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Vakantiewoning Factorij 10 in Peer Vacation home
Distance: 1,9 km10
Vakantiewoning Factorij 10
Spoorwegstraat 14, Peer

Factorij10: Restored cigar factory in Wijchmaal with modern facilities, private terrace, BBQ, and perfect location for cyclists. Max 6 adults.

Information about Hechtel-Eksel

Hechtel-Eksel is a municipality in the Belgian province of Limburg, characterized by a rich natural environment and a history dating back to the Middle Ages. The place is known for its extensive forests and nature reserves, including The Sahara, a unique dune landscape that is popular with hikers and nature lovers. In addition, Hechtel-Eksel offers various recreational facilities such as cycling and walking routes that make optimal use of the surrounding nature, as well as accommodations that range from campsites to comfortable hotels.

In addition to natural attractions, Hechtel-Eksel also has a number of cultural attractions. St. Trudo's Church, an important historic building, and several local museums provide insight into local history and traditions. The annual air force festival, which attracts many visitors, emphasizes the importance of the air base in the region. For tourists, Hechtel-Eksel offers a well-balanced mix of nature, culture and hospitality, making it an attractive destination for a wide audience.