23 accommodations in Neerharen - Lanaken

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Camping Jocomo Parc in Lanaken Camping
Distance: 2,0 km8.5
Camping Jocomo Parc
Maastrichterweg 1a, Lanaken

Jocomo Parc: To be enjoyed on the edge of Hoge Kempen National Park in Lanaken, with extensive camping options, hiker's huts and walking and cycling routes.

Roelerhutten in Zutendaal Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,5 km6.9
Kiewitseweg 5, Zutendaal

Kampas: Easily find the perfect accommodation for youth associations and schools in Flanders with self-catering and full board options.

Bronn in Lanaken Vacation home
Distance: 1,2 km7.9
Heidemolenstraat 15, Lanaken

Our watermill in Lanaken offers luxurious facilities such as a Finnish hot tub and barrel sauna, near Maastricht and Maasmechelen Outlet.

B&B Punto Vélo in Zutendaal Vacation home
Distance: 3,8 km9.9
B&B Punto Vélo
Kiewitseweg 5, Zutendaal

Bed & Breakfast Zutendaal - Punto Vélo: Stylish rooms near Hoge Kempen National Park, sustainably furnished for an environmentally friendly and comfortable overnight stay.

Hoeve Kompveld in Lanaken Apartments
Distance: 3,2 km9.5
Hoeve Kompveld
Kompveldstraat 69, Lanaken

Hoeve Kompveld, Lanaken: Authentic square farm with 5 modern apartments. Ideal for nature lovers; cycling and walking routes available.

B&B Gellick in Lanaken Vacation home
Distance: 3,1 km8.5
B&B Gellick
Dorpsstraat 85, Lanaken

Bamp;ampB Gellick: Rest in Lanaken with breakfast, dinner, and local wines. For adults, cycling, walking and near Maastricht. From €115/night.

Het Zenhuisje in Lanaken Vacation home
Distance: 3,6 km10
Het Zenhuisje
Krieckaertlaan 1, Lanaken

Het Zenhuisje: 80 m² holiday accommodation in De Krieckaert nature park, Gellik. Pet friendly with crates, baskets and more. Close to Maastricht and Hoge Kempen.

Recreatiepark De Krieckaert in Lanaken Vacation home
Distance: 3,6 km8.7
Recreatiepark De Krieckaert
Krieckaertlaan 1, Lanaken

De Krieckaert: Escape to tranquility near Hoge Kempen, rent a house, and enjoy the tavern with playground. Ideal for walking, cycling and horse riding tours.

Vakantiehuis Lodge 125 Hakuna Matata in Lanaken Vacation home
Distance: 3,7 km9.7
Vakantiehuis Lodge 125 Hakuna Matata
Krieckaertlaan 1, Lanaken

**Lodge 125 Hakuna Matata:** Modern lodge with 2 terraces, WEBER barbecue, atmospheric LED lighting, air conditioning & nature walks. Close to De Krieckaert tavern.

B&B Belle-Chique in Lanaken Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,0 km10
B&B Belle-Chique
Kerkhofstraat 11, Lanaken

Belle Chique B&B: Private garden & entrance, Hästens bed, near Maastricht and Hoge Kempen.

Maasdijkhuisje in Lanaken Vacation home
Distance: 2,0 km10
Maasdijk 35, Lanaken

Maasdijkhuisje: Idyllic stay for two near Maastricht, 600m² garden, quiet bird-rich area on the Maas.

Entre Deux Eaux in Lanaken Vacation home
Distance: 2,1 km10
Entre Deux Eaux
Maasdijk 68, Lanaken

Residence 'Entre Deux Eaux' in Lanaken, ideal for family holidays, overlooking the Meuse Valley.

Camping Kikmolen in Maasmechelen Camping
Distance: 7,2 km7.9
Camping Kikmolen
Kikmolenstraat 3, Maasmechelen

Camping Kikmolen: Ideally located in RivierPark Maasvallei near Hoge Kempen National Park. Modern facilities, swimming pool, cycling routes and close to Maastricht.

Ad Caluna B&B in Maasmechelen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,7 km10
Ad Caluna B&B
Oude Baan 628, Maasmechelen

Ad Caluna B&B: Comfortable rooms, swimming pool, horse facilities, near Hoge Kempen National Park. Free WiFi, parking and pet friendly.

Hômage in Lanaken Vacation home
Distance: 739 meter6.7
Drie Eikenstraat 31, Lanaken

Hômage holiday homes, Lanaken: Close to Hoge Kempen Park, WiFi, parking, garden. Ideal for families.

Les Arbres in Lanaken Vacation home
Distance: 488 meter
Les Arbres
Maastrichterweg , Lanaken

Chalet Les Arbres in Jocomo Park, Lanaken: sleeps 4, pet-friendly, pool, tennis & more.

B&B Slapen bij St Pieter in Lanaken Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,1 km9.7
B&B Slapen bij St Pieter
Sint Pieter 26, Lanaken

Sleeping at Sint Pieter: Close to Maastricht, tours in Oud-Rekem, bicycle service. Book for 2025!

luna logies in Lanaken Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,6 km10
luna logies
Rekemerstraat 22, Lanaken

LunaLogies in Lanaken: luxury B&B with WiFi, garden, kitchen & near Maastricht.

Buitenplaats Bunde in Bunde Vacation home
Distance: 5,4 km10
Buitenplaats Bunde
Voulwames 1, Bunde

Country estate Bunde: holiday homes in Limburg, ideal for cycling, walking and trips to Maastricht.

Woushoeve in Zutendaal Vacation home
Distance: 6,6 km8.3
Maastrichterstraat 15, Zutendaal

Jeugdheem Woushoeve, Zutendaal: Accommodation with playing field, self-catering kitchen, Hoge Kempen National Park at 500m, ideal for clubs and schools.

Bungalowpark Sonnevijver in Lanaken Bungalow park
Distance: 3,8 km8.3
Bungalowpark Sonnevijver
Heidestraat 101, Lanaken

Bungalow park Sunclass Sonnevijver: Relax in your private bungalow near Maastricht, enjoy swimming and fishing ponds, cycling tours and culinary hotspots.

Sonnevijver Residences in Lanaken Vacation home
Distance: 3,7 km9.9
Sonnevijver Residences
Heidestraat 101, Lanaken

Sonnevijver Residences: Adults-only forest houses and bungalows with sauna and jacuzzi in Rekem. Enjoy walks, nature, and culinary trips near Maastricht.

Het Punthuisje in Lanaken Vacation home
Distance: 3,7 km9.3
Het Punthuisje
Heidestraat 101, Lanaken

Het Punthuisje offers luxurious A-frame houses with hot tub, private sauna and proximity to the Hoge Kempen National Park, ideal for a serene escape.

Information about Neerharen - Lanaken

Neerharen, a sub-municipality of Lanaken, is located in the province of Limburg in northeastern Belgium. This small but charming place is surrounded by nature and offers a peaceful and serene environment for visitors. Neerharen is known for the picturesque Aldenhoff Castle, a historic building that offers a glimpse into the rich cultural history of the region. The place has good infrastructure and offers easy access to nearby walking and cycling routes, ideal for nature lovers and recreational visitors.

In addition, Neerharen is close to the Hoge Kempen National Park, a vast nature reserve of over 12,000 hectares with diverse flora and fauna. This makes it an attractive location for ecotourism. The welcoming community and local amenities, such as eateries and small shops, contribute to an enjoyable stay. Neerharen, although small, offers an authentic Flemish experience with a perfect balance between natural beauty and cultural wealth.