2 accommodations in Courcelles

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Appartement Courcelles in Courcelles Vacation home
Distance: 457 meter6.9
Appartement Courcelles
Rue du Général de Gaulle 164, Courcelles


Gîtes ruraux de Courriaulx in Pont-à-Celles Vacation home
Distance: 4,4 km9.7
Gîtes ruraux de Courriaulx
Rue Courriaulx 7, Pont-à-Celles

Les Gîtes de la Ferme de Courriaulx: Historic farm in Pont-à-Celles, with charming gites surrounded by fields. Perfect base for Wallonia.

Information about Courcelles

Courcelles is a municipality in the province of Hainaut, Belgium, and is located near the city of Charleroi. It offers a mix of historic and modern sights that attract visitors. Key landmarks include the listed castle of Trazegnies and several historic churches such as the Église Saint-Lambert, which reflect the rich history of the region. This municipality is conveniently located for tourists looking for a base to explore the wider region of Hainaut.

In addition to its cultural heritage, Courcelles offers various recreational opportunities, including walking and cycling routes through the surrounding countryside. The nearby Bois de Courcelles is a popular destination for nature lovers. In addition, the municipality has good transport links, with regular train and bus services to Charleroi and other major city centres. Courcelles combines a serene rural atmosphere with the benefits of nearby urban amenities, making it an attractive destination for a variety of travelers.