17 accommodations in Bree

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't Paulsenhof in Bocholt Vacation home
Distance: 4,7 km9.9
't Paulsenhof
Stramproyerweg 42, Bocholt

't Paulsenhof, Bocholt: Perfect rural escape with access to cycling and riding trails, near nature reserves. Including Limburg pastries upon arrival.

B&B Dageraad in Bocholt Vacation home
Distance: 5,1 km9.7
B&B Dageraad
Oudeweg 3, Bocholt

B&B Dageraad in Bocholt: Three attractive rooms with box springs, local tapas breakfast, bicycle rental and close to attractions such as the Bocholter Brewery Museum.

B&B De Keyartmolen in Bree Vacation home
Distance: 4,6 km9.5
B&B De Keyartmolen
Keyartstraat 4, Bree

Keyartmolen: Luxury rooms in a historic watermill in Tongerlo-Bree, Limburg. Ideal for cycling, walking and horse riding. Disabled accessible.

Kamphoeve De Melkweg in Bree Camping
Distance: 5,5 km8.1
Kamphoeve De Melkweg
Bergstraat 19, Bree

CJT: Find and manage Flemish youth centers and campsites. Quality support and news for youth groups and accommodation operators.

Duinengordel: Bivakzone Itter in Oudsbergen Camping
Distance: 5,6 km9.7
Duinengordel: Bivakzone Itter
, Oudsbergen

**Bivouac zones Solt and Itter:** Camp in the Dune Belt, enjoy tent platforms, ecological toilets and proximity to hiking and cycling trails.

Paalkamperen Itter in Oudsbergen Camping
Distance: 5,6 km9.3
Paalkamperen Itter
, Oudsbergen

Dune Belt: Camp in the middle of the Hoge Kempen National Park – only accessible on foot or by bike! Timeless adventure and beautiful nature!

B&B 't Welthof in Bree Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,2 km8.3
B&B 't Welthof
Roterstraat 62, Bree

B&B 't Welthof in Bree: Four-star comfort, homely atmosphere, varied breakfast, well-maintained garden. Perfect for cycling and walking routes and horse coaching.

Mussenburghof in Bree Hotel
Distance: 1,4 km9.3
Brugstraat 76, Bree

Hotel Mussenburghof: Serene stay in Limburg with comfortable rooms, catering service, and stables for horses. Only 1 km from the center of Bree.

PuurHelena in Bocholt Vacation home
Distance: 2,3 km10
Binkermolenstraat 1, Bocholt

Live your Nature: Experience comfort in an authentic house in Kempenbroek. Enjoy nature experience and creative workshops, surrounded by serene landscapes.

Truyenhof in Bree Hotel
Distance: 1,6 km9.3
Truyenhofstraat 1 a, Bree

Bamp;ampB Truyenhof in Bree: Luxury rooms, wellness, tailor-made breakfast, bicycle café, near the center and nature reserves. Ideal for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Camping Kempenheuvel in Bree Camping
Distance: 2,2 km8.5
Camping Kempenheuvel
Heuvelstraat 8, Bree

Kempenheuvel Camping: Enjoy luxurious camping bungalows, heated swimming pool, excellent fishing ponds and summer entertainment in the heart of Belgian Limburg.

Familiepark Goolderheide in Bocholt Camping
Distance: 5,4 km8.5
Familiepark Goolderheide
Bosstraat 1, Bocholt

Family park Camping Goolderheide in Bocholt: luxury mobile homes, Coco tents and Hobbit Houses in the middle of the Belgian Limburg swampy landscape.

Ecolodge Over the Rainbow in Bocholt Vacation home
Distance: 5,1 km10
Ecolodge Over the Rainbow
Bosstraat , Bocholt

Ecolodge Over the Rainbow: Sustainable accommodation in the forests of Belgian Limburg. Near De Hoge Kempen National Park and Goolderheide holiday park.

Jeugdverblijfcentrum Sloerodoe in Bocholt Vacation home
Distance: 5,0 km8.3
Jeugdverblijfcentrum Sloerodoe
Brogelerweg 150, Bocholt

Youth accommodation center Sloerodoe: 20 hectares of play forests near Bocholt. Ideal for summer camps and groups of up to 200 people. Near cycling and walking routes.

Face à Face: Bed & Breakfast and Events in Bree Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,4 km9.1
Face à Face: Bed & Breakfast and Events
Heuvelstraat 7, Bree

Face à Face Bed and Breakfast in Bree: Characterful rooms, modern facilities, central location, extensive breakfast, and beautiful French garden.

Kipdorp 39 vakantiewoning in Bree Vacation home
Distance: 2,6 km10
Kipdorp 39 vakantiewoning
Kipdorpstraat 39, Bree

Kipdorp 39: Luxurious holiday home for 6 people in the green surroundings of Bree and Oudsbergen. Enjoy a private forest, large terrace and modern facilities.

Het Delvenhof in Bocholt Vacation home
Distance: 6,7 km9.3
Het Delvenhof
Rietweg 41, Bocholt

Municipality of Bocholt: Find everything about municipal services, local regulations, and tourist tips. Easy access to information about permits, waste collection and more.

Information about Bree

Bree is a charming city in the Belgian province of Limburg, known for its historic architecture and natural beauty. The city is rich in cultural-historical monuments, such as the town hall dating from the 17th century and several churches with Gothic and neo-Gothic influences. In addition, the surrounding nature offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities, including walking and cycling routes through the Kempens Plateau, a beautiful piece of nature reserve in the area.

The town of Bree is also a center of local gastronomy and artisanal products. Visitors can enjoy regional dishes in numerous restaurants and sample locally brewed beers. Markets and events are regularly organized that highlight Bree's rich traditions, making it one of the must-visit locations for both domestic and foreign tourists.