19 accommodations in Baarlo

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Pillows Charme Hotel Château de Raay Limburg in Baarlo Hotel
Distance: 551 meter8.7
Pillows Charme Hotel Château de Raay Limburg
Raayerveldlaan 6, Baarlo

Experience luxury in a historic setting surrounded by natural beauty, offering comfort, tranquility and authentic cuisine.

Camping Den Aenstoot in Kessel Camping
Distance: 2,8 km9.3
Camping Den Aenstoot
Groenstraat 4, Kessel

Camping Den Aenstoot: luxury in Kessel with free WiFi, near the castle & city centers of Venlo/Roermond.

Ut Tumpke mini camping en vakantiewoningen in Kessel Holiday resort
Distance: 3,0 km9.5
Ut Tumpke mini camping en vakantiewoningen
Keizersbaan 6, Kessel

Camping Ut Tumpke: Rustic charm in Limburg with expert, reliable service. Perfect for relaxation and family time.

Centraal Baarlo in Baarlo Hotel
Distance: 703 meter9.1
Centraal Baarlo
Markt 1, Baarlo

Central Baarlo: Enjoy local and international dishes, events such as USA Cars & Trucks, free Wi-Fi, and excellent service in the heart of Baarlo.

De Plaats Maasbree in Maasbree Camping
Distance: 4,0 km8.3
De Plaats Maasbree
Provincialeweg 4, Maasbree

House Weymar in Maasbree: modern accommodation for 2-10 guests, near Kasteeltuinen Arcen & Toverland.

Ardoer Camping de Heldense Bossen in Helden Camping
Distance: 4,6 km8.9
Ardoer Camping de Heldense Bossen
De Heldense Bossen 6, Helden

Camping de Heldense Bossen: Family campsite in a forest with swimming pools, zoo & more.

Hotel Nieuw Antiek in Helden Hotel
Distance: 6,2 km8.3
Hotel Nieuw Antiek
Mariaplein 1, Helden

Hotel Nieuw Antiek in Helden: boutique stay with free WiFi and flat-screen TVs. Spacious apartments, meeting rooms and cultural events available.

Boerderijcamping De Ulend in Kessel Camping
Distance: 2,3 km8.7
Boerderijcamping De Ulend
Bosakkerweg 10, Kessel

Ulend farm campsite: car-free, WiFi, near De Groote Peel & Toverland.

Camperplaats Onder en Eindt in Helden Camping
Distance: 5,3 km9.5
Camperplaats Onder en Eindt
Baarloseweg 15A, Helden

Camper site Onder en Eindt: comfortable facilities in the Kwistbeekdal nature reserve. Fresh asparagus products from our own store, near Helden and Panningen.

Bed & BreakFast De Rozenhorst in Baarlo Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,0 km9.9
Bed & BreakFast De Rozenhorst
Napoleonsbaan Noord 16, Baarlo

Rozenhorst B&B: luxury in rural Limburg. Taste the local charm, discover castles, nature, walking and cycling routes. Design outlet Roermond nearby.

Minicamping Barbizon in Baarlo Camping
Distance: 716 meter8.3
Minicamping Barbizon
Kuukven 49, Baarlo

Barbizon Camping in Baarlo: WiFi coverage, ideal for walking & cycling routes, near Maasplassen & Maasduinen. Reliable since 2014!

Puur Baarlo in Baarlo Bed and breakfast
Distance: 863 meter10
Puur Baarlo
Napoleonsbaan Noord 25a, Baarlo

B&B Puur Baarlo: relaxing, luxurious stay in the castle village of Baarlo. Rooms with private bathroom, breakfast included, option for sauna and jacuzzi.

Camping De Breukerheide in Maasbree Camping
Distance: 2,7 km9.3
Camping De Breukerheide
Breestraat 15, Maasbree

Camping De Breukerheide: between Maasbree and Baarlo, on the edge of the forest with various routes. Offers camper facilities, dumping site and water point. Reliable and professional.

Oostappen Vakantiepark De Berckt in Baarlo Holiday resort
Distance: 2,6 km6.5
Oostappen Vakantiepark De Berckt
Napoleonsbaan Noord 4, Baarlo

Holiday park De Berckt: Picturesquely located in Baarlo, modern comfort, takeaway meals available. Ideal for an unforgettable stay.

Groepsaccommodatie Kasteel De Berckt in Baarlo Vacation home
Distance: 2,3 km8.9
Groepsaccommodatie Kasteel De Berckt
De Berckt 1, Baarlo

Kasteel de Berckt in Baarlo: ideal group accommodation for events, with space for 200+ guests, historic allure and extensive estate.

d'Ouffenhoff vakantiewoningen in Baarlo Holiday resort
Distance: 2,1 km9.3
d'Ouffenhoff vakantiewoningen
De Berckt 12, Baarlo

d'Ouffenhoff: Limburg holiday homes for 2-20 people. On the Maas, with playing field, bicycle rental, sustainable design and flexible bookings.

B&B Johannes-Hoeve in Baarlo Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,6 km9.5
B&B Johannes-Hoeve
Napoleonsbaan Noord 8, Baarlo

Johannes-Hoeve B&B in Baarlo, Limburg: green location with WiFi, air conditioning, Burgundian breakfast and proximity to cities such as Venlo and Eindhoven.

Hoeve Bongers luxe vakantiewoningen in Baarlo Vacation home
Distance: 2,1 km9.1
Hoeve Bongers luxe vakantiewoningen
De Berckt 12, Baarlo

d'Ouffenhoff: unique holiday homes in Limburg, comfort & sustainability combined. Bicycle rental, playground, home cook available.

Fietsers & Camper Camping Heiderust in Baarlo Camping
Distance: 2,8 km9.1
Fietsers & Camper Camping Heiderust
Hei 19, Baarlo

Heiderust Camping: spacious pitches in North Limburg with heated sanitary facilities, washing up area, free WiFi. Close to Maas and Venlo, including bicycle shed.

Information about Baarlo

Baarlo, located in the province of Limburg in the southeast of the Netherlands, is a beautiful village that beautifully combines history and nature. The town, known for its four historic castles, exudes an atmosphere of medieval grandeur. The location on the banks of the River Maas also offers a picturesque landscape, rich in flora and fauna. Cycling and walking routes along the river and through the surrounding fields and forests, give visitors the opportunity to fully experience the natural beauty of Baarlo.

However, Baarlo's tourist potential cannot be attributed solely to the natural and historical resources of the village. Baarlo also has a lively center with a selection of shops, restaurants and cafés offering local and international culinary experiences. The village also plays host to several events and festivals throughout the year that give visitors the chance to enjoy local culture, traditions and hospitality. In short, a visit to Baarlo gives you an authentic, enriching and enjoyable Dutch experience.