27 accommodations in Dokkum

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Hotel De Posthoorn Dokkum in Dokkum Hotel
Distance: 64 meter8.3
Hotel De Posthoorn Dokkum
Diepswal 21, Dokkum

Enjoy utmost comfort in a historic setting, featuring canal views, meeting rooms, and WiFi.

Hotel de Abdij van Dokkum in Dokkum Hotel
Distance: 282 meter9.5
Hotel de Abdij van Dokkum
Markt 30a, Dokkum

Ensure business success at our prime Dutch hotel, merging high-quality service and historic charm.

Camping De Hocht in Nes Camping
Distance: 8,6 km8.9
Camping De Hocht
Wierumerwei 3, Nes

De Hocht: B&B and mini-campsite near Nes, ideal for bird watchers and cyclists, near Dokkum and ferries.

bed & breakfast in Easternijtsjerk Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,3 km9.1
bed & breakfast
Berchhúzen 4, Easternijtsjerk

Op de Vlakte, Bollingawier: unique B&B with goldsmith workshops in the Frisian countryside. Contact:

Unia Zathe in Ie Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,8 km9.9
Unia Zathe
Omgong 7, Ie

Unia Zathe: Luxury B&B in Ee, Friesland. Near Wadden Sea and Lauwersmeer, suitable for 20 people with modern amenities and accommodation options.

Verblijfsaccomodatie Klein Humalda in Ie Vacation home
Distance: 6,7 km8.9
Verblijfsaccomodatie Klein Humalda
Humaldawei 19, Ie

Klein Humalda: a spacious and comfortable stay with wellness facilities, children's facilities and modern comforts. Ideal for weekends to weekly holidays.

De Gastenkamer in Ie Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,6 km9.7
De Gastenkamer
Achterwei 5, Ie

The Guest Room in Ee, Friesland: award-winning B&B, comfortable apartment, extra services such as bicycle rental and chef. Near Wadden Sea and Lauwersmeer.

Camping Hammerslag in Westergeast Camping
Distance: 6,3 km9.1
Camping Hammerslag
Weardebuorsterwei 2, Westergeast

Camping & Activities Farm Hammerslag: enjoy relaxing walks, farmer's golf, archery, local buffets and more in green Friesland.

Het Driezumer Tolhuis in Driezum Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,3 km8.9
Het Driezumer Tolhuis
Trekwei 7a, Driezum

Driezumer Tolhuis in Driesum - enjoy luxury with your own sauna, BBQ facilities and only 12 miles from Schiermonnikoog!

Bed & Breakfast / minicamping De Heksenketel in Hantumhuzen Camping
Distance: 5,8 km7.9
Bed & Breakfast / minicamping De Heksenketel
Wierumerwei 12, Hantumhuzen

De Heksenketel: tranquility near Wadden Sea & Lauwersmeer National Park. Ideal base for mudflat hikers and Dokkum visitors. Offers mini camping and rental rooms.

Boerderijcamping De Koaipleats in Damwâld Holiday resort
Distance: 4,5 km9.3
Boerderijcamping De Koaipleats
Singel 10, Damwâld

De Koaipleats, Damwâld: Spacious sites, free WiFi, children's playground, close to Leeuwarden & national park.

Hotel Cafe Restaurant 't Raedhus in Dokkum Hotel
Distance: 257 meter7.9
Hotel Cafe Restaurant 't Raedhus
, Dokkum

't Raedhûs: Authentic hotel in the heart of Dokkum. Rooms full of comfort, English café-restaurant, local/international dishes. Home base for cycling holidays.

B&B Bierbrouwerij het Klavertje in Dokkum Bed and breakfast
Distance: 294 meter9.1
B&B Bierbrouwerij het Klavertje
Aalsumerpoort 8, Dokkum

Booking Dokkum, for unique B&B experiences in the Netherlands. Stay in unique environments, taste fresh breakfasts and explore local highlights!

Grandcafé - Hotel Van der Meer in Dokkum Hotel
Distance: 203 meter9.1
Grandcafé - Hotel Van der Meer
Woudweg 1, Dokkum

Grandcafé-Hotel Van der Meer: right in the heart of Dokkum, comfortable rooms and home-made culinary specialties in its own grand café.

Logementen Dokkum; Overnachten in Dokkum in Dokkum Hotel
Distance: 293 meter8.9
Logementen Dokkum; Overnachten in Dokkum
Markt 30, Dokkum

Hotel Logementen Dokkum: Comfortable rooms in the middle of Dokkum, close to IJsfontein and strongholds, ideal for nature lovers.

vakantiehuis Gasthuis Dokkum in Dokkum Vacation home
Distance: 143 meter
vakantiehuis Gasthuis Dokkum
Gasthuisstraat 10, Dokkum

At Welmoed: authentic holiday homes in the Wadden area, Friesland with beds made and towels upon arrival, enjoying nature & tranquility.

B&B Gasthuisstraat Dokkum in Dokkum Bed and breakfast
Distance: 119 meter10
B&B Gasthuisstraat Dokkum
Gasthuisstraat 4 a, Dokkum

B&B Dockum: Spend the night within old city strongholds in the heart of Dokkum, enjoy a late check-out, breakfast baskets and a trusted cancellation policy. Top rated!

Vakantie-appartement De Koesfabriek in Dokkum Vacation home
Distance: 342 meter9.7
Vakantie-appartement De Koesfabriek
Oranjewal 22, Dokkum

De Koesfabriek: charming accommodation for 4 in historic Dokkum, with private entrance, cooking facilities and free parking in 't Panwurk.

B&B Suupmarkt in Dokkum Bed and breakfast
Distance: 243 meter9.1
B&B Suupmarkt
Suupmarkt 22, Dokkum

B&B Dockum, historic base in Dokkum with luxurious services such as late check-out and lavish meal baskets.

Suite van Lotte in Dokkum Bed and breakfast
Distance: 91 meter10
Suite van Lotte
Kleine Breedstraat 11, Dokkum

Booking Dokkum in the heart of Dokkum offers 10 unique B&Bs, freshly prepared breakfasts, respect for dietary requirements and tips for local highlights.

Boutiquehotel Dokkum in Dokkum Hotel
Distance: 267 meter8.9
Boutiquehotel Dokkum
Nauwstraat 2, Dokkum

Boutique Hotel Dokkum: comfort and luxury in the city center, near the Eleven Cities Turning Point with 12 rooms with climate control and king-size beds.

Stadslogement Keerpunt Dokkum in Dokkum Bed and breakfast
Distance: 255 meter10
Stadslogement Keerpunt Dokkum
Vleesmarkt 17, Dokkum

City lodging Het Keerpunt Dokkum: historic lodging in the heart of Dokkum on the Elfstedentocht route. Highly rated, enjoy Dockumer coffee and beautiful views.

The Wee White Hoose in Easternijtsjerk Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,5 km9.9
The Wee White Hoose
Bollingwier 7, Easternijtsjerk

The Wee White Hoose: B&B in Noard East Fryslân, offers modern comfort in a cottage environment near the Lauwersmeer and Wadden Islands.

Binneninn Bed and Breakfast in Mitselwier Apartments
Distance: 5,9 km9.5
Binneninn Bed and Breakfast
Stasjonswei 23, Mitselwier

BinnenInn Familiehuizen Waddenzee: stylish group accommodation in Metslawier, ideal base for mudflat hiking and a visit to the Wadden Islands.

Veldzicht Metslawier in Mitselwier Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,9 km9.5
Veldzicht Metslawier
Roptawei 14, Mitselwier

Veldzicht Metslawier, historic farm renovated as a café, lunchroom and B&B. Perfect for a stay in picturesque Noardeast-Fryslân.

Grytmanshoeve in Nijewier Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,0 km9.5
Grytmanswei 1, Nijewier

Grytmanshoeve in Niawier: restored farmhouse from 1848 with luxurious furnishings, 6000m2 garden, near Dokkum and Lauwersmeer Nature Reserve.

De Prikkebosk in Damwâld Vacation home
Distance: 4,8 km9.9
De Prikkebosk
Dammeloane 46, Damwâld

Farmhouse de Prikkebosk: authentic Frisian farm for families and small groups, with \#039;t WAD holiday home and \#039;t WOUD apartment.

Information about Dokkum

Dokkum, located in the province of Friesland, is one of the most prominent cities in the North of the Netherlands. This historic city, originally founded in the 8th century, has retained its authentic charm with beautiful stepped gables, monumental buildings and picturesque canals. It is renowned for its rich history, including the martyrdom of St. Boniface in 754. The city offers a wide range of attractions such as the Boniface Chapel, the Admiralty House (home of the city museum), and the historic fortifications with mill \'De Hoop \'.

In addition, Dokkum has acquired a strong economic position with a focus on innovation and sustainability. The town is also home to a range of shops, from exclusive boutiques to national chains, and has built an excellent reputation for hospitality with a range of first-class restaurants and cafes. Events such as the annual Admiralty Days, with Shipping and Music, contribute to a vibrant local culture and tourism in the region. With routes that connect to the national cycling and walking network, Dokkum is an ideal base for lovers of the outdoors.