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Landgoed Altenbroek in Gravenvoeren Hotel
Distance: 2,3 km9.1
Landgoed Altenbroek
Average room rate : € 194.-

Relax in superbly designed rooms, while enjoying top-class amenities and services.

Bed & Breakfast Secret Garden in Voeren Bed and breakfast
Distance: 579 meter9.5
Bed & Breakfast Secret Garden

Secret Garden B&B in s-Gravenvoer offers peace and quiet in the picturesque Voer region with newly installed air conditioning for summer 2024.

Hoeve Carpe Diem in Dalhem Vacation home
Distance: 5,7 km9.1
Hoeve Carpe Diem

Hoeve Carpe Diem: Four holiday homes for up to 24 people in the Voer region, ideal for walking and cycling. 4.4/5 Google reviews, 20 years of experience.

In het Dal van Schophem in Voeren Vacation home
Distance: 2,0 km10
In het Dal van Schophem

In the Schophem Valley: Four-star holiday home in Belgian Limburg, restored farm with solar panels, wood stove, charging points and beautiful walking routes.

Op Gen Dêmke in Voeren Vacation home
Distance: 1,9 km9.5
Op Gen Dêmke

Op gen dêmke offers cozy holiday homes in the Voer region, ideally located near Maastricht, Aachen, and numerous hiking trails and castles.

Schophemmerhoeve in Voeren Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km8.9

Holiday home de Schophemmerhoeve: Historical charm in the Voer region. Near walking routes and cities such as Maastricht, Liège and Aachen. For groups and couples.

Maison du Bois in Dalhem Vacation home
Distance: 5,6 km9.3
Maison du Bois

Maison du Bois: Luxury villa in Aubin-Neufchâteau for 11 people, near Val-Dieu, surrounded by forests, near cities such as Liège and Maastricht.

La Maison D'achille in Dalhem Vacation home
Distance: 5,3 km7.9
La Maison D'achille

La Maison d'Achille: Family-friendly farm with 2 rooms, organic meals, and a wild playground, near Maastricht and Aachen.

De Kommel in Voeren Hotel
Distance: 144 meter9.1
De Kommel

Hotel-Restaurant De Kommel combines comfort and accessibility with unique French-Belgian cuisine and serene Voeren landscapes.

Hof van Vervoering in Voeren Bed and breakfast
Distance: 117 meter9.7
Hof van Vervoering

Hof van Vervoer offers idyllic blossom walks in the Voer region and educational programs about natural cycles.

Hotel Auberge 's Gravenhof in Voeren Hotel
Distance: 118 meter8.9
Hotel Auberge 's Gravenhof

Hotel Auberge 's Gravenhof: Historical charm meets Limburg hospitality in 's-Gravenvelden, with attractive rooms, apartments and free cancellation.

Hei 15 in Sint Geertruid Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,2 km9.7
Hei 15

Hei15: unique stay in Mescherhei with design accommodations, ideal location for trips to Maastricht, Aachen or Liège. Pure luxury and sustainability.


Located in the Voer region in eastern Belgium, Gravenvelden is a charming village known for its picturesque landscapes and authentic agricultural atmosphere. The village is part of the municipality of Voeren and offers visitors a rich history and culture, with highlights such as the St. Lambertus Church from the 18th century. Hikers and nature lovers can enjoy the extensive hiking trails and the green hilly landscape that characterizes the region.

Tourists can also enjoy local gastronomic specialties in Gravenvoer, including artisanal cheeses and the famous Voerense syrup. The village is easily accessible by both road and rail, with nearby cities such as Maastricht and Liège a short distance away. Gravenvoer combines the tranquility of the countryside with a wide range of amenities, making it an ideal destination for both day trippers and longer stays.