20 accommodations in Denekamp

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Fletcher Hotel Dinkeloord Beuningen in Beuningen Hotel
Distance: 1,9 km7.9
Fletcher Hotel Dinkeloord Beuningen
Denekamperstraat 48, Beuningen

Relax in serene rooms amid verdant settings. Enjoy scrumptious continental breakfasts and delightful dinners.

Hotel De Schout Denekamp in Denekamp Hotel
Distance: 648 meter9.3
Hotel De Schout Denekamp
Burgemeester Hoogklimmerstraat 2, Denekamp

Offering rural comfort, unique rooms, and genuine hospitality for complete tranquility.

Camping Papillon Country Resort in Denekamp Camping
Distance: 3,1 km8.9
Camping Papillon Country Resort
Kanaalweg 30, Denekamp

Papillon Country Resort: Luxury glamping in Twente with swimming pool, restaurant and children's entertainment near Germany.

Erve Lubben in Denekamp Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km10
Erve Lubben
Brandlichterweg 75, Denekamp

Erve Lubben in Twente offers luxurious, energy-neutral lodges with a panoramic terrace, near Denekamp.

De Hazenhof in Denekamp Vacation home
Distance: 1,6 km10
De Hazenhof
Kasteellaan 2, Denekamp

De Hazenhof: comfortable forest house on the Singraven estate, Twente, with fireplace, WiFi and kitchen.

Mini-Camping De Dam Tilligte in Tilligte Camping
Distance: 3,8 km9.3
Mini-Camping De Dam Tilligte
Damweg 19, Tilligte

Camping De Dam: 15 places, WiFi, sanitary facilities, near forests & eateries in Denekamp/Ootmarsum.

Mössems in Denekamp Hotel
Distance: 3,8 km9.3
Lattropperstraat 99, Denekamp

Hotel Mössems: Rooms for the disabled, 3-course dinner, meeting facilities, near Ootmarsum.

Landgoed de Kniep in Denekamp Vacation home
Distance: 3,0 km9.7
Landgoed de Kniep
Schiphorstdijk 3, Denekamp

Landgoed de Kniep: holiday homes for 2-20 people in Twente, wheelchair accessible, near Singraven Estate.

Vakantiehuis De Sombeeck in Denekamp Vacation home
Distance: 287 meter10
Vakantiehuis De Sombeeck
Sombeekweg 2a, Denekamp

Holiday home De Sombeeck in Denekamp: comfort, cleanliness and hospitable owners. Equipped with spacious beds, good sanitary facilities & secure payment via Micazu.

De Kleine Hulst in Beuningen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,3 km9.3
De Kleine Hulst
Holsterheurneweg 3, Beuningen

De Kleine Hulst: luxurious farm apartments in idyllic Twente, next to the Dinkel and Singraven estate. Perfect for 2-10 people, with stables.

Erve Het Otman in Denekamp Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km
Erve Het Otman
Stroothuizerweg 16, Denekamp

Erve het Otman, authentic Twente farm from 1475 in quiet Berghum. Attractive stateroom for those seeking peace and quiet, bicycles available. Denekamp 1km.

Bungalowpark Bavelds Dennen in Denekamp Bungalow park
Distance: 2,6 km8.1
Bungalowpark Bavelds Dennen
Johanninksweg 80, Denekamp

Bavelds Dennen: quality accommodation in 'Tuscany of the Netherlands' with WiFi, fully equipped kitchen, sauna/hot tub, in the natural beauty of North-East Twente.

Landgoed Nieuwhuis in Denekamp Vacation home
Distance: 2,0 km7.9
Landgoed Nieuwhuis
Zoekeweg 7, Denekamp

Stay luxuriously at Landgoed Nieuwhuis near Ootmarsum & Denekamp; suitable for 18 pax with heated swimming pool, sauna and hot tub between April and October.

Recreation the Bergvennen in Lattrop-Breklenkamp Holiday resort
Distance: 5,0 km8.3
Recreation the Bergvennen
Bergvennenweg 35, Lattrop-Breklenkamp

Hofparken: Luxury holiday homes in Gelderland & Overijssel, surrounded by nature, with sustainable facilities.

Dinkelhuisje in Denekamp Vacation home
Distance: 2,8 km9.7
Johanninksweg 80, Denekamp

Dinkelhuisje: luxury stay for 4 in North Deurningen with private bathrooms, garden, terrace, close to nature, villages, wellness, tennis courts and swimming pool.

Wellnessbungalow Näckros in Denekamp Vacation home
Distance: 2,8 km9.3
Wellnessbungalow Näckros
Johanninksweg 78, Denekamp

Näckros Wellness Bungalow: exclusive retreat in Denekamp, with private saunas, jacuzzi, comfortable amenities and nearby cycling routes. in Denekamp Vacation home
Distance: 2,8 km9.5
Johanninksweg 78, Denekamp

Bavelds Dennen Holiday home in Denekamp; enjoy peace, privacy, sauna and hot tub. Perfect for outdoor activities, close to Singraven Castle.

Villa NAMI in Denekamp Vacation home
Distance: 2,8 km10
Villa NAMI
Johanninksweg 78-116, Denekamp

Villa NAMI in Denekamp; wheelchair friendly, 6-person capacity, with comfortable beds and open kitchen. Securely bookable via Micazu.

Vakantiewoning Bel-Punto in Denekamp Vacation home
Distance: 2,8 km10
Vakantiewoning Bel-Punto
Johanninksweg 78-60, Denekamp

Holiday home Bel-Punto & Bel-Punto 2: Comfortable holiday accommodations in Denekamp with nature trails, cycling routes, privacy-rich garden and local eateries.

Erve Dinkelhorst in Beuningen Vacation home
Distance: 2,6 km10
Erve Dinkelhorst
Mekkelhorsterstraat 34 A, Beuningen

Erve Dinkelhorst: modern accommodation for 12 people. in Twente, WiFi, wood stoves, near Lutterzand.

Information about Denekamp

Located in Eastern Netherlands, in the province of Overijssel, Denekamp is a charming Dutch village that embodies the rich history and tranquil green surroundings of the countryside. It is known for the Lutterzand nature reserve, a vast forest and heathland area on the Dinkel River, which is a haven for nature lovers. Denekamp also offers access to an extensive network of cycling and walking trails, where visitors can enjoy the picturesque nature and rural atmosphere. The Nicholas Church, a remarkable example of medieval architecture, is also an eye-catcher worth a visit.

The cultural heritage of Denekamp can be discovered in the local open-air museum, \'Natura Docet Wonderryck Twente\', where visitors get an insight into the natural and cultural-historical development of the region. In addition, the active community of Denekamp welcomes various events every year, such as the traditional Easter ride and the summer Siepelmarkt festival, where visitors can learn about local customs and crafts. The village also offers high-quality dining options and accommodation, in keeping with the welcoming atmosphere that characterizes the region.