33 accommodations in Diffelen

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Boutique Hotel en Boerderij restaurant De Gloepe in Diffelen Hotel
Distance: 214 meter8.3
Boutique Hotel en Boerderij restaurant De Gloepe
Rheezerweg 84A, Diffelen

Centrally positioned in tranquil Diffelen, boasting unspoilt nature and a distinctive farmhouse.

Vakantiewoning 't Beerzerachterhuus met privé wellness in Beerze Vacation home
Distance: 2,8 km10
Vakantiewoning 't Beerzerachterhuus met privé wellness
Zwarteweg 1, Beerze

't Beerzerachterhuus: Luxury house for 6, view of meadow, near forest and cities of Zwolle & Ommen. Sauna optional.

Rubens Cottage in Beerze Vacation home
Distance: 2,3 km9.7
Rubens Cottage
Zwarteweg 7-010, Beerze

Huize Zantvers: 6-person holiday home in Beerze, Overijssel. Close to Ommen, ideal for discovering Vechtdal.

Peerd van ome Luuks in Kloosterhaar Vacation home
Distance: 8,7 km9.3
Peerd van ome Luuks
Crullsweg , Kloosterhaar

Peerd van uncle Luuks: Comfortable apartment in Kloosterhaar with WiFi, private parking, full kitchen, garden, BBQ, outdoor fireplace and beautiful view.

Rheezerstee in Rheeze Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,5 km9.3
Rheezerbrink 3, Rheeze

Rheezerstee B&B: medieval pleasure in Vechtdal. Comfortable apartments near dining and recreation. Authentic, soothing and reliable books.

Family Park Vechtvallei in Diffelen Holiday resort
Distance: 1,1 km9.1
Family Park Vechtvallei
Rheezerweg 76, Diffelen

Camping De Vechtvallei Diffelen: Christian holiday park in a wooded area, including an indoor swimming pool, recreation team, cafe and various accommodations.

De Kleve in Diffelen Camping
Distance: 1,2 km8.9
De Kleve
Rheezerweg 111, Diffelen

SVR Camping De Kleve in Vechtdal offers serene tranquility with comfortable facilities such as jeu de boules, play equipment, and a renovated holiday home.

De Rheezer Kamer in Rheeze Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,6 km9.1
De Rheezer Kamer
Rheezerbrink 5, Rheeze

The Rheezer Room in Overijssel: a private oasis for relaxation, business meetings, or romantic weddings. Enjoy the local nature and delicacies.

De Rheezermars in Rheeze Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,5 km9.7
De Rheezermars
Marsweg 3, Rheeze

Rheezermars: luxury apartment in Rheeze. Enjoy cycling and walking routes in a green setting, stay in elegance with Marjolein Bastin inspiration.

Capfun de Sprookjescamping in Rheeze Camping
Distance: 2,3 km8.7
Capfun de Sprookjescamping
Grote Beltenweg 17, Rheeze

Fairytale campsite in Rheeze: child-friendly with luxurious accommodations, entertainment team, indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Near the Oldemeijer recreational lake.

Capfun De Belten in Rheeze Camping
Distance: 2,9 km8.5
Capfun De Belten
Grote Beltenweg 11, Rheeze

Camping De Belten: Capfun's pearl in Rheeze, with green areas, playgrounds, swimming pond, swimming pools and proximity to Slagharen, Plopsaland Coevorden.

Natuurkampeerterrein De Klashorst in Diffelen Camping
Distance: 794 meter9.3
Natuurkampeerterrein De Klashorst
Rheezerweg 123, Diffelen

De Klashorst: experience peace and quiet in the Overijsselse Vechtdal. Nature lover? Enjoy forests, farmlands and learn bushcraft from expert Martin!

Camping 't Veld in Rheeze Camping
Distance: 2,4 km8.9
Camping 't Veld
Grote Beltenweg 15, Rheeze

Camping 't Veld, the smallest 5-star ANWB campsite in the Netherlands, offers a quiet stay in Vechtdal with luxurious comfort pitches and private sanitary facilities.

Camping De Oldemeyer in Rheeze Camping
Distance: 2,6 km9.1
Camping De Oldemeyer
Grote Beltenweg 13a, Rheeze

Camping de Oldemeyer: family-friendly resort in Hardenberg with various activities, recreation team and option to buy a mobile home.

Hardenberg Oldemeyer in Rheeze Camping
Distance: 2,6 km8.5
Hardenberg Oldemeyer
Grote Beltenweg 13a, Rheeze

Camping de Oldemeyer in Hardenberg - child-friendly, Christian identity, recreation team, activities and possibility of your own mobile home.

Camping Kien in Diffelen Camping
Distance: 524 meter8.5
Camping Kien
Grote Esweg 1, Diffelen

Camping Kien in Diffelen offers 20 spacious, green pitches and neat facilities; an idyllic stay in the heart of the Vechtdal.

Leisure Park Beerze Bulten in Beerze Holiday resort
Distance: 2,0 km9.1
Leisure Park Beerze Bulten
Kampweg 1, Beerze

5-star Beerze Bulten: Winner ANWB Campsite of the Year 2023, top location in Vechtdal. Car-free, swimming pools, theater, wellness and more!

Camping Wilrod in Beerze Camping
Distance: 2,1 km8.3
Camping Wilrod
Marsdijk 3a, Beerze

Camping Wilrod: Your scenic base in Vechtdal Overijssel, ideal for fishing, cycling, hiking and family activities.

Het Scholtemeijer in Diffelen Camping
Distance: 472 meter9.1
Het Scholtemeijer
Grote Esweg 13, Diffelen

Farm campsite 'Het Scholtemeijer' in Diffelen, with luxury safari tents, heated sanitary facilities, near Ponypark Slagharen and Plopsaland Coevorden.

De Rolle in Diffelen Camping
Distance: 1,3 km8.9
De Rolle
Grote Esweg 9B, Diffelen

Dutch Caravan Club: Leading camping network with 12 uniquely located sites, exclusive events and discounts on European campsites.

Sperwer vakantiehuis in Beerze Vacation home
Distance: 1,7 km6.5
Sperwer vakantiehuis
Kampweg 12, Beerze

Vechtdal holiday home De Sperwer: on the Ommense forest edge with a view of the Vecht. Ideal for walkers, cyclists and bird watchers.

Huisje Boompje Beerze in Beerze Vacation home
Distance: 2,0 km10
Huisje Boompje Beerze
Marsdijk 3, Beerze

Huisje Boompje Beerze: luxurious forest house in Overijssel. Equipped with all amenities, near the Vecht. Ideal for nature lovers, shops and swimming pool nearby.

Schottinck in Bergentheim Camping
Distance: 1,9 km8.9
Mölinksweg 1, Bergentheim

Camper location Schöttinck in Vechtdal: near De Vecht, catering on location, ideal for events.

Jachthut t'Hijgend Hert in Bergentheim Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,6 km9.9
Jachthut t'Hijgend Hert
Sportlaan 65, Bergentheim

Hunting cabin 't Hijgend Hert: 9BR, 5 bath, sauna, swimming pool, jacuzzi & more, in wooded area, ideal for large groups.

Villa Nirmala in Bergentheim Vacation home
Distance: 4,8 km9.9
Villa Nirmala
Sportlaan 55, Bergentheim

Villa Nirmala: luxurious 5-star wellness villa, wooded and watery, near Bergentheim. Ideal for families.

Chalet 660 de Klimberg in Rheezerveen Vacation home
Distance: 4,0 km
Chalet 660 de Klimberg
Vakantiewoning 660, Rheezerveen

Luxury chalet type F: max 8 persons, with dishwasher, washing machine, equipped kitchen, television. Outdoor garden set, option for extra log cabin.

Camping Little Wolf in Stegeren Camping
Distance: 5,1 km9.5
Camping Little Wolf
Coevorderweg 25, Stegeren

Camping De Kleine Wolf: 5-star camping experience with modern facilities, culinary options, an impressive swimming pool and special light shows.

Vechtdal Vakantiewoning in Stegeren Vacation home
Distance: 5,0 km10
Vechtdal Vakantiewoning
De Hongerige Wolf 79, Stegeren

Vechtdal Holiday home: Bungalow Oehoe, 4 people, surrounded by the forests of Stegeren. Near campsite with shop, restaurant, swimming pools, miniature golf and entertainment.

Hotel Café Restaurant Beerzerveld in Beerzerveld Hotel
Distance: 3,5 km9.3
Hotel Café Restaurant Beerzerveld
Van Alewijkstraat 32, Beerzerveld

Hotel-café-restaurant Beerzerveld: rooms with TV & WiFi, ideal event location, café with billiards & sports on a large screen.

Camping 'De Pallegarste' in Marienberg Camping
Distance: 2,3 km9.1
Camping 'De Pallegarste'
Pallegarsteweg 4, Marienberg

De Pallegarste: 5-star campsite in Vechtdal with swimming pool, luxury chalets, glamping & fishing pond.

Huttopia De Roos in Beerze Camping
Distance: 3,7 km9.1
Huttopia De Roos
Beerzerweg 10, Beerze

Camping Huttopia De Roos in Overijssel: peace, nature, and accessible for tents, caravans and campers. Enjoy the Overijsselse Vecht and activities!

Chalets de Roos in Beerze Holiday resort
Distance: 3,7 km9.7
Chalets de Roos
Beerzerweg 10, Beerze

Camping Huttopia De Roos: luxury chalets with terraces in a green oasis, open from March to October, near Ommen, Overijssel. Book securely online.

Camping De Vogelsangh in Ommen Camping
Distance: 5,0 km8.5
Camping De Vogelsangh
Nieuwe Hammerweg 8, Ommen

Vogelsangh Nature Campsite: next to Beerze nature reserve, 70 places, ideal for cycling and walking routes.

Information about Diffelen

Diffelen, located in the Overijssel landscape, is a place characterized by its tranquility and green surroundings. This place is located in the municipality of Hardenberg, an area rich in nature, such as the adjacent Vechtdal and the forests of Rheeze, and cultural history. In addition to the rural charm, Diffelen also offers a range of accommodations, ranging from traditional farms to modern B&Bs, which are perfect for both a short stay and a longer holiday.

Activities in Diffelen are tailored to the natural environment and include a range of outdoor experiences. Hiking, cycling and bird watching are some of the relaxing activities visitors can enjoy. Specifically, the nature reserve \'Mommeriete\' near Diffelen, offers unique floral and faunal observations. Furthermore, the nearby town of Hardenberg contains urban facilities such as restaurants, shops and cultural institutions, making Diffelen an ideal location for experiencing both rural tranquility and urban dynamics.