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Studio 't Hoveke in Wevelgem Vacation home
Distance: 2,2 km10
Studio 't Hoveke
Het Hoveke 4, Wevelgem

Studio #039't Hoveke: Quiet location in Wevelgem, near Kortrijk. Enjoy the large garden, cycling routes and quick access to Ghent and Bruges.

Bell-X Hotel in Wevelgem Hotel
Distance: 2,9 km8.9
Bell-X Hotel
Kortrijkstraat 351, Wevelgem

Hotel Bell Including honesty bar, bicycle storage, charging stations and luxurious walk-in showers.

B&B De Vlaschaerd in Kortrijk Vacation home
Distance: 3,2 km8.7
B&B De Vlaschaerd
Sentestraat 99, Kortrijk

De Vlaschaerd: Enjoy a unique stay in a restored 19th-century flax factory near Kortrijk, with direct access to cycling routes and nearby attractions.

dmoment in Kortrijk Hotel
Distance: 2,4 km10
Meensesteenweg 362, Kortrijk

D Moment: Luxury and serene romantic getaways in Kortrijk with private parking and anonymous payment. Escape the hustle and bustle in our day hotel with premium facilities.

Information about Heule

Heule is a sub-municipality of the Belgian city of Kortrijk, located in the province of West Flanders. The village is known for its quiet, rural character and offers an authentic Flemish village atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy the well-preserved heritage, such as the neo-Gothic St. Eutropius Church and several historic farms that give an impression of the region's agricultural past. In addition to cultural attractions, Heule also offers numerous recreational opportunities, with hiking and cycling trails through the surrounding countryside.

The accessibility of Heule is excellent, as it is only a few kilometers away from the center of Kortrijk and easily accessible via the E17 highway and public transport. Additionally, local events such as the annual Heule Fest contribute to the vibrant community atmosphere, complementing a visit to the region. This makes Heule not only an attractive village for a day trip, but also a quiet base for exploring West Flanders.