11 accommodations in Kelmis

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La Couronne in Welkenraedt Hotel
Distance: 7,5 km9.1
La Couronne
Village 67, Welkenraedt

La Couronne: Historic hotel in Henri-Chapelle with spacious rooms, ideal for trips to Liège, Maastricht, and Aachen. Family friendly with warm hospitality.

Natur-Camping Hammerbrücke in Raeren Camping
Distance: 2,7 km8.9
Natur-Camping Hammerbrücke
Fossei Weg 100, Raeren

Camping Hammerbrücke: Natural camping experience at Dreilandenpunt. Relax with donkey rides, nature walks and the Geule river. Near Aachen and Eupen.

Jo`s Luxus Suites in Kelmis Vacation home
Distance: 99 meter2.1
Jo`s Luxus Suites
Patronagestraße 45b, Kelmis

La Suite, La Calamine: Only 8 km from Aix-la-Chapelle, modern decor, free WiFi. Perfect for culture and peace seekers, ideal for families and business travelers.

Neubempt in Plombières Vacation home
Distance: 2,2 km9.9
Marveld 84, Plombières

The Ferme de Neubempt: Two gites for 12 and 4 people. Historic organic farm with shop. Near Aubel, Aachen and Vaals, ideal for nature and culture lovers.

Park Hotel in Kelmis Hotel
Distance: 289 meter8.5
Park Hotel
Schützenstraße 2, Kelmis

The Park Hotel: Comfortable rooms, free internet, access to Galmeibad. Ideal base in Kelmis for trips to Aachen and Maastricht.

Kasteel van Eulenburg in Plombières Vacation home
Distance: 2,2 km8.5
Kasteel van Eulenburg
Bambusch 26, Plombières

De Eulenburg: Enjoy comfort and tranquility in the Belgian hills near the three-country point. Perfect for relaxation and cultural excursions.

Gîte Les Bons Amis in Plombières Vacation home
Distance: 1,9 km10
Gîte Les Bons Amis
Rue de la Clinique 10, Plombières

Gîte Les Bons Amis: Spacious accommodation for 9 in Moresnet-Chapelle, next to Preuswald forest. Near Calvary Cross and local eateries. Perfect for nature lovers.

fermette in Lontzen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,8 km9.5
Mühlenweg 94, Lontzen

Fermette in Lontzen: Enjoy mountain views, free WiFi, private parking, balcony terrace and close to attractions such as Vaalsbroek Castle.

Hof Luterberg in Lontzen Vacation home
Distance: 3,6 km9.5
Hof Luterberg
Mühlenweg 105, Lontzen

Hof Luterberg: Two charming group accommodations in an 18th-century farm, ideal for family holidays and team building in the beautiful Ardennes.

B&B Opus35 in Plombières Vacation home
Distance: 3,8 km9.1
B&B Opus35
Place Communale 35, Plombières

Opus35: Bed and breakfast in Montzen. Enjoy luxurious rooms, near top attractions such as CHIO Aachen and High Fens. Ideal for nature lovers and golfers.

Gite les Doms d'Alfred - Kindadom in Plombières Vacation home
Distance: 4,6 km10
Gite les Doms d'Alfred - Kindadom
Rue des Champs 114, Plombières

Les Doms d'Alfred: Environmentally friendly gites near Liège, Aachen and Maastricht! Enjoy nature, adventure, and a sustainable holiday amid picturesque landscapes.

Information about Kelmis

Located in the German-speaking Community of Belgium, Kelmis is a historic place with a rich industrial background. The city is known for its zinc mines that played an important economic role from the 19th century. Today, Kelmis offers several cultural attractions, including the Vieille Montagne Museum, which highlights the region's industrial history and heritage. The central location near both the German and Dutch borders makes Kelmis a strategically interesting destination for tourists who want to explore the Meuse-Rhine Euregion.

In addition, Kelmis offers a range of outdoor activities thanks to the surrounding nature reserves and parks. The region is known for its walking and cycling routes that run through picturesque landscapes, including the Geul Valley and parts of the High Fens. Local gastronomic specialties and authentic German influences can be tasted in the numerous eateries in the town. Kelmis uniquely combines industrial history with natural beauty and cross-border culture, making it a versatile destination for a diverse range of visitors.