25 accommodations in Borgloon

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Chateau de La Motte Groot-Gelmen in Groot-Gelmen Hotel
Distance: 5,4 km8.1
Chateau de La Motte Groot-Gelmen
Mettekovenstraat 4, Groot-Gelmen

Offering scenic tranquility, guests enjoy a brasserie, garden, children's playground, and free parking.

't Gillebroek in Borgloon Vacation home
Distance: 419 meter8.7
't Gillebroek
Gillebroek 17, Borgloon

't Gillebroek: Authentic farm in Borgloon with modern facilities. Enjoy panoramic views, spacious terraces and proximity to historic sites.

Villa Copis in Borgloon Hotel
Distance: 504 meter9.5
Villa Copis
Stationsstraat 34, Borgloon

**Villa Copis**: Charming villa in the Haspengouw fruit region, offering historic charm and modern comfort. Ideal for walking and cycling routes. Near Tongeren and Hasselt.

La Maison De Marie in Borgloon Vacation home
Distance: 2,6 km10
La Maison De Marie
Heuvelstraat 36, Borgloon

La Maison de Marie: Luxury in picturesque Borgloon with jacuzzi, panoramic views, premium WiFi, and access to scenic cycling and walking routes.

Huize Schaberg in Borgloon Vacation home
Distance: 363 meter8.1
Huize Schaberg
Tongersesteenweg 1, Borgloon

Huize Schaberg: Elegant accommodation in Haspengouw with modern rooms, free Wi-Fi, and near the see-through church and Helshoven wine estate. Perfect location!

La forteresse in Borgloon Hotel
Distance: 118 meter8.9
La forteresse
Speelhof 16, Borgloon

**Hotel and Brasserie La Forteresse**: enjoy local delicacies and artisanal ice cream in the heart of Haspengouw. Discover historic Borgloon and scenic routes.

B & B Villa Kakelbont Borgloon in Borgloon Bed and breakfast
Distance: 259 meter8.9
B & B Villa Kakelbont Borgloon
Oude Berg 5, Borgloon

Bamp;B Villa Kakelbont: Spacious rooms, luxurious breakfast, beautiful flower garden and close to walking and cycling routes in Borgloon. Electric bicycles for rent.

Yolande Buekers in Wellen Hotel
Distance: 3,0 km6.9
Yolande Buekers
Langstraat 31, Wellen

GoWell: Highly regarded spa in South Limburg with massages, treatments, nine rooms, a suite and breathtaking walking and cycling routes in Haspengouw.

Pracha in Borgloon Hotel
Distance: 401 meter8.9
Kogelstraat 3, Borgloon

Pracha: Enjoy a family atmosphere in Borgloon, Haspengouw. Heated swimming pool, saunas, cycling and walking routes nearby, and a delicious breakfast buffet!

Vakantiewoning Het Eenhoornhof Borgloon Limburg Haspengouw in Borgloon Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km9.5
Vakantiewoning Het Eenhoornhof Borgloon Limburg Haspengouw
Kleestraat 1, Borgloon

Het Eenhoornhof: Luxury five-star castle farm in Kuttekoven for groups of up to 20 adults. Near fruit orchards, vineyards and cultural attractions.

B&B De Romeinse Katzei in Borgloon Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,3 km9.9
B&B De Romeinse Katzei
Romeinse Kassei 1, Borgloon

The Roman Katzei: Stay in a sustainable farm from 1801 in picturesque Voort, with panoramic terrace, cycle junction 151, and near Doorkijkkerkje.

De tuin van Agatha in Kortessem Apartments
Distance: 5,0 km9.9
De tuin van Agatha
Bissemstraat 3, Kortessem

The Garden of Agatha: luxurious rural apartments in an ecological garden, with nearby walking and cycling routes and views of the Mombeek Valley.

Vakantiehuizen De Heerlijkheid Satenbergh in Heers - Vechmaal Vacation home
Distance: 4,8 km9.3
Vakantiehuizen De Heerlijkheid Satenbergh
Heurnestraat 12, Heers - Vechmaal

De Heerlijkheid Satenbergh: Three luxurious holiday homes in a historic castle in Vechmaal, ideal for rest, meetings and close to cities such as Hasselt and Maastricht.

Het Princenhuis in Heers Vacation home
Distance: 5,2 km9.9
Het Princenhuis
Langstraat 50, Heers

Guesthouse Het Princenhuis: Luxurious and modern furnished accommodation in Haspengouw for 2-3 people, near cycling routes and walking paths. Fully equipped kitchen.

Vakantiewoning De Lokroep***** in Heers Vacation home
Distance: 5,2 km10
Vakantiewoning De Lokroep*****
Brugstraat 7, Heers

Holiday home De Lokroep: luxurious five-star accommodation in Vechmaal, near cycling junctions and nature reserves. Including works of art, bicycle storage and tourist information.

Horpala in Heers Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,0 km9.1
Cartuyvelstraat 33, Heers

Bamp;ampB Horpala: Comfortable rooms in Horpmaal. Enjoy blossom routes, fruit picking, a tasty breakfast buffet and beautiful walking and cycling routes.

Vakantiewoningen Pomona in Heers Vacation home
Distance: 4,8 km10
Vakantiewoningen Pomona
Dumontlaan 42, Heers

Holiday homes Pomona: Rolling hills, fully equipped kitchens, enclosed garden, close to Tongeren and Maastricht. Perfect for walking and cycling!

Het Zoete Zijn in Borgloon Vacation home
Distance: 5,2 km9.7
Het Zoete Zijn
Wildebornstraat 7, Borgloon

The Sweet Being: Enjoy luxurious suites, culinary four-course dinners, bicycle rental and scenic routes in charming Haspengouw.

Land van Engelingen in Borgloon Hotel
Distance: 4,4 km9.7
Land van Engelingen
Helshovenstraat 33, Borgloon

The Land of Engelingen: Unique tranquility in Haspengouw, perfect for walking and cycling through fruit orchards. Modern comfort in an idyllic setting.

De Verborgen Parel in Borgloon Hotel
Distance: 3,7 km9.3
De Verborgen Parel
Hoenshovenstraat 5, Borgloon

The Hidden Pearl: Enjoy luxurious rooms, sauna packages and culinary delights in a serene rural environment. Leading for relaxation and recovery.

Hels Wijnvat in Borgloon Vacation home
Distance: 5,0 km7.7
Hels Wijnvat
Helshovenstraat 18, Borgloon

Helshoven's wine barrel: Stay in a luxury tent with a garden view in Borgloon, near Hasselt. Enjoy a terrace, outdoor fireplace, restaurant and free parking.

Het Loonderhof in Borgloon Vacation home
Distance: 485 meter8.9
Het Loonderhof
Tongersesteenweg 23, Borgloon

Het Loonderhof: Authentic B&B on a 200-year-old city farm in Borgloon. Ecological breakfast, eco-friendly garden. Perfect for walkers and cyclists!

B&B De Kersentuin in Borgloon Bed and breakfast
Distance: 200 meter9.5
B&B De Kersentuin
Padonck 3, Borgloon

De Kersentuin: Monumental mansion in Borgloon, 2 stylish rooms, garden, terrace, vineyard, bicycles for rent, near Doorkijkkerkje. Comfort and history.

Huis van Loon in Borgloon Vacation home
Distance: 140 meter8.9
Huis van Loon
Speelhof 6, Borgloon

Het Huis van Loon: Luxury suites with modern amenities in a historic building. Central Borgloon, near walking routes, fruit orchards and castles.

Café Coureur Borgloon in Borgloon Hotel
Distance: 2,3 km9.3
Café Coureur Borgloon
Oorsprongstraat 5, Borgloon

Café Coureur: Ideal for cyclists with hotels in Borgloon & Houffalize, meeting rooms, group rides, cycling cafes and scenic routes. For sports & social gathering.

Information about Borgloon

Borgloon, located in the province of Limburg, Belgium, is known for its beautiful hilly landscape and extensive fruit orchards. The city is the heart of the Haspengouw fruit region and attracts many visitors every year during the blossom period. Cultural sights such as the Gothic St. Odulfus Church and Rullingen Castle contribute to Borgloon's historic charm. Furthermore, the panoramic views and the beguinage, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, are essential attractions.

In the field of tourism, Borgloon offers versatile recreational opportunities. The network of cycle routes and walking paths is excellent for outdoor activities, while the Reading Between the Lines art project, a transparent church made of sheet steel, is a popular attraction. Local events such as the blossom and harvest festivals strengthen the tourist appeal of the region. With well-preserved traditions and a focus on nature and culture, Borgloon offers a unique and authentic experience for visitors.