9 accommodations in Maasbracht

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Hotel Gasterij in het Gouden Hoefijzer Maasbracht in Maasbracht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 969 meter8.9
Hotel Gasterij in het Gouden Hoefijzer Maasbracht
Kerkstraat 34, Maasbracht

Centrally located sanctuary with modern rooms, free parking, and cycling facilities.

Bed and Breakfast Pont in Wessem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,5 km9.5
Bed and Breakfast Pont
Polstraat , Wessem

B&B Pont, Wessem: historic charm, modern amenities, two guest rooms and a restaurant, in a former ferry waiting area.

B&B De Groene Gast in Montfort Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,2 km9.7
B&B De Groene Gast
Linnerweg 10, Montfort

B&B De Groene Gast: comfort in a historic farm. Ideal for hiking and cycling fans near Pieterpad, with luxurious breakfast and possibility of full rental.

Kampeercentrum Reigershorst in Montfort Camping
Distance: 3,6 km8.5
Kampeercentrum Reigershorst
Huysbongerdweg 55, Montfort

Reigershorst: ideal family campsite in the Limburg forest area. Spacious camping pitches, play equipment, contemporary cafe and large swimming pool. Pure comfort and entertainment!

Het Gouden Hert in Montfort Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,6 km10
Het Gouden Hert
Markt 1A, Montfort

Bed & Breakfast Central Limburg: Luxurious, attractive rooms with hotel quality beds at the intersection of the Pieterpad, including Burgundian breakfast.

Camping Biej de Vogel in Montfort Camping
Distance: 6,1 km9.5
Camping Biej de Vogel
Heinsbergerweg 15, Montfort

Camping 'Biej de Vogel': Green oasis 8 km from Roermond, ideal for walking and cycling enthusiasts. Free WiFi, suitable for campers.

Vakantiewoning Koningshof de Klaproos in Montfort Vacation home
Distance: 2,5 km9.5
Vakantiewoning Koningshof de Klaproos
Rozendaal 7, Montfort

Koningshof de Klaproos: Relax in our 20-person holiday home with a view of the Rozendaal Nature Reserve. Enjoy luxurious facilities and help charities.

Koningshof de Korenbloem in Montfort Vacation home
Distance: 2,5 km9.5
Koningshof de Korenbloem
Rozendaal 7, Montfort

Limburgs Landschap: luxury holiday homes in a natural environment, discount for Protectors and bookings via reliable platform Beaujean Vacances.

Comfortparc Wessem in Wessem Camping
Distance: 1,2 km8.9
Comfortparc Wessem
Waage Naak 38, Wessem

Comfortparc Wessem: luxury marina, water sports campsite and floating restaurant in water-rich Limburg.

Information about Maasbracht

Maasbracht, the largest center of the municipality of Maasgouw in Central Limburg, is best known for its impressive inland harbour. This is the largest inland port in the Netherlands in terms of tonnage, making this location a critical point in European inland shipping. Strategically located on the Maas, Maasbracht provides extensive water sports facilities. With its many moorings and repair yards, it provides water recreationalists and professional skippers with ample facilities.

However, Maasbracht combines its industrial character with a rich history and cultural heritage. St. Gertrude's Church, built in the 15th century, towers high above the city and is a must-see for every visitor. Historical sites such as the ancient St. Servatius Well, a pilgrimage site associated with miracles and healings, testify to the long history of this place. With its variety of activities and sights, Maasbracht offers an attractive destination for both the adventurous traveler and the tranquility-seeking tourist.