4 accommodations in Ellecom

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Fletcher Hotel Avegoor Ellecom in Ellecom Hotel
Distance: 597 meter7.5
Fletcher Hotel Avegoor Ellecom
Zutphensestraatweg 2, Ellecom

Renowned countryside hotel nestled in De Veluwe, offering fine dining and sweeping scenery.

Huize Middendorp in Ellecom Vacation home
Distance: 207 meter9.9
Huize Middendorp
Binnenweg 59a, Ellecom

Huize Middendorp, charming nationally listed farmhouse on the Veluwe-Achterhoek border. Perfect for outdoor activities and city trips.

The Allee B & B in De Steeg Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,2 km9.3
The Allee B & B
Hoofdstraat 29, De Steeg

B&B 'Aan de Allee': ultimate peace and convenience in the monumental village of De Steeg. Enjoy privacy, luxurious comfort and optional regional breakfast.

Hotellerie Het Wapen van Athlone in De Steeg Hotel
Distance: 2,3 km10
Hotellerie Het Wapen van Athlone
Hoofdstraat 19, De Steeg

Hotellerie Het Wapen van Athlone: Majestic at the Posbank, historic since 1679, with modern restaurant La Maison Du Steeg and near Arnhem.

Information about Ellecom

Ellecom is a picturesque village located in the province of Gelderland, Netherlands. The village is located on the southern slope of the Veluwezoom, a vast nature park that is part of a rural National Park. Ellecom is known for its unique blend of natural beauty and historical heritage. As you walk through the well-maintained streets of the village, you will catch glimpses of majestic old buildings, including numerous national monuments, such as the impressive Huis Middachten and the historic Ellecom church.

Historically, Ellecom played an important role in the development of the Dutch paper industry. Many of the village's old mills have now been converted into museums and exhibition spaces, offering visitors a unique insight into this important aspect of Dutch industrial history. In addition, the village is surrounded by vast open spaces and has direct access to hiking and cycling trails that lead through the enchanting landscape of the Veluwezoom. Ellecom's upholding natural and cultural wealth makes it a top destination for those seeking serene landscapes and a touch of Dutch history.