8 accommodations in Elst

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Grandcafé & Hotel Het Wapen van Elst in Elst Hotel
Distance: 273 meter8.5
Grandcafé & Hotel Het Wapen van Elst
Dorpsstraat 28, Elst

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De Vierdaagsecamping in Nijmegen Camping
Distance: 3,2 km8.3
De Vierdaagsecamping
Griftdijk 220, Nijmegen

The Four Days Camping: perfect during the Nijmegen Four Days Marches, with options for your own tent or rental accommodation. Reliable and highly rated!

Camperplaats De Woerdt in Ressen Camping
Distance: 3,9 km9.1
Camperplaats De Woerdt
Woerdsestraat 4, Ressen

Country store De Woerdt in Ressen: Family business since 1977, fresh fruit, tastings, picking days, farm terrace and meeting rooms.

Bed & Breakfast De Gelderland in Valburg Vacation home
Distance: 4,4 km10
Bed & Breakfast De Gelderland
Julianastraat 12a, Valburg

B&B De Gelderland in Valburg combines 1890 charm with comfort, durable linen bedding, an equipped kitchen, and proximity to Arnhem and Nijmegen.

Minicamping QKLQ in Angeren Camping
Distance: 7,0 km7.3
Minicamping QKLQ
Kamervoort 25A, Angeren

Mongolian Camping QKLQ: Spend the night in authentic gers near Arnhem and Nijmegen, with sustainable energy and all necessary facilities.

Mongoolse tenten in Angeren Camping
Distance: 7,0 km7.7
Mongoolse tenten
Kamervoort 25a, Angeren

Mongolian Camping QKLQ: traditional Gers in an old orchard, CO2 neutral, near Arnhem and Nijmegen.

La Historia bed & breakfast | cursusruimte in Bemmel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,9 km10
La Historia bed & breakfast | cursusruimte
Dorpsstraat 71, Bemmel

La Historia Bemmel: B&B in historic building, modern facilities, near Nijmegen and Arnhem, space for groups and workshops.

Camping De Grote Bredelaar in Elst Camping
Distance: 3,2 km9.3
Camping De Grote Bredelaar
Breedlersestraat 7, Elst

De Grote Bredelaar: Spacious camping pitches next to a goat farm, modern sanitary facilities, WIFI, at Park Bredelaar.

Information about Elst

Located in the province of Gelderland, Elst is a charming town steeped in historical significance. In this agriculturally oriented area, you will find beautiful old farms, authentic mills and enjoy the calm rural atmosphere. The focus is on the historic Grote Kerk - a building that has its roots in the 15th century and the Temple of Elst, a Roman temple whose mosaic floors can still be admired under the church even today. For nature lovers, Elst is also the gateway to nearby nature reserves such as Park Lingezegen and the Betuwe green landscapes that can be discovered via an extensive network of walking and cycling paths.

In a dynamic mix between old and new, Elst also offers a wide range of modern amenities. The bustling city center features a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes that provide a vibrant urban experience. Elst also has a strong community culture, evidenced by its annual events, including the Elster Horse Market - one of the largest and oldest horse markets in the Netherlands. The town, known for its excellent accessibility, is strategically located between the cities of Nijmegen and Arnhem, making it an ideal starting point for trips to these cities.