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Netl de Wildste Tuin - Netl Camping Kallumaan in Kraggenburg Camping
Distance: 2,9 km8.9
Netl de Wildste Tuin - Netl Camping Kallumaan
Leemringweg 19, Kraggenburg

Netl in Kraggenburg: beaches, bamboo jungle, camping, business events and fun for all ages.

De Pionier in Marknesse Hotel
Distance: 34 meter8.3
De Pionier
Breestraat 1, Marknesse

Hotel Pionier Marknesse: Italian cuisine, authentic pizzas, near Netl Park and Voorstebos.

Kom Genieten, Camping, Feesten en Arrangementen in Luttelgeest Holiday resort
Distance: 8,3 km9.5
Kom Genieten, Camping, Feesten en Arrangementen
Kuinderweg 52, Luttelgeest

Come Enjoy: Stay at the Weerribben, annual pitches, mobile houses & chalets, unique outings.

Information about Marknesse

Marknesse, located in the municipality of Noordoostpolder in the Dutch province of Flevoland, is a rural village surrounded by extensive polders and water features. The village, first established in 1949, is rich in history as one of the first communities in the newly drained Noordoostpolder. With a population of around 3,000, Marknesse offers a quiet, community-oriented atmosphere, characterized by low-rise housing, local businesses and agricultural land.

In terms of sights, Marknesse is home to the Waterloopbos, a national monument where hydraulic engineering tests took place that contributed to important projects such as the Delta Works and the Port of Rotterdam. The quiet country roads and water-rich surroundings also make Marknesse an ideal location for cyclists and walkers. For daily amenities, the village has various shops, schools, and an active club life, including sports clubs and cultural organizations. Marknesse, although small in size, offers a unique insight into the history, innovation and serene beauty of the Dutch polder landscape.