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Françanne in Flémalle Vacation home
Distance: 249 meter10
Chemin du Goiha 2, Flémalle

Le Françanne: Completely renovated smoke- and pet-free accommodation for 2, near Liège Airport, with modern amenities and walking routes via the Cirkwi app.

Information about Flémalle

Flémalle is a municipality in the province of Liège, Belgium. It is strategically located between the cities of Liège and Huy, and is easily accessible via the E42 highway. Flémalle is known for its industrial heritage, especially the former coal mines and steel mills that once formed the economic heart of the region. The commune is also attractive to history and culture enthusiasts, with sights such as the Castle of Aigremont, an important example of 18th-century architecture.

In addition, Flémalle offers several natural attractions, such as the nature reserve of the Valley of the Ourthe and the forest of Saint-Laurent. These locations are ideal for walking and cycling enthusiasts. Furthermore, the municipality is equipped with various facilities, including shops, restaurants and recreational facilities, making it a great destination for both day tourists and longer stays.