4 accommodations in Grivegnée

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Le Vénitien in Liège Hotel
Distance: 1,3 km8.3
Le Vénitien
Boulevard Emile de Laveleye 60, Liège

L'hôtel Le Vénitien : flexible, personalized service, all-inclusive offers, romantic arrangements. Flexibility and quality at rendezvous.

Hôtel Verone in Liège Hotel
Distance: 981 meter8.5
Hôtel Verone
Boulevard Emile de Laveleye 149, Liège

Hôtels de Charme Verona: Theme rooms ranging from '50 Nuances' to 'Marquise'. Near Liège. Ideal for relaxing and stylish stays.

Nuits Blanches in Liège Vacation home
Distance: 728 meter8.5
Nuits Blanches
Rue des Vennes 348, Liège

Nuits Blanches, Liège: Elegant rooms with modern facilities and prime location, perfect for tourists and business travelers. Rated for excellent service.

Le Boisseliège in Liège Vacation home
Distance: 778 meter10
Le Boisseliège
Rue du Boisselier 9, Liège

Le Boisseliège in Liège: Two floors, private entrance, modern kitchen, streaming services, near Ry-Ponet and Ardennes. Ideal for any type of trip.

Information about Grivegnée

Grivegnée is a sub-municipality of the city of Liège, located in the east of Belgium. This region offers a mix of residential and commercial areas, contributing to a dynamic local economy. Grivegnée is well connected to the center of Liège by an efficient public transport network, making it a convenient base for visitors wanting to explore both the city itself and the surrounding region. The town has various facilities, including shops, restaurants and recreational facilities, which makes for a very liveable and hospitable environment.

In addition, Grivegnée is rich in cultural and historical heritage. It is home to several churches and monuments that are worth a visit for those interested in history and architecture. The proximity to the center of Liege also means that visitors have easy access to the city's many museums, galleries and historic sites. This combination of modern amenities and cultural heritage makes Grivegnée an interesting destination for tourists who want to experience an authentic Belgian district.