20 accommodations in Beesel

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Herberg de Bongerd Beesel in Beesel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 57 meter9.7
Herberg de Bongerd Beesel
Markt 13, Beesel

Cherishing tradition in an idyllic locale, merging comfort with rustic charm in Netherlands.

Camping Oda Hoeve in Kessel Camping
Distance: 3,5 km9.3
Camping Oda Hoeve
Heldenseweg 10, Kessel

Camping Oda Hoeve in Kessel: spacious pitches, near Venlo & Roermond, ideal for cycling and walking tours.

camperplaats Kessel in Kessel Camping
Distance: 3,6 km9.5
camperplaats Kessel
Hazenakkerweg 1, Kessel

Camper site Kessel: safe storage, activities such as bingo, music, walks and more!

Herberg de Bos in Swalmen Bungalow park
Distance: 4,3 km8.5
Herberg de Bos
Bosstraat 115, Swalmen

Herberg de Bos in Swalmen: wooded area, child-friendly, first-class menu, dogs welcome. Peace, nature and culinary pleasure in one!

Camping Boschheide in Swalmen Camping
Distance: 3,1 km9.1
Camping Boschheide
Veestraat 31, Swalmen

Camping Boschheide: comfortable camping experience on the Erve Gosejacob estate. Near cycling junction 97, Pieterpad, Roermond, Venlo and Maastricht.

Boerderijcamping Aan de Grens in Swalmen Camping
Distance: 4,9 km9.1
Boerderijcamping Aan de Grens
Bosstraat 121, Swalmen

Camping Aan de Grens: Farm campsite with a nature focus, awarded as the most beautiful Vekabo campsite in Limburg 2014. Want to explore? Swalmen's forest area and Roermond nearby!

Camping Hanssenhof in Helden Camping
Distance: 5,7 km9.5
Camping Hanssenhof
Kesselseweg 32, Helden

Camping Hanssenhof, your serene haven between the Heldense forests and the asparagus region of North Limburg, close to Venlo and Roermond.

Slapen & Smullen in Swalmen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,1 km9.9
Slapen & Smullen
Kroppestraat 20, Swalmen

B&B Slapen & Smullen: comfort, luxury and a private terrace in the center of Swalmen, near nature reserves and Roermond center.

Genaenhof in Swalmen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,3 km9.9
Schroefstraat 9, Swalmen

Genaenhof: Monumental farm in Asselt. Combines traditional farming with modern sustainability practices. Perfect for climate-conscious travelers!

ANNO 1919 in Swalmen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,6 km9.7
ANNO 1919
Rijksweg Noord 36, Swalmen

ANNO 1919, luxurious B&B in historic house, Limburg. Near Roermond, extensively renovated in 2020.

Gravenhof in Kessel Camping
Distance: 3,2 km8.9
Ondersteweg 1, Kessel

Water sports campsite Gravenhof: 130 pitches next to a sailing area with private moorings and boat ramp, near Kessel.

Pension Hoes va Neske in Beesel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 482 meter9.3
Pension Hoes va Neske
Hoogstraat 3, Beesel

Pension 't Hoes va Neske offers tranquility in an authentic village farm in Beesel, Limburg. Enjoy the unique rooms, extensive breakfast and nearby top restaurants.

Landal De Lommerbergen in Reuver Holiday resort
Distance: 1,8 km8.3
Landal De Lommerbergen
Lommerbergen 1, Reuver

Landal De Lommerbergen: sublime park in Limburg's hill country with 500 attractive accommodations, subtropical swimming paradise, culinary hotspots and bowling alleys.

Klerkenhof Swalmen in Swalmen Vacation home
Distance: 1,7 km9.7
Klerkenhof Swalmen
Klerkenhofweg 6, Swalmen

Klerkenhof: attractive holiday homes in a traditional farmhouse, surrounded by Beesel's natural beauty. Near Venlo and Roermond. Suitable for up to 16 people.

Het Raadhuys - Design B&B (adults - only) in Kessel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,0 km8.5
Het Raadhuys - Design B&B (adults - only)
Markt 1, Kessel

Het Raadhuys B&B: luxury design in the castle village of Kessel. Top rated, close to restaurants, terraces, Roermond, Maastricht and Düsseldorf.

Camperplaats Kessel-Eik aan de maas in Kessel Camping
Distance: 1,1 km9.5
Camperplaats Kessel-Eik aan de maas
Maasstraat 68, Kessel

Camper site Kessel-Eik: next to the Maas and nature reserves, perfect for walkers and cyclists. New facilities and local Peel-Maas products.

Camperplaats Otje in Neer Camping
Distance: 2,3 km9.5
Camperplaats Otje
Napoleonsweg 4, Neer

Camper site Otje offers peace, nature and comfort with heated sanitary facilities, self-service bar and nearby walking routes and dining options.

B&B ‘t Tuinhoes in Reuver Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,6 km10
B&B ‘t Tuinhoes
Heerstraat 25, Reuver

B&B 't Tuinhoes: comfortable in Reuver, Limburg. Cozy living room, spacious kitchen, luxurious bedroom, whirlpool, steam shower, private terrace. Near Roermond and Venlo. Ideal for cycling and walking tours.

Camping Petrushoeve in Beesel Camping
Distance: 2,9 km8.7
Camping Petrushoeve
Heidenheimseweg 3, Beesel

Camping Petrushoeve, idyllic between Roermond and Venlo, offers peace and quiet, recreation at the Drakenrijk lake, water sports at the Maasplassen and various accommodations.

Boerderijcamping Bovensbos in Helden Camping
Distance: 4,8 km8.9
Boerderijcamping Bovensbos
Bovensbos 1, Helden

Camping Bovensbos: spacious pitches, swimming pool & playground. Ideal for cyclists & riders in Limburg. Dogs welcome!

Information about Beesel

Located in the province of Limburg in the south of the Netherlands, Beesel forms a harmonious landscape of biological diversity and cultural richness. Known for the Ceramics & Art Route, which reflects a strong tradition of ceramic art and craft, Beesel captures the artistic essence with various galleries and workshops. In addition, the Drakensteyn, the historic epicenter of the city and the location of the world-famous triennial Draakteken, a historic, open-air theater performance that has existed since 1736, is a must-visit.

In addition to the cultural attractions, Beesel offers a wide range of nature-based experiences. It is surrounded by exceptional forests, meadows and river landscapes, which are part of the Maas-Swalm-Nette nature reserve, which extends across the Netherlands and Germany. The Maas river that flows past the town makes it an idyllic location for walking, cycling, picnicking and birdwatching. One thing is clear: Beesel seamlessly weaves its art, history and nature into one spectacular destination.