16 accommodations in Hengevelde

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Hotel Hof van Twente Hengevelde in Hengevelde Hotel
Distance: 295 meter8.9
Hotel Hof van Twente Hengevelde
Goorsestraat 25, Hengevelde

Stay in comfort with inclusive Wi-Fi, on-site dining, and nearby city attractions.

RV Camping The Bent Lose Esch in Bentelo Camping
Distance: 2,8 km9.5
RV Camping The Bent Lose Esch
Eschweg 2, Bentelo

The CamperCamping in Bentelose Esch: space for campers, nature, near Delden & cycling routes.

Erve De Bosch in Bentelo Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,3 km9.3
Erve De Bosch
Grootholdsweg 3, Bentelo

Erve De Bosch: Comfortable B&B in Bentelo with private bathroom, free WiFi, TV room and bicycle rental. Close to Twickel and A1.

De Woeste Wieven op Erve Bonkert in Diepenheim Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,8 km9.5
De Woeste Wieven op Erve Bonkert
Deldensestraat 11, Diepenheim

De Woeste Wieven at Erve Bonkert: ideal for conferences, family weekends, weddings and culinary trips in Twente.

Thil's B&B in Ambt Delden Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,9 km9.5
Thil's B&B
Kwartierdorpsweg 1, Ambt Delden

Thilamp's B&B, between the Twickel and Weldam estates, offers authentic Twente hospitality in attractive rooms with extensive views and close to historic castles.

Gastenverblijf Haverjan in Markelo Vacation home
Distance: 3,4 km9.3
Gastenverblijf Haverjan
Esweg 4, Markelo

Guesthouse Haverjan: spacious, quiet accommodation in the heart of Twente - with 8 comfortable bedrooms, 15 guest capacity and 24 seats!

Camping de Broak in Ambt Delden Camping
Distance: 4,5 km9.3
Camping de Broak
Schoneveldsweg 5, Ambt Delden

SVR Camping De Broak in Delden offers a relaxing stay surrounded by nature, fishing water and cycling routes. Luxury sanitary facilities, close to the center of Twente.

Vakantieboerderij 'Erve Luttikhengel' in Markelo Vacation home
Distance: 3,0 km9.5
Vakantieboerderij 'Erve Luttikhengel'
Haaksbergerweg 9, Markelo

Erve Luttikhengel: Markelo holiday farm for 2-8 people. Nature, culture, children's activities and online bookings in Twente's tranquility.

Saromaja B&B in Ambt Delden Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,6 km8.9
Saromaja B&B
Oude Postweg 13, Ambt Delden

SAROMAJA B&B: luxurious stay in a renovated farmhouse. Quietly located in Twente's nature. Near Waarbeek, Erve Brooks and Kidscity Borne.

B&B Erve Groot Wegereef in Hengevelde Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,3 km9.9
B&B Erve Groot Wegereef
Slotsweg 23, Hengevelde

Erve Groot Wegereef: luxury B&B in a historic farm in Overijssel, with accessible rooms and local activities. Discover Twente's culinary & cultural wealth.

SVR Camping Markveldseveld in Diepenheim Camping
Distance: 2,1 km7.5
SVR Camping Markveldseveld
Middendorperweg 10, Diepenheim

Camping Markveldseveld: Spacious pitches, clean sanitary facilities, WiFi and child-friendly in the idyllic Twente Diepenheim. Ideal for walkers and cyclists!

Bed and Breakfast Hof van Beckum in Hengelo Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,4 km9.3
Bed and Breakfast Hof van Beckum
Bentelerweg 27, Hengelo

Hof van Beckum: rural B&B in a former farm with comfortable rooms, free WiFi, near Hengelo & Enschede, adjacent to Twickel Landgoed.

Bed & Breakfast De Ark in Neede Bed and breakfast
Distance: 8,0 km9.5
Bed & Breakfast De Ark
Eibergseweg 32, Neede

De Ark B&B, Neede: Luxury in Achterhoek, private terrace, free Wi-Fi, AC, breakfast with a view, ideal for nature walks.

Vliersche Veld Groepsaccommodaties in Neede Vacation home
Distance: 6,8 km9.9
Vliersche Veld Groepsaccommodaties
Kieftendijk 15-05, Neede

Vliersche Veld: Luxury, CO2-neutral group accommodation for 24 with hot tub and volleyball court in Achterhoek.

Boerderij Appartement den Tuut'n in Neede Vacation home
Distance: 5,7 km9.5
Boerderij Appartement den Tuut'n
Pagertweg 10, Neede

Farm apartment den Tuut'n in Neede: Luxury, nature and culture. Perfect for cycling and walking tours.

Haaksbergen t Katreel in Haaksbergen Camping
Distance: 3,5 km9.3
Haaksbergen t Katreel
Marktvelderweg 14, Haaksbergen

Het Katreel: comfortable farm apartments with private terrace and views of meadows, playground, cycling and walking routes.

Information about Hengevelde

Located in the province of Overijssel, Netherlands, Hengevelde is a dynamic and peaceful village known for its traditional charm and rich history. The village is part of the municipality of Hof van Twente, an area known for its picturesque landscape and artistic heritage. Hengevelde itself offers a range of experiences, ranging from walking and cycling trails to historical sights, such as the centuries-old St. Willibrordus Church. The local community, consisting of approximately 2,000 residents, is warm and welcoming, adding to the general atmosphere of camaraderie in the village.

Economic activities in Hengevelde are largely focused on agriculture, with numerous active farms contributing to the economic stability of the village. However, the local business community is also showing growing diversity, with companies active in different sectors ranging from retail to technology. Every year, Hengevelde organizes one of the largest music festivals in the East of the Netherlands, De Zomerfeesten Hengevelde, a two-weekend event that attracts visitors from all over the Netherlands and beyond. With its harmonious mix of the past and the present, Hengevelde reflects the essence of traditional and rural life in the Netherlands.