3 accommodations in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJsel

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Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk in Nieuwerkerk Hotel
Distance: 464 meter8.5
Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk
Parallelweg Zuid 185, Nieuwerkerk

Ease into luxury! Enjoy strategic location, free spa, gym, and appealing surroundings.

Gastenboerderij De Appelgaard v.o.f. in Gouderak Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,9 km9.5
Gastenboerderij De Appelgaard v.o.f.
Kattendijk 139, Gouderak

De Appelgaard: between Gouda & Rotterdam, meeting room with WiFi, LCD & sustainable energy. Plus farm animals!

Vakantiehuis 269A in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel Vacation home
Distance: 2,1 km9.1
Vakantiehuis 269A
Klein Hitland 10, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel

Parc de IJsselhoeve: swimming pool, WiFi, close to Rotterdam and Gouda, pet-friendly facilities.

Information about Nieuwerkerk aan den IJsel

Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, in the province of South Holland, is a picturesque place in the Netherlands known for its natural beauty and historic charm. Located on the banks of the IJssel, this community is surrounded by many waterways, meadows and orchards, creating a serene and peaceful environment. As part of the municipality of Zuidplas, Nieuwerkerk plays an important role in regional agriculture, with many farms and local markets offering fresh produce.

Within Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, one will find an attractive mix of old and new architecture. The Willibrord Church, an important historical monument dating from the 19th century, shows the rich history of the place. At the same time, there are several modern facilities such as the Reigerhof shopping center and various recreational facilities such as Hitland park, a great place for outdoor activities, and the cycle route along the IJssel, which offers beautiful panoramas. The village also offers a wide range of gastronomic experiences in its many restaurants and cafes.