8 accommodations in Gierle

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vakantiewoning Amberhuis in Kasterlee Vacation home
Distance: 4,1 km10
vakantiewoning Amberhuis
Kerkstraat 22, Kasterlee

AmberHuis: Completely renovated holiday home for 6, located in the Kempen. Near nature reserves, cycling junctions and within walking distance of shops and restaurants.

Bamna Forest Chill in Herentals Vacation home
Distance: 7,8 km10
Bamna Forest Chill
Wezelpad 28, Herentals

Forest Chill, Herentals: Escape to a serene forest setting with private garden, terrace, BBQ and sauna. Perfect for walks and relaxation, only 20 minutes from Antwerp.

Hoeve Megusta in Beerse Apartments
Distance: 5,1 km9.1
Hoeve Megusta
Wetschot 58, Beerse

Farm Megusta: Care farm with wheelchair-friendly apartments, farm animals, inclusive playground and walking and cycling routes in nature.

Bed & Breakfast Hotel Hildegarden in Gierle Hotel
Distance: 311 meter9.5
Bed & Breakfast Hotel Hildegarden
Meikloklaan 26, Gierle

Secure, amiable Bed & Breakfast nestled in the Antwerpse Kempen with garden views and top amenities.

Camping Siesta in Lille Hotel
Distance: 5,5 km8.3
Camping Siesta
Bersegembaan 36, Lille

Camping Siësta: Enjoy luxurious chalets, wellness at Hezemeer, and breathtaking cycling routes in the serene forests of the Kempen. Eco-friendly and comfortable!

Knuscabin in Lille Vacation home
Distance: 4,5 km10
Visbeekbaan 61, Lille

Cozy cabin: Modern, attractive cabin for 6 people. with hot tub and fire bowl in wooded Lille. Breakfast and woodfire package options, minimum stay 2 nights.

De Lilse Bergen in Lille Camping
Distance: 2,4 km8.7
De Lilse Bergen
Strandweg 6, Lille

De Lilse Bergen: Camping in nature with beach, playgrounds, sports facilities and events such as Sunrise Festival. Perfect for the whole family!

't Boshuysje in Lille Vacation home
Distance: 2,4 km9.7
't Boshuysje
Patrijzenpad 14, Lille

Forest house in Lille: Comfortable accommodation for 5 guests and 3 pets with stove, dishwasher, terrace and large enclosed garden. Close to dog areas.

Information about Gierle

Gierle, a charming village located in the province of Antwerp, offers a serene and authentic Flemish experience. This village is part of the municipality of Lille and is located in the middle of a picturesque landscape characterized by forests, meadows and a rich history. Visitors can enjoy walking and cycling routes that spotlight the region's natural beauty and agricultural heritage.

Gierle is also known for its cultural attractions, such as St. Peter's Church, a beautiful example of neo-Gothic architecture. In addition, local events and markets regularly take place in the village, which provide an insight into traditional Belgian village life. This unique combination of nature, culture and hospitality makes Gierle an ideal destination for tourists looking for a relaxing and authentic Flemish experience.