29 accommodations in Doetinchem

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Hotel Villa Ruimzicht Doetinchem in Doetinchem Hotel
Distance: 767 meter8.7
Hotel Villa Ruimzicht Doetinchem
Ruimzichtlaan 150, Doetinchem

Enjoy peace in a restored 1853 building boasting modern luxuries and two exquisite restaurants.

Hotel Cafe Restaurant De Gouden Karper in Hummelo Hotel
Distance: 5,8 km8.9
Hotel Cafe Restaurant De Gouden Karper
Dorpsstraat 9, Hummelo

De Gouden Karper, Hummelo: historic 3-star hotel, local cuisine, near the village church.

Camping Jena | Kamperen in de Natuur in Hummelo Camping
Distance: 3,8 km8.9
Camping Jena | Kamperen in de Natuur
Rozegaarderweg 7, Hummelo

Camping Jena in Hummelo: spacious pitches, excellent sanitary facilities, playgrounds & nature trails.

Achterhoekhuisje De Rode Beuk in Hummelo Vacation home
Distance: 5,3 km
Achterhoekhuisje De Rode Beuk
Broekstraat 41A, Hummelo

De Rode Beuk: Spacious garden, terrace & fireplace in Achterhoek near Hummelo and Doetinchem.

Gastenverblijf Eenink in Zelhem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,1 km9.9
Gastenverblijf Eenink
Wisselinkweg 6, Zelhem

Guesthouse Eenink, your luxurious stay in the Achterhoek. For comfort, sustainability and various local packages!

Mini-camping 't Bosch in Zelhem Camping
Distance: 8,1 km8.7
Mini-camping 't Bosch
Everhardinkweg 3a, Zelhem

Mini-camping 't Bosch, Zelhem: enjoy peace and quiet on a dairy goat farm! Camping pitches, gypsy caravans, hikers' huts, walking routes, Wi-Fi. Dogs allowed.

De Lindehoek in Zelhem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,1 km9.1
De Lindehoek
Heidenhoekweg 10a, Zelhem

Bed & Breakfast De Lindehoek: welcomes you in a 100-year-old bakehouse with private terrace, comfortable box springs and proximity to the Pieterpad. Managed by hospitable couple.

Camping Pluimerskamp in Zelhem Camping
Distance: 6,7 km8.7
Camping Pluimerskamp
Pluimersdijk 2, Zelhem

De Pluimerskamp: natural camping in Achterhoek near Zelhem, spacious camping/tour pitches and mobile homes, with shopping, eating and swimming facilities nearby.

Jacuzzihuisjes Weidebosch in Zelhem Vacation home
Distance: 4,9 km9.7
Jacuzzihuisjes Weidebosch
Haitinkweg 6, Zelhem

Jacuzzi houses Gelderland: Luxury accommodations with Jacuzzi & wellness facilities in the quiet Achterhoek, next to atmospheric Zelhem and lively Doetinchem.

Camping Brugginck in Zelhem Camping
Distance: 4,9 km9.1
Camping Brugginck
Heidenhoekweg 7, Zelhem

Camping Brugginck: traditional Achterhoek farm, SVR certified, along Pieterpad. Near Zelhem and Doetinchem.

B&B de Silotoren in Zelhem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,4 km9.9
B&B de Silotoren
Boeyinkweg 3, Zelhem

BOEYINK CATTLE FEEDS Silotoren B&B in Zelhem: unique stay in a monumental tower, breathtaking views and near the Pieterpad.

the Betteld in Zelhem Camping
Distance: 8,6 km8.9
the Betteld
Aaltenseweg 11, Zelhem

Betteld Group: Christian holidays, group accommodations, conferences. Invest in chalets or organize events in our multicolored atmosphere.

Camping Toeven in Zelhem Camping
Distance: 5,3 km8.9
Camping Toeven
Michelstraat 10, Zelhem

Camping Toeven: a relaxing holiday in the Achterhoek. Enjoy luxury, comfort and heated sanitary facilities in the green environment. Cycling routes available.

Camping Park County in Hummelo Camping
Distance: 3,1 km8.9
Camping Park County
Loenhorsterweg 7c, Hummelo

Parkcamping De Graafschap: the heart of the Achterhoek, biodiversity, tranquility and authenticity between Doetinchem and Hummelo. _ Bielemanskamp 2 in Zelhem Vacation home
Distance: 8,6 km9.9 _ Bielemanskamp 2
Bielemansdijk 7, Zelhem

Bielemanskamp 2: renovated, comfortable mobile home in Zelhem at De Betteld holiday park, with outdoor kitchen, air conditioning and pet-free. Meet like-minded people.

Hof van Halle in Halle Bed and breakfast
Distance: 7,6 km10
Hof van Halle
Jolinkdijk 6, Halle

Hof van Halle: Luxury B&B in the Achterhoek. Stylish rooms with kitchen, bathroom, AC and terrace. Near nature, walking routes, shopping towns. Free WIFI.

Wandelcamping Pluk de Dag in Doetinchem Camping
Distance: 5,0 km
Wandelcamping Pluk de Dag
Loordijk 9, Doetinchem

Walking campsite 'Seize the Day': ideally located near Pieterpad, with excellent facilities and a future online walking specialty store.

Bij de Natuur in Doetinchem Vacation home
Distance: 3,5 km
Bij de Natuur
Ellegoorsestraat 24a, Doetinchem

Holiday Home Near Nature: Quietly located, near De Zumpe and Slangenburg. Enjoy a modern-rural apartment and natural garden with e-bikes at your disposal!

De Kruisberg in Doetinchem Hotel
Distance: 2,2 km8.7
De Kruisberg
Kruisbergseweg 172, Doetinchem

Hotel De Kruisberg: comfortable rooms in the Kruisberg forests, ideal location for Pieterpad hikers, with cozy bistro for lunch or dinner.

B&B Klein Zwaluwenslag in Doetinchem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,6 km10
B&B Klein Zwaluwenslag
Broekstraat 24a, Doetinchem

Klein Zwaluwenslag: charming apartment in rural Doetinchem with unique nature views and proximity to wildlife, perfect for those seeking peace and quiet.

Aquadomum in Zelhem Vacation home
Distance: 9,0 km9.7
Aaltenseweg 22a, Zelhem

Aquadomum Zelhem: Sustainable underground complex, ideal for overnight stays and tours, with views of marine life.

Stadshotel De Graafschap in Doetinchem Hotel
Distance: 45 meter8.7
Stadshotel De Graafschap
Simonsplein 12, Doetinchem

City hotel De Graafschap: in the middle of Doetinchem, near shops and entertainment venues, with 24 comfortable rooms and private parking.

B&B Havenzicht Doetinchem in Doetinchem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 388 meter9.7
B&B Havenzicht Doetinchem
Jaagpad 4, Doetinchem

B&B Havenzicht: green oasis in Doetinchem with kitchen, near the Oude IJssel. Ideal for cycling, walking and boat trips. Including breakfast and WiFi.

Pension Bij Saartje Thuis in Zelhem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,2 km10
Pension Bij Saartje Thuis
Stationsstraat 1, Zelhem

Pension BijSaartjeThuis in Zelhem; luxurious rooms, near the Pieterpad starting point and local shops. Reservations on 06-30165542.

Soniaas Bed & Breakfast in Zelhem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,2 km10
Soniaas Bed & Breakfast
Stationsstraat 17, Zelhem

Soniaas Bed & Breakfast in Zelhem offers comfort with a king-size bed, smart TV, WiFi, breakfast buffet and free parking.

Camperplaats de Bronckhorst in Zelhem Camping
Distance: 7,4 km8.7
Camperplaats de Bronckhorst
Kroezekampweg 1a, Zelhem

Camper site de Bronckhorst: ideal stop in the Achterhoek! Maximum 10 campers, 16A electricity, free WiFi. Near distillery, 1km from center.

Mooi Zelhem bed&breakfast in Zelhem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,8 km10
Mooi Zelhem bed&breakfast
Brinkweg 14, Zelhem

Mooi Zelhem B&B in the Achterhoek offers spacious apartments: close to restaurants, walking routes and historic towns. Free parking.

Buitengoed de Veren in Keijenborg Vacation home
Distance: 7,2 km
Buitengoed de Veren
Jebbinkweg 4, Keijenborg

Buitengoed de Veren, Achterhoek: comfortable accommodation, ideal for nature lovers, near Pieterpad and cities such as Doetinchem, Zutphen.

B & B De Zilverberg € 80,-- per nacht in Keijenborg Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,8 km10
B & B De Zilverberg € 80,-- per nacht
Remmelinkdijk 12, Keijenborg

B&B De Zilverberg: Enclave in the Achterhoek; winner Two Tulips, for 1-2 people. Bicycle friendly, WiFi, TV, kitchen, box spring beds, secure storage.

Information about Doetinchem

Located in the province of Gelderland, Doetinchem is an enticing mix of urban facilities and rural charm. As the largest city in the Achterhoek, it is known for its rich history dating back to the 9th century, as well as its vibrant commercial activity. The city center is home to a variety of shops ranging from national chains to local artisans' boutiques, and also offers plenty of gastronomic options where visitors can enjoy traditional Dutch dishes and international cuisine.

Doetinchem is also a haven for nature and culture lovers. With several walking and cycling routes passing through picturesque landscapes and historic sites, the area offers an abundance of recreational activities. Cultural highlights include the Engbergen Open Air Theater and the Doetinchem City Museum which provides a strong overview of local history and culture. The accessibility of public transport along with a variety of accommodation options makes Doetinchem an accessible and attractive destination for any traveler.