuis in Rinsumageest Hotel
Distance: 4,6 km9.9
Herberg Het Rechthuis
Rjochthússtrjitte 1, Rinsumageest

Inn Het Rechthuis in Rinsumageast: comfort and history in a former town hall. Ideal starting point for the Elfstedentocht route and exploration of Friesland.

Accommodatie Claercamp in Rinsumageest Vacation home
Distance: 3,6 km9.9
Accommodatie Claercamp
Klaarkampsterwei 6, Rinsumageest

Claercamp: attractive holiday home in Friesland with breathtaking views, directly on the Eleven Cities Route. Suitable for walkers and cyclists.

Camping Tjaerdastate in Rinsumageest Camping
Distance: 4,2 km9.7
Camping Tjaerdastate
Tjaerdawei 45, Rinsumageest

Camping Tjaerdastate: Peace, greenery and space in Rinsumageast. Modern comfort on a farm campsite, near Dokkum and the Wadden Islands.

Logementen Jannum in Jannum Vacation home
Distance: 2,6 km9.5
Logementen Jannum
Tsjerkestrjitte 10, Jannum

Lodging Jannum: serene stays in 17th-century terp houses, equipped with modern amenities, in the picturesque Frisian landscape between Leeuwarden and Dokkum.

Anne-Famke's Pleats in Stiens Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,1 km9.9
Anne-Famke's Pleats
Wurgedyk 20, Stiens

Anne-Famkes Pleats: B&B rooms, social dining room, events such as concerts and fairs.

Bij De Pastorie in Reitsum Hotel
Distance: 3,0 km9.5
Bij De Pastorie
Flieterpsterdyk 23, Reitsum

At De Pastorie: boutique hotel in historic church, Reitsum. Luxury suites, Royal Deluxe beds, free WiFi, breakfast buffet included.

Camping Zwanenburg in Jislum Camping
Distance: 1,5 km8.7
Camping Zwanenburg
Hikkaarderdyk 31, Jislum

Camping Zwanenburg: enjoy peace and quiet at a natural lake, cycle, walk or canoe in the Frisian landscape of Northeast Fryslân.

Bêd & Brochje Hoogland in Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,7 km8.3
Bêd & Brochje Hoogland
It Suderheech 2,

Bêd & Brochje offers authentic Frisian overnight stays and breakfast, with a diverse choice of unique locations and facilities.

Bed & Breakfast Marrum in Marrum Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,3 km10
Bed & Breakfast Marrum
Lage Herenweg 30, Marrum

B&B Marrum, North Friesland - Greenkey certified luxury accommodation with long box-spring beds, private bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen near the Wadden coast.

Bloemenhoeve Bed and Breakfast in Burdaard Bed and breakfast
Distance: 250 meter9.3
Bloemenhoeve Bed and Breakfast
Dominee R.H. Kuipersstraat 18, Burdaard

Bloemenhoeve B&B: Beautifully renovated farmhouse on the Dokkumer Ee, perfect base for visiting Dokkum, Leeuwarden and the Wadden Islands. Modern facilities.

Vakantiewoning Het Werkmanshuisje in Burdaard Vacation home
Distance: 226 meter9.5
Vakantiewoning Het Werkmanshuisje
Mounewei 14A, Burdaard

Workman's house Burdaard: renovated workers' house from 1914, for two, with modern facilities, sunny garden, view of the mill, bicycle rental available.

Information about Burdaard

Located in the province of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands, Burdaard is a historic and picturesque village known for its characteristic waterways and rural landscape. The village is located on the banks of the Dokkumer Ee, a waterway that is part of the popular Elfstedentocht skating and cycling route. In addition to its natural beauty, Burdaard also offers various cultural attractions, including two monumental windmills, De Zwaluw and De Eendracht, both still in operation and open to the public.

Burdaard offers a range of facilities and activities for visitors. The village is known for its double drawbridge, a distinctive architectural element in the center of the village that attracts many tourists every year. The village is also known for the Bartlehiem viaduct, an important skating bridge and icon of the Eleven Cities Tour. Recreational infrastructure also includes the marina, various accommodation options, dining options and a range of walking and cycling routes through the characteristic Frisian landscape.