19 accommodations in Heeg

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Hotel de Watersport Heeg in Heeg Hotel
Distance: 1 meter8.7
Hotel de Watersport Heeg
De Skatting 44, Heeg

Stay by Sneek's waterside with access to boating in scenic Heeg harbor, along with great dining.

Woonark in Oudega Boat
Distance: 4,9 km8.1
Tsjerkewei , Oudega

De Frijheit: Luxury houseboat in Oudega with views, facilities & bicycles. Ideal for 4 people.

Minicamping De Oosthoek in It Heidenskip Camping
Distance: 4,7 km9.3
Minicamping De Oosthoek
Koaidyk 15, It Heidenskip

Mini Camping De Oosthoek: directly on the water at Frisian lakes, ideal for water sports from April 1 to October 1.

Camping Flapper in Gaastmeer Camping
Distance: 4,0 km9.3
Camping Flapper
Jan Jelles Hofstrjitte 31, Gaastmeer

Camping Flapper: on the largest lake in Friesland, with harbour, playground & canoe rental.

Waterrecreatie Syperda in Gaastmeer Vacation home
Distance: 4,1 km8.9
Waterrecreatie Syperda
Munkedyk 2, Gaastmeer

Water recreation Syperda - Holiday homes & boats in Gaastmeer, directly on the water with its own jetty.

Attema-Sate in Gaastmeer Vacation home
Distance: 4,3 km10
Yntemapolder 2, Gaastmeer

Attema-Sate: Monumental farm from 1770 in Friesland, ideal for sailing holidays and peaceful retreats. Directly on the Wijde Sloot.

Vakantiehuis de Pondok in Gaastmeer Vacation home
Distance: 4,2 km9.9
Vakantiehuis de Pondok
Jan Jelles Hofstrjitte 6a, Gaastmeer

Holiday home de Pondok: renovated, 6p, near Friesland lakes, ideal for sailing & fishing activities.

Flapperpleats in Gaastmeer Vacation home
Distance: 4,1 km
Jan Jelles Hofstrjitte 29, Gaastmeer

De Flapperpleats: historic farm & villa near Gaastmeer, sleeps 18, right on the water.

Camping het Klokhuis in Idzega Camping
Distance: 3,3 km9.3
Camping het Klokhuis
Klokhusdyk 7, Idzega

Camping Het Klokhuis: camping & sailing at Frisian lakes. Rent boats, fish, canoe or relax. Walking & cycling in nature.

Camping aan het water - Lan en mar- Heeg in Heeg Camping
Distance: 1,5 km8.9
Camping aan het water - Lan en mar- Heeg
De Burd 14, Heeg

Camping Lân en Mar: private harbour, boat rental, chalets at Frisian Lakes.

Recreatiebedrijf 'Aan het Water' in Heeg Vacation home
Distance: 636 meter9.3
Recreatiebedrijf 'Aan het Water'
Gouden Boaijum 4, Heeg

Aan Het Water: spacious holiday home in Friesland for 20p with garden and water sports facilities in the heart of Heeg, close to sailing routes and authentic villages.

Vakantiepark de Pharshoeke Friesland in Heeg Holiday resort
Distance: 445 meter9.1
Vakantiepark de Pharshoeke Friesland
Pharshoeke 61, Heeg

Holiday park De Pharshoeke: enjoy idyllic Friesland with water sports options on Heegermeer and Fluessen, stay in comfortable villas and discover the village of Heeg.

Groepsaccommodatie de Trije Peppels in Heeg Vacation home
Distance: 1,1 km8.9
Groepsaccommodatie de Trije Peppels
Osingahuzen 4, Heeg

Trije Peppels and Elzenbeam; group accommodations in the heart of Friesland. Suitable for 15-100 people, near the Frisian Lakes and the village of Heeg.

WaterHuisHeeg in Heeg Vacation home
Distance: 936 meter
Gouden Boaijum 63, Heeg

WaterHuisHeeg: comfortable, on the water, with jetty and ship house. Within walking distance of a charming village, located on Heegermeer, Friesland.

Waterherberg it Beaken in Heeg Camping
Distance: 462 meter6.9
Waterherberg it Beaken
It Eilan 65, Heeg

Water inn It Beaken: picturesquely located on Heegermeer, luxurious glamping tents, group accommodations, direct access for sailing and sloop sailing.

‘t Skurhus in Heeg Vacation home
Distance: 1,2 km10
‘t Skurhus
De Opper 56, Heeg

't Skurhûs: Luxury villa located near the water in Heeg; perfect for water sports and relaxing. Also offers space for business meetings.

Villa Romsicht in Heeg Vacation home
Distance: 375 meter10
Villa Romsicht
De Skatting 18, Heeg

Villa Romsicht: B&B in Heeg, Friesland, in a historic national monument near De Poelen. Perfect for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Camping Oan é Poel in Heeg Camping
Distance: 463 meter9.1
Camping Oan é Poel
Weisleatstrjitte 7, Heeg

Camping Oan'e Poel, perfect for families and water sports enthusiasts: spacious pitches, boat rental, trampolines, water views and more!

Camping Vrijhaven in Heeg Camping
Distance: 800 meter8.7
Camping Vrijhaven
De Burd 25A, Heeg

Camping Vrijhaven: forests, beach and water sports in the heart of Friesland. Excellent facilities, boat rental and within walking distance of Heeg.

Information about Heeg

Heeg is a picturesque village, located in the southwestern region of Fryslân, one of the northern provinces of the Netherlands. This historic village is known for its charming water landscape, surrounded by the Heegermeer and the Fluessen, two important Frisian lakes. Sailing enthusiasts will find it an ideal destination thanks to the thriving water sports industry and the availability of various boat rental and sales companies. With fewer than 2,300 residents, the village retains the feeling of a close-knit community without sacrificing modern amenities such as shops and restaurants.

The local economy of Heeg is strongly focused on tourism and the maritime sector. Nevertheless, the place is also steeped in history, as evidenced by the Hollepoarte, a former shipyard now used as a recreational area and campsite. Various cultural events are organized throughout the year, including the famous Heegermer Music Night and the Art Route. The unique blends of natural beauty, cultural wealth and relaxation options make Heeg one of the pleasant hidden gems in Friesland.