2 accommodations in Leopoldsburg

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Lommelbroek in Lommel Hotel
Distance: 5,1 km8.1
Kanaalstraat 91, Lommel

Hotel Lommel Broek: Quiet, green area in Lommel. Perfect for hiking and cycling tours. Enjoy the cozy bar-tavern with delicious dishes.

Au Prince Royal in Leopoldsburg Hotel
Distance: 245 meter8.3
Au Prince Royal
Koning Albert I-plein 28, Leopoldsburg

**Au Prince Royal**: Centrally located in Leopoldsburg, offers 16 comfortable rooms, close to events such as the Harley Treffen and Sanicole Air Show, from 100 euros p.p.

Information about Leopoldsburg

Leopoldsburg is a municipality in the Belgian province of Limburg, mainly known for its military base, the Beverlo Camp. This base is one of the largest military camps in Belgium and has historical significance due to its role in both national and international military operations. In addition to its military presence, Leopoldsburg offers several museums and monuments that reflect the rich history and culture of the region, such as the Beverlo Camp Museum and the Local History Museum.

Leopoldsburg is also attractive for nature lovers, with its proximity to nature reserves such as the Lommel Sahara and the Bocholt-Herentals Canal, which are ideal for hiking and cycling. The municipality offers a range of leisure facilities and events, making it an exciting destination for both short visits and longer stays. The existing infrastructure and tourist facilities ensure that visitors can comfortably enjoy everything the region has to offer.