5 accommodations in Aalsmeer

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Hotel Chariot Aalsmeer in Aalsmeer Hotel
Distance: 556 meter8.3
Hotel Chariot Aalsmeer
Oosteinderweg 243, Aalsmeer

Easily access Schiphol Airport from our 4-star hotel, offering shuttle services and modern comforts.

Blue Mansion Hotel Aalsmeer in Aalsmeer Hotel
Distance: 2,9 km8.3
Blue Mansion Hotel Aalsmeer
Oosteinderweg 248B, Aalsmeer

Stay green, close to Schiphol. Free WiFi, parking. Nespresso in rooms, organic breakfast served.

Hotel De Jonge heertjes in Aalsmeer Hotel
Distance: 53 meter8.7
Hotel De Jonge heertjes
Raadhuisplein 16, Aalsmeer

Hotel De Jonge Heertjes: comfort and quality in the heart of Aalsmeer. With free parking, WiFi, near Schiphol and local gastronomy.

Hotel Aalsmeer & Restaurant Wapen van Aalsmeer in Aalsmeer Hotel
Distance: 402 meter8.9
Hotel Aalsmeer & Restaurant Wapen van Aalsmeer
Dorpsstraat 15, Aalsmeer

Hotel Aalsmeer: Four-star family hotel with 66 rooms, high Tripadvisor score, pet-friendly, near Amsterdam and Schiphol.

Recreatiepark Aalsmeer | Jachthaven met camping in Aalsmeer Camping
Distance: 1,3 km7.7
Recreatiepark Aalsmeer | Jachthaven met camping
Uiterweg 214, Aalsmeer

Recreation park Aalsmeer: marina and campsite at the Westeinderplassen, with options for (canoeing) sailing, swimming and spending the night on our private island.

Information about Aalsmeer

Aalsmeer, located in the province of North Holland, is known for its flower growing history and the world famous flower auction, Royal FloraHolland. The municipality covers approximately 34 square kilometers and consists of Aalsmeer and a number of smaller residential areas: Kudelstaart, Aalsmeerderbrug, Oosteinderweg/Rietwijkeroord and Hornmeer. As market leader in the international plant and flower industry, Royal FloraHolland is an important economic hub for the region. The immense auction buildings are an attraction for visitors interested in the complex logistics processes and fascinating flower industry.

The expressive culture of Aalsmeer is equally impressive, with the Historical Garden Aalsmeer, where the history of floriculture is preserved, and the Westeinderplassen as highlights. The Westeinderplassen, also known as the Spiegel van Aalsmeer, offer water sports enthusiasts plenty of opportunities and are among the largest contiguous inland waterways in the western Netherlands. There are numerous marinas and recreational areas, complete with beaches and islands that are ideal for outdoor activities. Aalsmeer's wide range of festivities and events, such as the annual Flower Parade and the Pramenrace, reflect the vibrant community and its commitment to its cultural heritage.