8 accommodations in Eefde

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Hotel Garni Villa Arrisja Eefde in Eefde Hotel
Distance: 606 meter9.5
Hotel Garni Villa Arrisja Eefde
Meijerinkstraat 1, Eefde

Uncover luxury at our hotel offering exquisite rooms, Wi-Fi, and reviving surroundings for leisure & business stays.

Krullevaar in Harfsen Vacation home
Distance: 3,4 km9.7
, Harfsen

Calluna: Choose Het Externest or Krullevaar in Achterhoek for 4 people & dog, with fireplace and private garden.

Externest in Harfsen Vacation home
Distance: 3,4 km8.1
Deventerdijk 10, Harfsen

Calluna Holiday Homes: Enjoy peace and quiet in Achterhoek, near Gorsselse Heide, with private garden and modern amenities.

YMCA Kampterrein Harfsen in Harfsen Camping
Distance: 3,6 km9.3
YMCA Kampterrein Harfsen
Deventerdijk 7, Harfsen

YMCA Zutphen Warnsveld: Wooded campsite near Harfsen between Zutphen & Deventer, ideal for events.

Bungalow Motief in Harfsen Vacation home
Distance: 3,2 km9.7
Bungalow Motief
Deventerdijk 10H154, Harfsen

Bungalow Motif: Luxury 6-person, Gelderse Achterhoek, quiet nature, perfect for walking and cycling enthusiasts.

Buitenverblijf de Wijte in Eefde Hotel
Distance: 1,2 km8.7
Buitenverblijf de Wijte
Harfsensesteeg 8, Eefde

De Wijte: Enjoy peaceful fields, luxurious accommodation, delicious local dishes and unique activities such as sheep herding.

Landgoed `t Haveke in Eefde in Eefde Vacation home
Distance: 267 meter9.1
Landgoed `t Haveke in Eefde
Zutphenseweg 113, Eefde

't Haveke estate: Monumental mansion with beautiful landscape park and walking routes, holiday homes available for rustic holidays near Zutphen.

Boshuisje 104 in Harfsen Vacation home
Distance: 3,5 km
Boshuisje 104
Deventerdijk 10, Harfsen

Nature house 70553 in Harfsen: bordering Gorsselse Heide, with garden, WiFi & parking.

Information about Eefde

Nestled in the green surroundings of Gelderland, Eefde is an authentic Dutch village that offers both tranquility and activities to its visitors. The core of the place houses monumental buildings that depict the rich history of the municipality of Lochem, with the church of Eefde as an architectural highlight. Centrally located in the village is Twickelpad, a picturesque walking route with charming farms and flowering gardens where you can enjoy the rural nature of Eefde.

Outdoors, Eefde offers the Eefde Lock, a crucial water infrastructure that connects the Twente Canal with the IJssel and offers a spectacular view of passing ships. Eefde offers further recreation through water sports on the Twentekanaal and various cycling and walking routes that run through extensive forests, rolling fields and along the river IJssel. This versatility, combined with a welcoming community, makes Eefde an ideal visit for those who want to enjoy the traditional Dutch lifestyle in a relaxing setting.