10 accommodations in Eext

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Herberg de Hondsrug Eext in Eext Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,3 km9.5
Herberg de Hondsrug Eext
Annerweg 4A, Eext

Nestled in Drentsche Aa Park, enjoy routes revealing Drenthe's charms, with easy access to urban areas.

Mooiplekkie Eext in Eext Vacation home
Distance: 734 meter9.1
Mooiplekkie Eext
Hondelweg 1, Eext

Discover luxury accommodation nestled in nature's charm, offering spacious apartments and group options.

De Violier in Eext Bed and breakfast
Distance: 795 meter9.5
De Violier
Het Witzand 6, Eext

Bed and Breakfast De Violier, Eext - Peace, nature and culture in the heart of Drenthe with walking routes, local tips and hearty breakfast.

De Baldwin Hoeve in Eext Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,5 km8.9
De Baldwin Hoeve
Annerweg 9, Eext

Baldwin Hoeve: mini campsite in the middle of Drenthe's natural beauty, ideal for cycling and walking tours, unique trotting horse breeding and authentic farm experience.

B&B MeerVanZwaantje in Eext Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,9 km9.7
B&B MeerVanZwaantje
Vijzelweg 16, Eext

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Rijk der Kabouters in Eext Holiday resort
Distance: 951 meter8.3
Rijk der Kabouters
Gieterstraat 20, Eext

Rijk der Kabouters in Eext: child-friendly family park with gnome experience, playground, holiday homes and catering. Perfect for children's parties and school trips!

Gastenverblijf De Leemstee in Eext Bed and breakfast
Distance: 128 meter10
Gastenverblijf De Leemstee
Kloosterstraat 9, Eext

Leemstee: Renovated farm in Eext, ideal for cycling and walking tours. Guests enjoy an authentic Drenthe experience, rustic atmosphere, local services!

Bed & Breakfast d'Olle Saks in Eext Bed and breakfast
Distance: 146 meter9.7
Bed & Breakfast d'Olle Saks
Stationsstraat 2, Eext

B&B d'Olle Saks in Eext combines Saxon tradition with modern comfort. Spacious rooms, private garden, coffee/tea making facilities and more await you!

Camping de Hondsrug in Eext Camping
Distance: 2,0 km8.7
Camping de Hondsrug
Annerweg 3, Eext

Camping de Hondsrug, Eext: 4-star camping spot with private sanitary facilities, swimming pools and sports facilities in the heart of Drenthe.

De Drentse Zwerfkei in Annen Vacation home
Distance: 2,4 km9.1
De Drentse Zwerfkei
Eexterweg 16, Annen

Drentse Zwerfkei B&B - ideal for a weekend in Drenthe. Top locations in Annen, Eext, Gieten, Groningen and Assen. Perfect for TT and Zuidlaardermarkt.

Information about Eext

Eext is a characteristic village in the municipality of Aa en Hunze, province of Drenthe, the Netherlands. Characterized by a strong bond with nature and the agricultural environment, Eext offers a serene landscape experience. The village is surrounded by lush forests, extensive meadows and characteristic Drenthe dolmens. This makes Eext the perfect destination for nature lovers and history enthusiasts. With numerous opportunities for walking, cycling and horse riding, one can immerse themselves in the rich and relaxing landscape.

The village also offers various cultural attractions. Eext is known for its well-preserved historic infrastructure, including farms from the 18th and 19th centuries, which give the village an authentic and picturesque appearance. For art lovers there is the annual Eexterzandvoort Art Route event, where local artists exhibit their works. In Eext you will also find the International Clog Museum, which represents a recognized craft that is deeply rooted in Dutch culture and traditions. Accentuating this unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage, makes Eext a remarkable destination in the northern part of the Netherlands.