5 accommodations in Lottum

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Camping Heidehof in Wellerlooi Camping
Distance: 4,3 km9.5
Camping Heidehof
Heerenvenweg 4, Wellerlooi

Minicamping Heidehof: experience rustic Limburg at the Maasduinen. Choose camping or our log cabin. Free Wi-Fi, recognized by Vekabo, ANWB, ACSI.

Ooijen Castle in Broekhuizenvorst Camping
Distance: 2,5 km7.3
Ooijen Castle
Blitterswijckseweg 2, Broekhuizenvorst

Recreation park Kasteel Ooijen: Natural accommodation in North Limburg with swimming pool, tennis courts and restaurant, ideal for walking and cycling enthusiasts.

De Meule Broekhuizen in Broekhuizen Vacation home
Distance: 17 meter10
De Meule Broekhuizen
Lottumseweg 6, Broekhuizen

De Meule, Broekhuizen: unique apartment in a former mill with modern comfort. Close to restaurants, nature and public transport. €65 p/n.

Camping 't Heike in Lottum Camping
Distance: 2,7 km9.7
Camping 't Heike
Zwaanen Heike 12, Lottum

't Heike: Comfort at home & nature in Lottum; room for 4, 3 nights min, walking & cycling close by.

Landgoed de Hilkensberg in Broekhuizen Hotel
Distance: 1,1 km9.7
Landgoed de Hilkensberg
Hilkensbergweg 5, Broekhuizen

Hilkensberg estate: stylish rooms & wooden houses, natural swimming pond, WiFi, TV.

Information about Lottum

Located in the Dutch province of Limburg, Lottum is a picturesque village with a rich cultural history and unique flora. It is known as the rose capital of the Netherlands, an honorary title the village owes to the fact that it accounts for almost half of the total Dutch rose production. Lottum's rich rose tradition is celebrated in the biennial Rose Festival, where thousands of visitors gather to admire the beautiful rose mosaics, objects and gardens nearby.

In addition to its rose fame, Lottum is also characterized by its picturesque landscapes and rustic charm. The area is ideal for cycling or walking, where visitors can enjoy the picturesque River Maas and the extensive fields of asparagus, another local specialty. Traditional farms and historic buildings, such as St. Gertrude's Church and De Borggraaf Castle, give Lottum its timeless character and offer an in-depth look at the region's historical heritage.