31 accommodations in Bouillon

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Les Anges in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 5,6 km9.3
Les Anges
Rue de la Semois 19, Bouillon

Chambres d'hôtes de caractère Ardenne belge Bouillon Les Hayons - Maison les Anges: Tastefully decorated rooms, private sanitary facilities, close to Mont de Zatrou and idyllic villages.

Le 'Ti 'Bou de Refuge in Sensenruth Vacation home
Distance: 3,4 km9.5
Le 'Ti 'Bou de Refuge
Rue de Bernifalouche , Sensenruth

**Bouillon Farm**: Enjoy a 19th century farmhouse near Bouillon, ideal for romantic getaways, family holidays and walking or cycling trips.

Auberge Ardennaise in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 5,0 km10
Auberge Ardennaise
Dohan-Bas 16, Bouillon

Auberge Ardennaise: Enjoy serene nature and comfort in Dohan, near historic Bouillon. Ideal for walkers. Authentic hospitality and regional dishes.

Les Deux Petits Pommiers - Gîte rural 6 personnes à Bouillon in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 2,3 km9.9
Les Deux Petits Pommiers - Gîte rural 6 personnes à Bouillon
Rue de la Bichetour 20a, Bouillon

Gîte Les Deux Petits Pommiers: Modern holiday home in the Ardennes, 3 km from Bouillon, with 3 bedrooms, near walking, cycling and kayaking routes in the Semois valley.

Gîte le Fournil in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 5,0 km8.9
Gîte le Fournil
Dohan-Bas , Bouillon

Ancienne fermette rénovée: Enjoy 5 bedrooms, wellness area, billiards and a terrace overlooking the village church. 500m from the Semois River!

Luxe natuur vakantiehuis/gite GRETU26 in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 1,0 km9.9
Luxe natuur vakantiehuis/gite GRETU26
Rue de Grétu 26, Bouillon

Holiday home Bouillon: Enjoy panoramic views, hiking, canoeing and wildlife spotting. Near Bouillon, perfect tranquility in a vast valley.

La Ferronnière in Bouillon Hotel
Distance: 382 meter8.9
La Ferronnière
Voie Jocquée 44, Bouillon

La Ferronnière: 19th century mansion with wellness, gourmet restaurant and view of the castle of Bouillon. Perfect for couples, families and friends.

Hotel Restaurant Le Cosy in Bouillon Hotel
Distance: 72 meter7.7
Hotel Restaurant Le Cosy
Au-Dessus de la Ville 23, Bouillon

Boutique Resort Hotel Cozy: Unique rooms, view of Bouillon Castle, gastronomic 4-course menu, English bar, meeting room, free WiFi and parking.

Hôtel Restaurant Panorama in Bouillon Hotel
Distance: 53 meter9.3
Hôtel Restaurant Panorama
Au-Dessus de la Ville 25, Bouillon

Le Panorama Hotel & Restaurant: Breathtaking views in Bouillon with castle view, indoor pool, wellness center and local culinary specialties.

Golden Lion in Bouillon Bed and breakfast
Distance: 121 meter6.9
Golden Lion
Rue du Lion d'Or 2, Bouillon

Golden Lion Bed & Breakfast: Unique rooms, free WiFi and parking. Pet friendly and e-scooters for rent. Picturesque Bouillon in the Ardennes.

Face à la Semois in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 818 meter8.7
Face à la Semois
Faubourg de France 13, Bouillon

Gîte Bouillon: 50m from the Semois, ideal for walking, cycling, kayaking. Near the castle of Bouillon. Rustic charm and modern facilities combined.

Gite bouillon Aux bains de la Semois in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 819 meter10
Gite bouillon Aux bains de la Semois
Faubourg de France 10, Bouillon

Aux Bains de la Semois: Holiday home for 8 along the Semois, 600m from Bouillon. Enjoy swimming, castle views and nearby festivals.

Le petit bouillon - Gîtes Bouillon in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 319 meter10
Le petit bouillon - Gîtes Bouillon
Rue du Brutz 16, Bouillon

Le Petit Bouillon: Authentic house in historic Brittany quarter, at the foot of the castle, with nearby shops and walking routes along the Semois.

Appartement Chez Pépé Victor ( in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 225 meter9.1
Appartement Chez Pépé Victor (
Rue du Lion d'Or 31, Bouillon

Chez pépé Victor: Comfortable rooms in Bouillon, near the Castle of Bouillon and hiking trails. Ideal for golf enthusiasts and families.

Gîte Le Gros Chêne in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km10
Gîte Le Gros Chêne
Vieille Route de France 48, Bouillon

Gîte Le Gros Chêne in Bouillon offers modern facilities and is located 46 km from the Abbaye de Sept Fontaines Golf Course and 13 minutes from Château fort de Bouillon.

Logis Hôtel des Ardennes in Bouillon Hotel
Distance: 4,4 km9.3
Logis Hôtel des Ardennes
Rue de la Hate 1, Bouillon

Logis Hôtel des Ardennes: Luxury accommodation in Corbion sur Semois, with solar panels, wind turbines, culinary delights, hiking and water activities nearby.

Logis Auberge le Relais in Bouillon Hotel
Distance: 4,6 km8.5
Logis Auberge le Relais
Rue des Abattis 5, Bouillon

Hôtel Le Relais, in Corbion-sur-Semois, offers tranquility, an attractive restaurant and terrace. Perfectly located near Bouillon and the French border for exploration.

La Petite Maison Maqua - Gîte de 2 à 8 personnes in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 4,3 km9.9
La Petite Maison Maqua - Gîte de 2 à 8 personnes
Rue de la Hate 11, Bouillon

La Petite Maison Maqua in Corbion offers beautiful views, modern amenities, and is close to historic Bouillon. Suitable for 2-8 people.

Aux 4 Chalets Corbion in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 4,5 km8.7
Aux 4 Chalets Corbion
Rue de Falimont 16, Bouillon

Our Surrounding Accommodation: Comfortable rooms with free WiFi, extensive breakfast, meeting room, near museums, public transport. Benefit from 24-hour reception.

Camping de la Glycine in Bouillon Camping
Distance: 5,3 km9.1
Camping de la Glycine
Rue du Mont 25, Bouillon

Le Camping de la Glycine: Près de Bouillon, 80 emplacements, pêche, kayak gratuit pour sejours long, parfait pour des vacances familiales et conviviales.

Gîtes Le Nid'Ardennes - 1-10 pers in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 5,4 km10
Gîtes Le Nid'Ardennes - 1-10 pers
Rue des Lavandières 27, Bouillon

Nid'Ardennes: Two attractive holiday homes in the Semois valley, Poupehan. Perfect for groups and close to Bouillon and the castle. Hiking and kayaking!

L'Orchidee in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 6,3 km9.5
Chemin des Falloises 33, Bouillon

L'Orchidée - Chambres d'hôtes in Rochehaut, Ardennes, offers spacious rooms, fresh breakfast, near beautiful hiking trails and viewpoints for a relaxing stay.

Vakantievilla Beauséjour III in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 6,6 km9.9
Vakantievilla Beauséjour III
Chemin des Falloises 14, Bouillon

Villa Beauséjour III: Luxurious holiday villa for 16 people with panoramic views, 8 private bathrooms, children's playground, hammam and large terrace with BBQ.

Maison de Rochehaut in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 6,6 km9.7
Maison de Rochehaut
Rue de Nazareth 27, Bouillon

Maison de Rochehaut: Spacious holiday home for 9 in picturesque Rochehaut, Bouillon. Enjoy nature walks and cycling in the beautiful Ardennes.

Vakantiehuis Residence 16 in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 6,5 km10
Vakantiehuis Residence 16
Chemin des Falloises 16, Bouillon

Villa Residence 16: Luxury 15-person villa in Rochehaut with panoramic views, large terraces, BBQ, pétanque court, hammam and family-friendly facilities.

Castorama in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 6,5 km9.1
Rue de Nazareth 31, Bouillon

Castorama: Authentic holiday home in the Belgian Ardennes, perfect for those seeking peace and quiet. Near hiking trails, petting zoo and historic Bouillon Castle.

chalet du petit enclos in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 6,5 km8.3
chalet du petit enclos
Chemin des Falloises 23, Bouillon

Le Chalet des Moissons: 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, breathtaking views of Crêtes de Frahan. Near Rochehaut village and Entre Ferme et Forêt animal park.

Gites de la Ferme in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 6,7 km9.7
Gites de la Ferme
Le Routi 4, Bouillon

**Gites de la Ferme** offers idyllic stays in Rochehaut, Luxembourg Ardennes, with spa, restaurant, caterer, and WiFi. Perfect for nature lovers and families.

Le Clos du Parc in Paliseul Bed and breakfast
Distance: 12,7 km9.7
Le Clos du Parc
Rue du Baron Poncelet , Paliseul

The Federation of Gîtes and Chambres d'hôtes in Wallonia: 800+ carefully selected accommodations without booking fees. Authentic charm and reliable quality.

La Ferme Oubliée - Vakantiehuis/Gite in Paliseul Vacation home
Distance: 10,2 km9.1
La Ferme Oubliée - Vakantiehuis/Gite
Rue du Seigneur 4 A, Paliseul

La Ferme Oubliée offers modern comfort for 12 people, with sauna and hot tub in the Semois Valley, ideal for hiking, fishing and near Bouillon.

Charme à Bouillon in Bouillon Vacation home
Distance: 6,1 km8.5
Charme à Bouillon
Chemin de Snéviot 22, Bouillon

Luxury Holiday Home Ardennes: Enjoy private sauna, hot tub, enclosed garden and near Bouillon. Ideal for pets and romance. Book now directly with the owner.

Information about Bouillon

Located in the province of Luxembourg in Wallonia, Bouillon is a historic town known for its imposing medieval castle that sits enthroned above the Semois River. The castle, once occupied by Godfrey of Bouillon, one of the leaders of the First Crusade, is a prominent tourist attraction offering insight into the military architecture of the Middle Ages. The town also offers scenic hiking trails and panoramic views, ideal for nature lovers and hikers.

In addition, Bouillon has various cultural and recreational facilities, including the Godfrey of Bouillon Archeoscope, which presents multimedia exhibitions about the Crusades. Visitors can also enjoy local gastronomy in the many restaurants and cafes, serving traditional Ardennes dishes. The combination of rich history, natural beauty and cultural attractions makes Bouillon an attractive destination for tourists.