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Ma bulle à moi au milieu des bois in Villers-la-Ville Vacation home
Distance: 8,1 km9.5
Ma bulle à moi au milieu des bois
Rue du Bosquet 58, Villers-la-Ville

Ma Bulle à Moi: Relax in jacuzzis, saunas and infrared cabins. Enjoy massages by expert therapists in the serene surroundings of Tilly.

Kasteel van Wanfercée in Fleurus Vacation home
Distance: 3,2 km8.9
Kasteel van Wanfercée
Rue de la Chapelle 72, Fleurus

Château de Wanfercée: Historic castle in Wallonia, perfect for weddings and business meetings, with 5-hectare park, gypsy wagons and luxurious rooms.

Information about Fleurus

Fleurus is a municipality in the province of Hainaut in the Walloon Region of Belgium. The city is known for its rich history and diverse cultural heritage, including the Battle of Fleurus in 1794, an important moment during the French Revolutionary Wars. Visitors can enjoy historic sites such as Terblock Castle and the neo-Gothic St. Vieter's Chapel. In addition, the city offers a range of local festivals and events held annually, making it an attractive destination for culturally interested tourists.

Economically, Fleurus plays a role in both the agricultural and service sectors, with an emphasis on sustainable developments and local initiatives. The city is strategically located near major roads and railway lines, which facilitates accessibility for both national and international visitors. With well-maintained parks and leisure areas, such as the Bois de Soleilmont, Fleurus offers a relaxing and welcoming environment that is ideal for both short visits and longer stays.