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Hotel de Zwaan Schoondijke in Schoondijke Hotel
Distance: 4,6 km8.9
Hotel de Zwaan Schoondijke
Prinses Beatrixstraat 1, Schoondijke

Experience utmost comfort with our ten cosy rooms in picturesque Schoondijke.

Hotel de Milliano Breskens in Breskens Hotel
Distance: 616 meter8.3
Hotel de Milliano Breskens
Promenade 4, Breskens

Experience tranquility and stunning vistas at this 4-star haven in Breskens, boasting spacious rooms overlooking the sea.

Appartementen De Zes Sterren in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 164 meter9.7
Appartementen De Zes Sterren
Mercuriusstraat 7, Breskens

Apartments De Zes Sterren: comfort in Breskens, with the beach and shops nearby. Free parking, recently modernized.

Pharos Residences Breskens in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 609 meter9.1
Pharos Residences Breskens
Westhavendam , Breskens

Dormio Breskens, luxury apartments in the port of Breskens, beach nearby, access to village & Belgian cities. Equipped with all amenities, with beautiful views.

Breskens Apartments in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 444 meter9.9
Breskens Apartments
Grote Kade 33, Breskens

Dormio Breskens Apartments: luxurious accommodations with panoramic views of the sea, harbor and dunes. Includes made-up beds, washing and drying facilities and underground parking space.

Hoeve de Lente in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 863 meter
Hoeve de Lente
Hoofdplaatseweg 6, Breskens

Hoeve De Lente: authentic stay in renovated carriage house, view of the polder landscape, near the center of Breskens and the beach.

B & B de Passant in Breskens Bed and breakfast
Distance: 70 meter9.7
B & B de Passant
Dorpsstraat 74, Breskens

The Passant B&B in Breskens combines Zeeland hospitality with luxurious rooms, close to the cleanest beach in the Netherlands and marina.

EuroParcs Schoneveld in Breskens Holiday resort
Distance: 1,6 km8.9
EuroParcs Schoneveld
Schoneveld 1, Breskens

EuroParcs Schoneveld in Breskens; unparalleled 5-star luxury on the Zeeland coast. Ideal for day trips to Sluis, Bruges, and more!

Roompot Zeebad in Breskens Holiday resort
Distance: 1,1 km8.3
Roompot Zeebad
Nieuwesluisweg 1, Breskens

Zeebad Holiday Park: Relax and adventure in Breskens; from beach walks to swimming facilities. Comfort care offers guests care and support.

Vakantiewoningen Breskens in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 2,6 km9.5
Vakantiewoningen Breskens
Zandertje 10, Breskens

Charming holiday villas Relax by the sea in Lazio, Italy: fresh air, mountains, sea, historic gardens and culinary delights of Emilia-Romagna, with partner discounts!

Strandpark Scheldeveste in Breskens Holiday resort
Distance: 1,1 km8.7
Strandpark Scheldeveste
Nieuwesluisweg 1, Breskens

Strandpark Scheldeveste offers charm in the form of various holiday homes, near the Westerschelde, and hidden within the historic fortress canals.

Ferienhaus Kleine Düne in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,1 km
Ferienhaus Kleine Düne
Langeweg 112, Breskens

Holiday rentals in Breskens, Zeeland: modern facilities, close to beach, pet-friendly with access to local attractions.

Ferienhaus Carpe Diem in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,5 km10
Ferienhaus Carpe Diem
Schoneveld 337, Breskens

Carpe Diem Schoneveld Breskens: perfect for 6 people, with the beach nearby and shops within walking distance, pet-friendly accommodation.

ZEEBAD 483A in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,0 km10
Nieuwesluisweg , Breskens

Siegbert's family holiday home in Zeeland offers peace, comfort and nature in a 5-star park. Ideal for families, close to the beach and cities.

Hotel Rooms Breskens in Breskens Hotel
Distance: 111 meter8.5
Hotel Rooms Breskens
Langeweg 3, Breskens

Enjoy pristine service and quietness, just steps from dazzling beaches and vigorous city life.

Beachhouse 822 in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,1 km9.7
Beachhouse 822
Nieuwesluisweg 1, Breskens

Holiday park Zeebad, located near Breskens, with an indoor swimming pool & sports fields. Close to North Sea beach and fortified towns. Book via Roompot!

Das Haus am Meer in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,7 km10
Das Haus am Meer
Schoneveld 245, Breskens

Das Haus am Meer NL, spacious 6-person holiday home in Breskens with full kitchen, patio cover and flexible rental periods. Pets welcome!

CHILL OUT in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,7 km9.1
Schoneveld 1, Breskens

CHILL OUT: Relax in Breskens, Zeeland, between the harbour, sandy beaches and the iconic lighthouse. Ideal for holidays outside the high season.

Villa Zeewind in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,6 km8.7
Villa Zeewind
, Breskens

Villa Zeewind: Modern holiday home in Droompark Schoneveld, near the beach and Westerscheldemündung. Spacious, pet-friendly, with various facilities and dining options nearby.

Vakantiepark Zeebad 4 in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,1 km9.1
Vakantiepark Zeebad 4
Nieuwesluisweg 1, Breskens

Zeebad Holiday Park in Breskens: your perfect beach holiday in 5-star bungalows with tennis/gym, swimming pool and smart TV. Near Belgium and Breskens.

Breskens Geheimtipp E 3 in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km10
Breskens Geheimtipp E 3
Schoneveld 1, Breskens

EuroParcs Schoneveld: Coast of Breskens, close to Bruges & Knokke-Heist, equipped with wellness center, restaurant & activities for all ages!

Chalet Seaside in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,7 km9.5
Chalet Seaside
, Breskens

Ferienhaus Chalet Seaside Breskens, perfect base for 4, 300m from the beach. Modern facilities, 1.5 bathrooms, terrace and private parking.

Seon Beach House in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,7 km9.7
Seon Beach House
Kieweg LOT 18, Breskens

Seon Beach House, luxurious, dog-friendly accommodation with room for 6, 100m from the beach and next to the Waterdunen nature reserve.

Friedas Beachhouse in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,9 km9.7
Friedas Beachhouse
Schoneveld 1, Breskens

Friedas Beachhouse; holiday home close to the beach with two bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, access to swimming pool and free bicycles!

Timeout Breskens in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km9.1
Timeout Breskens
Schoneveld 1, Breskens

Unique luxury in TIMEOUT Breskens holiday home. 150m from the beach, dog-friendly, with spacious terrace, modern facilities and access to EuroParcs amenities.

Unser Ferienhaus in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km9.7
Unser Ferienhaus
Schoneveld 1, Breskens

Ferienhaus Jutta Däumer in EuroParcs Schoneveld, Breskens. 4p. seaside accommodation. Equipped with a terrace, children's playground, bowling alley and more.

Vitamin Sea in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km10
Vitamin Sea
Schoneveld 1, Breskens

Experience an unforgettable stay at 'Vitamin Sea' in Breskens! 150m from the beach, 85m² of living space, suitable for 6 people, 2 dogs, indoor swimming pool, sauna, garden & view of the dunes.

Ruhepol Breskens in Breskens Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km10
Ruhepol Breskens
Schoneveld 1, Breskens

At holiday home B44 in Breskens you can enjoy a beach location with three bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. Dog friendly!

Appartement De Graanzolder in Hoofdplaat Vacation home
Distance: 4,0 km10
Appartement De Graanzolder
Westelijke Dwarsweg 4, Hoofdplaat

Apartment de Graanzolder: Unique attic in the old granary in Hoofdplaat. Enjoy farm activities, rural tranquility, cycling tours and Breskens nearby!

B&B de Kienstee in Schoondijke Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,9 km8.9
B&B de Kienstee
Sasputsestraat 11, Schoondijke

Bed and Breakfast De Kienstee: rural tranquility in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Explore Breskens, Groede, Oostburg. Close to Bruges and Ghent. Theme rooms, extensive breakfast.

Information about Breskens

Breskens, located in the province of Zeeland, is a coastal town known for its strategic location at the mouth of the Western Scheldt. With a history dating back to the Middle Ages, Breskens offers a rich mix of cultural and historical attractions. The characteristic lighthouse, built in 1867, is the oldest existing cast iron lighthouse in the Netherlands and a recognized monument. The Fisheries Museum highlights the city's maritime heritage, with exhibits on the local fishing industry and shipping history.

Recreation and tourism are important aspects of life in Breskens, supported by the well-equipped marina and the wide sandy beach that is ideal for water sports activities and beach walks. Breskens' culinary scene, heavily influenced by its fishing tradition, offers a range of dining options serving both local specialties and international cuisine. The regular ferry connection provides easy access to the charming town of Vlissingen across the Western Scheldt, adding to Breskens' attractiveness as a tourist destination.