14 accommodations in Drachtstercompagnie

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Camping Jiltdijksheide in Opende Camping
Distance: 5,3 km8.9
Camping Jiltdijksheide
Kolonieweg 20, Opende

Camping Jiltdijksheide in Opende: versatile choice with SVR camping, holiday home and group accommodation in a beautiful scenic landscape.

Camping 't Strandheem in Opende Camping
Distance: 3,9 km8.5
Camping 't Strandheem
Parkweg 2, Opende

Camping 't Strandheem: 4-star family campsite in Groningen offers a cafe, swimming pool, playgrounds, mini golf and youth club. Summer packages available!

Camping De Watermolen in Opende Camping
Distance: 6,4 km9.3
Camping De Watermolen
Openderweg 26, Opende

Camping de Watermolen: Nature, comfort & adventure with options from luxurious water chalets to Hiker's huts, bordering Groningen and Friesland.

Eigendraads Groepsaccommodatie in Opende Vacation home
Distance: 6,9 km7.5
Eigendraads Groepsaccommodatie
Provincialeweg 142A, Opende

Eigendraads: experience farm in Opende, with football field, air hockey and home cinema. Ideal location for trips to Ot and Sien museum.

Cremers'Pleats in Opende Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,3 km9.5
Provincialeweg 102, Opende

B&B Cremerspleats in Opende offers a quiet environment with comfortable accommodation options including apartments, a caravan and glass tea house.

B&B Loft-13 in Opende Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,5 km10
B&B Loft-13
Tiengastraat 13, Opende

Loft-13, your green oasis in the Frisian-Groningen landscape. Luxury guesthouse with terrace, perfect refuge for those seeking peace and quiet, nature lovers and bird lovers.

Suyder-end in Opende Vacation home
Distance: 7,3 km10
Zuiderweg 7A, Opende

Holiday home Suyder-End: secluded tranquility in Opende with private garden and Finnish sauna. Close to Leeuwarden, Groningen and the A7.

Camperplaats de Eikenhof in Opende Camping
Distance: 4,8 km10
Camperplaats de Eikenhof
Poelbuurt 7, Opende

Camper site De Eikenhof in Opende offers top facilities, proximity to fascinating forests, heathlands and the LEGiO Museum.

Tusken Elzen en Bjirken in Harkema Vacation home
Distance: 5,5 km10
Tusken Elzen en Bjirken
Mûntsegroppe 40, Harkema

Tusken Elzen & Bjirken: 5000m2 private park near Monnikentrench, perfect for peace and quiet in the Frisian Forests.

't Stee fan Anne P in Rottevalle Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,8 km10
't Stee fan Anne P
Brouwersgrêft 5, Rottevalle

't Stee fan Anne P, authentic holiday home in Rottevalle with contemporary comfort, located near Drachten; rich in history.

Motorcamping 't Witveen in Eastermar Camping
Distance: 4,5 km9.5
Motorcamping 't Witveen
Witveensterweg 22, Eastermar

Motorcamping 't Witveen: Your ideal base in Friesland near Eastermar. Enjoy the facilities such as breakfast, BBQ, and a cozy canteen with wood stove.

Gastenboerderij Lucaswolde in Lucaswolde Vacation home
Distance: 10,4 km8.1
Gastenboerderij Lucaswolde
Leidijk 22, Lucaswolde

Gastenboerderij Lucaswolde: B&B and log cabins in Groningen's nature reserve, ideal for cyclists and events.

Camping de Leyen in Rottevalle Camping
Distance: 4,6 km9.1
Camping de Leyen
Bildreed 3, Rottevalle

Sup Center Fryslân offers SUP training, windsurfing lessons and skippered boat trips. Enjoy nature and activities in collaboration with pavilion de Leijen!

minicamping Haarsterveld in Marum Camping
Distance: 4,9 km9.7
minicamping Haarsterveld
Haarsterweg 49, Marum

Minicamping Haarsterveld, Marum: rest near Groningen, Leeuwarden and Drachten for campers, caravans and tents.

Information about Drachtstercompagnie

Drachtstercompagnie, located in Friesland, is a charming village where character and community spirit abound. This place was founded in the fifteenth century and is characterized by its rich history and culture. Surrounding the village is an open landscape, ideal for recreational activities such as walking and cycling, where you can experience the fresh Frisian air and the tranquility of the countryside. The local population, known for their hospitality, actively contributes to maintaining traditional Frisian culture and the overall vitality of the village.

In Drachtstercompagnie, Dutch traditions, culture and lifestyle are well preserved, a factor that strongly contributes to the tourist value of this place. Despite its small size, the village hosts a variety of local events and festivals that offer visitors an authentic insight into the Frisian way of life. In addition, the village has several historical structures and monuments, which gives the place some architectural value. In short, Drachtstercompagnie represents one of Friesland's many assets and remains an unexplored treasure waiting to be discovered.