3 accommodations in IJsselstein

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SVR CAMPING DE BRUIN in Lopikerkapel Camping
Distance: 2,7 km7.7
Radiolaan 1a, Lopikerkapel

SVR Camping De Bruin in Lopikerkapel: peace, nature, near IJsselstein & Lek. Ideal for seasonal campers.

Camperplaats Biezenhoeve in Lopikerkapel Camping
Distance: 2,2 km9.3
Camperplaats Biezenhoeve
Biezendijk 2A, Lopikerkapel

Campererf Biezenhoeve: camping at the farm, view of cows, WiFi, in Lopikerkapel near Utrecht.

Camperplaats Marnemoende in IJsselstein Vacation home
Distance: 3,4 km9.3
Camperplaats Marnemoende
Noord IJsseldijk 107b, IJsselstein

Marnemoende: marina in the Groene Hart with an extensive rental fleet, overnight accommodations & meeting rooms near the Hollandse IJssel.

Information about IJsselstein

Located in the province of Utrecht in the western region of the Netherlands, IJsselstein is a historic town with an atmosphere of authentic Dutch charm. Firmly anchored in history, it offers characteristic architecture from the 13th century, such as the imposing St. Nicholas Basilica and the stately IJsselstein Castle, which paint a fascinating picture of medieval lifestyle. Market squares, cobblestone paths and traditional Dutch houses enrich the urban landscape, making it a remarkable sight that attracts historians and culture vultures alike.

The city is also adorned with modern amenities and leisure areas, including various shops, cafes, restaurants and parks, making for a perfect blend of old and new. What makes IJsselstein's landscape extra unique are the green spaces and waterways that extend to the urban edge. The Hollandse IJssel runs through the city, making numerous water sports available. Furthermore, thanks to its convenient location, close to the cities of Utrecht and Gouda, IJsselstein positions itself as a perfect base to explore the breadth and depth of Dutch culture.