18 accommodations in De Schiphorst

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Landgoed de Bongel in De Wijk Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,8 km10
Landgoed de Bongel
Commissieweg 2, De Wijk

De Bongel estate, picturesque B&B in Reestdal with history dating back to 1870. Space for tranquility, flora, fauna, wine tastings and wellness treatments.

Landrestaurant De Hooiberg in Koekange Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,0 km9.5
Landrestaurant De Hooiberg
Prinsesseweg 8b, Koekange

Welgelegen estate in Koekange: serene B&B, log cabins, mini campsite, country restaurant De Hooiberg, unique Tin Museum and boarding stables for horses.

Landschapspark Striks Erve in IJhorst Holiday resort
Distance: 3,7 km9.1
Landschapspark Striks Erve
Heerenweg 72, IJhorst

Striks Erve Landscape Park: quiet holiday park in Reestdal. Ideal for walking, cycling and trips to Staphorst, Meppel and Giethoorn. Bungalows offer free WiFi.

B&B het Boeren Erf in Ruinerwold Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,4 km9.7
B&B het Boeren Erf
Koekangerweg 11, Ruinerwold

B&B Het Boerenerf Ruinerwold, serene comfort, free WiFi, private bathrooms. Close to Giethoorn and Holten. Activities: snorkeling, diving, cycling.

Gastenverblijf WW15 in Ruinerwold Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,4 km9.5
Gastenverblijf WW15
Weerwille 15, Ruinerwold

Guesthouse WW15 offers attractive privacy in Southwest Drenthe. Enjoy national parks, cozy villages, kitchenette, breakfast service and bicycle rental.

Holiday accommodation De Toffe Peer in Ruinerwold Vacation home
Distance: 6,6 km9.3
Holiday accommodation De Toffe Peer
Dokter Larijweg 94, Ruinerwold

Holiday park De Toffe Peer: diversity in accommodations, borders nature parks. Free WiFi, car charging points. Near Meppel and Steenwijk.

EuroParcs Reestervallei in IJhorst Holiday resort
Distance: 4,6 km7.9
EuroParcs Reestervallei
Veldhuisweg 4, IJhorst

EuroParcs Reestervallei: for peace and nature, with swimming pool, animal meadow, and more.

Bosbungalow ijhorst in IJhorst Vacation home
Distance: 4,4 km10
Bosbungalow ijhorst
Veldhuisweg 4-5, IJhorst

Bosbungalow IJhorst: South terrace, privacy, near Giethoorn & Dwingelderveld. Ideal for nature lovers.

Boshuisje Casa Ciconia in IJhorst Vacation home
Distance: 4,5 km10
Boshuisje Casa Ciconia
Veldhuisweg 4, IJhorst

Forest house Casa Ciconia: Luxury for 1-6 people in IJhorst with WiFi, spacious garden and access to swimming pool.

Landgoed Het Reestdal in IJhorst Vacation home
Distance: 4,6 km9.7
Landgoed Het Reestdal
Veldhuisweg 4, IJhorst

Het Reestdal estate: near Zwarte Dennen, ideal for nature lovers and those seeking peace and quiet.

B&B De Bostuyn in IJhorst Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,2 km9.3
B&B De Bostuyn
Carstenlaan 4, IJhorst

B&B De Bostuyn, unique holiday accommodation in the peaceful Reestdal with wood-fired hot tub and sauna. Become part of the food forest movement!

Schotslandje in Staphorst Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,5 km10
Schotsweg 15, Staphorst

Scotland B&B, peace and relaxation between IJhorst and Staphorst. Authentic log cabin, veranda with a view. Ideal for walking and cycling trips in Reestdal.

Camping de Veentjes in IJhorst Camping
Distance: 4,9 km9.3
Camping de Veentjes
Veldhuisweg 9, IJhorst

Camping de Veentjes: Log cabins, safari tents, modern apartments next to Carstenbos & Nieuwe Strik.

BED&WIJN door De Kasteelhoeve in Staphorst Vacation home
Distance: 3,0 km
BED&WIJN door De Kasteelhoeve
Schotsweg 7, Staphorst

BED & WINE De Kasteelhoeve: luxurious suites in the Reestdal, ideal for exploring Staphorst's forests. From €115/night.

Schotshofje in Staphorst Vacation home
Distance: 2,9 km
Schotsweg 5, Staphorst

Schotshofje: Charming holiday home in an idyllic setting near an orchard, ideal for nature lovers looking for peace and quiet. Privacy guaranteed.

Natuurhuisje Rustig Reestdal in Balkbrug Vacation home
Distance: 7,7 km9.7
Natuurhuisje Rustig Reestdal
Kievitshaar 4, Balkbrug

Holiday home Quiet Reestdal: serene retreat in nature with luxurious bathroom, comfortable box springs and private terrace. Ideal for trips to Meppel, Zwolle and Giethoorn.

B&B De Stapel in De Wijk Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,3 km9.7
B&B De Stapel
Stapelerweg 12, De Wijk

Bed & Breakfast De Stapel, a charming cobbler's house in Reestdal, has a private garden, free WiFi and bicycle shed. Discover the natural pearl, Reestdal.

De Zilveren Maan in Balkbrug Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,3 km9.5
De Zilveren Maan
Groot Oever 9, Balkbrug

De Zilveren Maan: exclusive B&B in the Het Reestdal nature reserve. Ideal for recreational use, family gatherings, informal caregivers and corporate events.

Information about De Schiphorst

De Schiphorst is a picturesque rural village in the province of Drenthe, located in the northeast of the Netherlands. This quiet and serene place is characterized by its wealth of natural beauty. Prominently present is the Landgoed de Havixhorst, a historic monumental building surrounded by stately gardens and very suitable for recreational activities. The local farms with their traditional thatched roofs give the landscape an authentic rural character. Ice age landscapes and nature reserves make this charming village an important destination for nature lovers.

The village is also home to a wide range of flora and fauna, making it a paradise for bird watchers and nature photographers. The nearby Reestdal is an unspoilt river valley area with rare plants and lush forests. Economically, agriculture and tourism are the main sources of income for the local population. With its rich cultural and natural heritage, the Schiphorst offers a unique insight into the rural Dutch lifestyle, where tradition and nature live together in harmony.