8 accommodations in Borgworm

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Lomalienne in Geer Vacation home
Distance: 6,7 km9.5
Rue de Ligney 27 a, Geer

Lomalienne: Thematic rooms with an industrial atmosphere, escape rooms, ax throwing, free Wi-Fi, and meeting rooms between Liège, Brussels and Namur.

Le Tulipier de l'Empereur in Borgworm Vacation home
Distance: 1,3 km9.3
Le Tulipier de l'Empereur
Rue Edmond de Selys-Longchamps 112, Borgworm

Le Tulipier de l'Empereur: Stay in the historic castle of Sélys-Longchamps, ideal for groups of up to 11 in Waremme, Belgium.

Moulin castral de Hollogne-sur-Geer in Geer Vacation home
Distance: 4,0 km8.9
Moulin castral de Hollogne-sur-Geer
Rue du Centre 27, Geer

Moulin Castral: Enjoy renovated gites with a Green Key label in a historic building surrounded by nature. Ideal for events, with spacious rooms.

Het Pachthof in Gingelom Hotel
Distance: 7,0 km8.3
Het Pachthof
Thewitstraat 8, Gingelom

Het Pachthof, Borlo: Charming square farm in South Limburg, ideal for cyclists, walkers and business travelers. Escape to historic Haspengouw.

wetterdelle vakantielogies in Heers Vacation home
Distance: 5,1 km9.1
wetterdelle vakantielogies
Opheersstraat 89, Heers

Wetterdelle holiday accommodation: Three fully equipped holiday homes in Haspengouw, ideal for walking and cycling enthusiasts. Near Maastricht and Hasselt.

Domein Marsnil in Heers Hotel
Distance: 5,1 km9.3
Domein Marsnil
Batsheersstraat 35, Heers

Domain Marsnil: Stay in the middle of green fields and vineyards. Enjoy culinary regional dishes, home-made wines and nearby attractions.

Hoeve Jadoul in Brouwerijstraat Vacation home
Distance: 5,8 km9.3
Hoeve Jadoul
, Brouwerijstraat

Hoeve Jadoul: 15th century farmhouse with modern facilities in Gingelom. Enjoy games room, garden, fruit orchards, free bicycles and guided tours.

Vakantiewoning Mierzicht + wellness (*****) in Gingelom Vacation home
Distance: 5,5 km9.3
Vakantiewoning Mierzicht + wellness (*****)
Mechelsestraat 57, Gingelom

Holiday home Mierzicht: Luxury 5-star accommodation in Haspengouw with private wellness and perfect cycling and walking opportunities. Near historic cities.

Information about Borgworm

Borgworm, also known as Waremme, is a town in the province of Liège, Belgium. It has a rich historical and cultural heritage, including the Church of Saint Pantaleon and the castle of Sélys-Longchamps from the 18th century. The city offers a combination of traditional architecture and modern amenities, making it an attractive destination for history buffs and modern travelers alike. It is also the capital of the Borgworm district, making it an important administrative center.

Borgworm has a strategic location along the E40 motorway, providing easy access to other major cities such as Brussels and Liège. The surrounding landscape is characterized by fertile agricultural lands and picturesque villages. The city offers various recreational options, such as hiking and cycling routes that highlight the natural beauty of the region. With a range of dining options, shops and cultural events, Borgworm meets the needs of a wide range of visitors.