10 accommodations in Legemeer

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Minicamping Friesland in Langweer Camping
Distance: 2,0 km9.3
Minicamping Friesland
Hendrik Dijkstraleane 26, Langweer

MiniCamping Friesland: camping on the lake, WiFi, pet-friendly, boat rental available.

Edwin huis in Langweer Vacation home
Distance: 2,1 km10
Edwin huis
Oasingaleane 33, Langweer

The Edwin House: wheelchair accessible, equipped with high-quality insulation, adapted boat with skipper for Frisian waters.

Camperplaats P Langweer in Langweer Camping
Distance: 2,2 km8.9
Camperplaats P Langweer
Pontdyk 3, Langweer

Langweer Passenger Harbor: equipped with electricity, water, play beach & recreation building. Ideal for overnight stays.

Vakantiewoning It Skippershûs in Langweer Vacation home
Distance: 2,1 km
Vakantiewoning It Skippershûs
Buorren 50, Langweer

'It Skippershûs': renovated holiday home in Langweer near the mill, luxury kitchen, Wi-Fi, close to Langweerder Wielen.

Recreatiepark Leyenspolder in Langweer Camping
Distance: 2,5 km8.5
Recreatiepark Leyenspolder
Pontdyk 8F, Langweer

Recreation park Leyenspolder: chalets for sale, boat rental, on the Frisian Lakes, no tourist tax.

Recreatiepark Idskenhuizen in Idskenhuizen Holiday resort
Distance: 1,9 km9.1
Recreatiepark Idskenhuizen
Mastersein 12, Idskenhuizen

Recreation park Idskenhuizen: Luxury water villas on the Frisian Lakes with wellness facilities, a beautiful harbor and plenty of water sports activities.

Camping Leenstra in Teroele Camping
Distance: 2,3 km8.9
Camping Leenstra
Troelstraweg 27, Teroele

Camping Leenstra in Teroele: enjoy peace and quiet with recreational water, camping pitches, bungalow and apartments in the historic Frisian landscape.

Watervilla's Friesland in Idskenhuizen Vacation home
Distance: 1,9 km8.7
Watervilla's Friesland
Mastersein 12, Idskenhuizen

Recreation park Idskenhuizen: Luxury water villas at the Frisian Lakes, with wellness options, child-friendliness, marina, and nearby Grand Café.

Landgoed Eysinga State in Sint Nicolaasga Holiday resort
Distance: 1,4 km8.3
Landgoed Eysinga State
Langwarderdyk 4, Sint Nicolaasga

Eysinga State Estate: luxurious accommodation in the heart of Friesland, with wellness, activities and direct access to lakes for boating trips.

Meer van Eysinga in Sint Nicolaasga Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km9.1
Meer van Eysinga
Meer van Eysinga 8, Sint Nicolaasga

Meer van Eysinga: recreational homes on the water in Friesland, with modern, sustainable facilities and close to various cycling routes, golf spots and restaurants.

Information about Legemeer

Legemeer is a picturesque hamlet in the Dutch province of Friesland, characterized by its idyllic green landscapes and sleepy charm. Part of the municipality of De Fryske Marren, Legemeer has a rich history dating back to the 17th century. The area is surrounded by vast farmlands and aquatic beauty, making it ideal for relaxation and recreation. Despite its modest size, the small town is home to a high-quality golf club called St. Nyk, making this cozy hamlet a surprising destination for golf enthusiasts.

Culturally, Legemeer is a typical Frisian settlement, with traditional farms and picturesque houses that reflect the local architectural style. The serene environment is underlined by the slow pace of life and the welcoming community. The surrounding landscape, with its network of cycling and walking paths, fascinates visitors with the lush muddy lakes and canals that characterize this part of the Netherlands. All in all, Legemeer offers an authentic experience of tranquility and natural beauty that attracts locals and visitors alike.