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Information about Ganshoren

Ganshoren is a municipality in the Brussels Capital Region, located in the northwest of Brussels. With an area of 2.46 km² and a population of approximately 25,000 inhabitants, this place offers a quiet, residential environment close to the city center. Ganshoren is conveniently located close to major arterial roads and public transport, ensuring easy access to other parts of Brussels and the surrounding area. The municipality itself has a mix of historic and modern architecture, including several parks and green spaces that are attractive to both walkers and cyclists.

Cultural attractions in Ganshoren include the Municipal Archaeological Museum and St. Martin's Church, which give visitors insight into local history and traditions. Furthermore, the Laarbeekbos is nearby, a large forest area that is ideal for recreational outdoor activities. With a selection of local shops, restaurants and leisure facilities, Ganshoren caters for a wide range of tourist needs, whilst its small and accessible nature offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.