7 accommodations in Chaumont-Gistoux

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Domaine de Biamont in Incourt Vacation home
Distance: 6,5 km9.9
Domaine de Biamont
Rue de Longpré 3, Incourt

Domaine de Biamont: Stay in barriques with vineyard views. Meeting space, modern conveniences, and close village of Incourt for cultural excursions.

Le Valangré in Chaumont-Gistoux Bed and breakfast
Distance: 290 meter9.7
Le Valangré
Rue Bourguignon 6, Chaumont-Gistoux

Le Valangré: Charm and comfort in a 19th-century B&B with uniquely decorated rooms, organic breakfast and close to beautiful walking and cycling routes in Chaumont-Gistoux.

Manoir de Thorembais - B&B 4 épis et lodge in Perwez Vacation home
Distance: 8,1 km9.5
Manoir de Thorembais - B&B 4 épis et lodge
Rue de l'Intérieur 28, Perwez

Manoir de Thorembais: Historic mansion between Brussels and Namur. Luxurious rooms, modern amenities, near cycling routes. Perfect for tourists and business travelers.

LA RIVIERE DU BIEN ETRE in Chaumont-Gistoux Vacation home
Distance: 2,7 km10
Rue du Warichet 12, Chaumont-Gistoux

Chambre d'hôtes La Rivière du Bien-Être: Comfortable rooms with private entrances, free WiFi, and cycling routes nearby. 5 minutes from CBTC, Axis Park and L'Esplanade.

Le Moulin des Saules in Jodoigne Vacation home
Distance: 10,3 km10
Le Moulin des Saules
Rue de la Ramée 17, Jodoigne

Le Moulin des Saules: Unique accommodation in Brabant-Wallon with private jacuzzis, breakfast options and a sauna, ideal for a serene escape in nature.

Pitchounette in Chaumont-Gistoux Vacation home
Distance: 1,2 km9.7
Rue du Moulin 1, Chaumont-Gistoux

Pitchounette's guest rooms in Chaumont-Gistoux: renovated historic house with three rooms, along a river, near restaurants and a short drive from Brussels and Namur.

La cabana Fava in Chaumont-Gistoux Vacation home
Distance: 2,5 km8.3
La cabana Fava
Taille Thérèse , Chaumont-Gistoux

La Cabana Fava: Wooden lodge in Dion-Valmont, Belgium, with pond terrace, spa, and fully equipped kitchen for a relaxing, authentic experience.

Information about Chaumont-Gistoux

Chaumont-Gistoux is a picturesque municipality located in the province of Walloon Brabant, Belgium. Made up of five villages: Chaumont, Dion-Valmont, Bonlez, Corroy-le-Grand and Longueville, the town offers a rich history and a serene rural setting. The municipality is known for its green landscapes, historic churches and charming architecture, making it an attractive destination for tourists looking for peace and culture.

Tourist attractions in Chaumont-Gistoux include the Château de Corroy-le-Grand, an excellently preserved medieval fortress, and the Roman road that passes through the area. Walkers and cyclists can enjoy a network of well-maintained paths that wind through forests and fields. The municipality also offers several dining options where visitors can sample local Walloon specialties. Combining natural beauty with cultural attractions, Chaumont-Gistoux is a versatile destination for travelers.