7 accommodations in Jette

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Het Lavershuis in Wemmel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,6 km9.5
Het Lavershuis
Zavelberg 30, Wemmel

Bed & Breakfast Het Lavershuis: Luxury rooms, local food, free WiFi and meeting rooms, close to Brussels and Brussels Expo. Prices from €130/night.

B&B De Buidel in Meise Vacation home
Distance: 6,7 km10
B&B De Buidel
Jozef Cardijnlaan 11, Meise

De Buidel in Meise offers modern accommodation with free Wi-Fi, breakfast & parking, close to Brussels Expo, Mini-Europe and Meise Botanical Garden.

La Roseraie in Wemmel Hotel
Distance: 2,9 km9.3
La Roseraie
De Limburg Stirumlaan 213, Wemmel

Hotel La Roseraie: In Wemmel, near Brussels, offers luxurious rooms, a beautiful garden, and easy access to Brussels Expo.

Atomi Hotel in Grimbergen Hotel
Distance: 3,3 km7.7
Atomi Hotel
Temselaan 6, Grimbergen

Atomi Hotel: Near the Atomium and Brussels Expo, with modern rooms and a digital check-in system. 24/7 taxi service to the airport just 14 km away.

Thermae Grimbergen in Grimbergen Hotel
Distance: 7,3 km8.1
Thermae Grimbergen
Wolvertemsesteenweg 74, Grimbergen

Thermae Grimbergen: Relaxing wellness on the outskirts of Brussels with thermal baths, private saunas, massages and treatments for ultimate relaxation.

Thermae Grimbergen Hotel in Grimbergen Hotel
Distance: 7,3 km7.1
Thermae Grimbergen Hotel
Wolvertemsesteenweg 92, Grimbergen

Thermae Grimbergen Hotel: Choose from five room types close to the thermal baths. Relax after 5pm with a 50% discount. Free parking. Explore Brussels and scenic routes.

B&B Den Biesthoek in Grimbergen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,7 km9.3
B&B Den Biesthoek
Noodbeekstraat 1, Grimbergen

Den Biesthoek Bed and Breakfast: Spacious room, private terrace, close to Brussels and beautiful walking routes. Free WiFi, thorough hygiene, and top dining options nearby.

Information about Jette

Jette, a municipality in the northwest of the Brussels-Capital Region, is known for its green spaces and historical sites. The municipality is home to the Laarbeekbos, an extensive nature reserve ideal for walks and recreation. Historic buildings such as St. Peter's Church and Karreveld Castle add cultural value and bear witness to Jette's rich past. This combination of nature and heritage makes Jette attractive for visitors seeking both relaxation and cultural enrichment.

Jette is also conveniently located, with easy connections to the center of Brussels via public transport. The local markets and diverse dining options offer an authentic Belgian experience. In addition, the municipality regularly organizes cultural events and festivals, which emphasizes the dynamism and vibrancy of the community. For tourists who want to explore urban Brussels while enjoying a quieter, greener environment, Jette offers an ideal base.