15 accommodations in Losser

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Bed en Breakfast De Hooimoat in Losser Bed and breakfast
Distance: 983 meter9.7
Bed en Breakfast De Hooimoat
, Losser

B&B De Hooimoat: rurally located in picturesque Northeast Twente, with comfort, privacy, cycling routes, local discoveries and easy access to cities.

Landgoed 't Borghuis in Losser Holiday resort
Distance: 2,9 km9.3
Landgoed 't Borghuis
Oldenzaalsestraat 135B, Losser

't Borghuis estate: beautiful holiday park in the woods, near Losser and De Lutte, with luxurious accommodations for all group sizes, private kota or hot tub options!

De Veldzijde in Losser Camping
Distance: 318 meter9.5
De Veldzijde
Honingloweg 10, Losser

Top 5 mini campsite De Veldzijde in Losser offers spacious camping pitches, new luxurious sanitary facilities, and sustainable facilities in the heart of Twente.

huisjeaandedinkel in Overdinkel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,2 km9.7
Goormatenweg 17, Overdinkel

Bed & Breakfast-Airbnb Overdinkel: Luxury box spring, full kitchen, private terrace. Relax at the German border, close to Lutterzand and Lagaroute.

A. Kruse-Kolk ART & Design in Overdinkel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,0 km9.1
A. Kruse-Kolk ART & Design
Welpeloweg 31, Overdinkel

B&B Alie Kruse-Kolk Art & Design in Overdinkel combines art with comfort, complete with green garden, free WiFi and parking spaces, near the A1.

Comfort Apartments in Gronau (Westfalen) Apartments
Distance: 5,1 km7.9
Comfort Apartments
Losserstraße 135, Gronau (Westfalen)

WorkerStay Germany: accommodations in major cities, free parking, no hidden costs.

Camperplaats Skop'nboer in Overdinkel Camping
Distance: 3,6 km9.7
Camperplaats Skop'nboer
Schaapskooiweg 2, Overdinkel

Camper site Skop'nboer: winner Camper Location 2019, 25 places with WiFi and sanitary facilities in Twente.

Hotel Restaurant Driland in Gronau (Westfalen) Hotel
Distance: 5,5 km9.1
Hotel Restaurant Driland
Gildehauser Straße 350, Gronau (Westfalen)

Hotel Driland: family business on Lake Driland, a short distance from Rock & Pop Museum and Golf Club Bad Bentheim, with popular contemporary cuisine.

Ferienwohnungen Mantke in Gronau (Westfalen) Vacation home
Distance: 6,5 km8.9
Ferienwohnungen Mantke
Brechter Weg 19, Gronau (Westfalen)

Ferienwohnungen Mantke: experience peace and comfort near the Dreiländersee, ideal for hiking, cycling, horse riding and water sports. Discover the Netherlands nearby!

Wohnmobilstellplatz Dreiländersee in Gronau (Westfalen) Camping
Distance: 6,4 km8.5
Wohnmobilstellplatz Dreiländersee
Brechter Weg 19, Gronau (Westfalen)

Dreiländersee Camping & Leisure Park: idyllic accommodation in wooden houses, surrounded by nature, mini golf and bistro on the lake.

Appartement-Hotel Seeblick in Gronau (Westfalen) Vacation home
Distance: 6,4 km8.7
Appartement-Hotel Seeblick
Brechter Weg 15, Gronau (Westfalen)

Hotel Seeblick in Gronau: renovated apartment hotel with culinary gems on the Dreiländersee. Dive into jazz music, castles & windsurfing!

Vakantiewoning De Duivelshof in De Lutte Vacation home
Distance: 1,7 km9.7
Vakantiewoning De Duivelshof
Lossersestraat 79, De Lutte

Holiday home De Duivelshof: modern conveniences, garden view, on the edge of the forest in Twente.

Erve Leusink in Losser Vacation home
Distance: 2,8 km9.7
Erve Leusink
Leusinkweg 17, Losser

Erve Leusink: Modern B&B outside Losser with private wellness, kitchen, bicycle rental and fresh farm breakfasts.

Camping Erve Beernink in Overdinkel Camping
Distance: 3,0 km9.3
Camping Erve Beernink
Beerninksweg 1, Overdinkel

Erve Beernink: SVR farm campsite in Twente, 20 pitches with WiFi and bicycle charging points, near Losser.

Erve Iemhorst B&B, melktap, boerderijwinkel in Losser Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,4 km9.5
Erve Iemhorst B&B, melktap, boerderijwinkel
Ravenhorsterweg 3A, Losser

Erve Iemhorst: B&B in Losser near Zandbergen nature, rooms with kitchenette, WiFi, bicycle rental, breakfast.

Information about Losser

Losser is a picturesque town in the Overijssel province of the Netherlands, known for its idyllic scenery and authentic charm. The city is strategically located close to the German border, which gives it a unique border town character. Nature plays a prominent role, with the Dinkeldal river park, the Losserse forest and the heathlands of the Lutterzand and the Zandbergen as relaxing retreats. Rare flora and fauna flourish in stunning diversity in these areas, making it a hotspot for nature lovers.

Losser values its rich history and heritage with prominent monuments such as the Martinustoren, an architectural wonder from the 16th century, and the \'t Lossers hoes, a historic town hall converted into a cultural center. Culture enthusiasts will enjoy the lively Erve Kraesgenberg, a farm complex that now provides a stage for cultural and craft activities. Annual festivities such as the Losserse Karmis and the carnival festivities testify to the city's vibrant community life.