27 accommodations in Dordrecht

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Postillion Hotel Dordrecht in Dordrecht Hotel
Distance: 4,3 km7.9
Postillion Hotel Dordrecht
Rijksstraatweg 30, Dordrecht

Optimal location with essential amenities such as free WiFi and parking for avid travelers.

Van der Valk Hotel Dordrecht in Dordrecht Hotel
Distance: 4,4 km8.9
Van der Valk Hotel Dordrecht
Laan van Europa 1600, Dordrecht

Boost productivity in sleek rooms nestled between Rotterdam and Breda. Offering a top-floor spa, free WiFi, and parking.

Bastion Hotel Dordrecht Papendrecht in Dordrecht Hotel
Distance: 1,9 km7.7
Bastion Hotel Dordrecht Papendrecht
Laan der Verenigde Naties 363, Dordrecht

Experience unmatched comfort, streamlined services, and a hospitable ambiance at this top-tier hotel.

Hotel De Brabantse Biesbosch Werkendam in Werkendam Vacation home
Distance: 7,4 km8.1
Hotel De Brabantse Biesbosch Werkendam
Spieringsluis 6, Werkendam

Relax in our child-friendly hotel with stunning views, free parking, and a homely brasserie.

Villa Augustus Dordrecht in Dordrecht Hotel
Distance: 1,3 km8.7
Villa Augustus Dordrecht
Oranjelaan 7, Dordrecht

Experience premium comfort in a landmark water tower, serving organic cuisine from our garden.

B&B In de Prinsenstraat in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 717 meter9.5
B&B In de Prinsenstraat
Prinsenstraat 61, Dordrecht

Dordrecht Bed & Breakfast - monumental building in the historic heart, close to sights and dining options, comfortable rooms, quality breakfast.

B&B À la Lon in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 308 meter10
B&B À la Lon
Lombardstraat 27, Dordrecht

B&B À la Lon: 18th century comfort in the heart of Dordrecht. Studio with box spring, smart TV, free WiFi, pantry, and private entrance.

DNSV Goed Af / De Ammoniet in Dordrecht Camping
Distance: 3,3 km8.7
DNSV Goed Af / De Ammoniet
Smitsweg 3, Dordrecht

DNSV Goed Af in Dordrecht offers naturist recreation with camping facilities, nude swimming in Zwijndrecht and numerous activities.

the Luthiers in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 943 meter9.7
the Luthiers
Voorstraat 13, Dordrecht

De Luthiers B&B in Dordrecht; a unique mix of peace, music and history in an attractive environment near De Biesbosch National Park.

Villa Kromhout in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 702 meter10
Villa Kromhout
Kromhout 25, Dordrecht

Villa Kromhout: Luxury B&B in Dordrecht with sauna, close to the historic city center, Kunstmin Theater and the longest shopping street in NL.

Stadshotel Steegoversloot in Dordrecht Hotel
Distance: 551 meter9.7
Stadshotel Steegoversloot
Steegoversloot 56, Dordrecht

City hotel Steegoversloot: monumental stay in Dordrecht's heart with 12 unique rooms, bakery delicacies and flexible check-in. Many parking options available.

Guesthouse In de Warmoes in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 372 meter9.1
Guesthouse In de Warmoes
Warmoezierspad 1, Dordrecht

In the Warmoes, unique stay in historic Dordrecht, near picturesque harbors, shopping streets and the breathtaking Biesbosch.

Stadshart appartement in Dordrecht Vacation home
Distance: 701 meter4.7
Stadshart appartement
Mariënbornstraat 3A, Dordrecht

Stadshart Apartment Dordrecht: enjoy a city view, within walking distance of historic sights, with free parking and internet.

Bed and breakfast Bommelsteijn in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 966 meter9.1
Bed and breakfast Bommelsteijn
Krispijnseweg 14, Dordrecht

B&B Bommelsteijn offers spacious, attractive rooms with private sanitary facilities, free WiFi and parking close to the center of Dordrecht & De Biesbosch.

Camping Polderland in 's-Gravendeel Camping
Distance: 7,1 km8.5
Camping Polderland
Platte Schenkel 1a, 's-Gravendeel

Camping Polderland: family-friendly with bicycle rental, canoes and close to Dordrecht and Biesbosch.

B&B The Wellness Cottage in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,8 km10
B&B The Wellness Cottage
Zuidendijk 373, Dordrecht

The Wellness Cottage B&B in Dordrecht: luxury, history, private sauna & jacuzzi. Delicious breakfast & close to vibrant events.

De Jantjes Keet in Werkendam Vacation home
Distance: 8,2 km9.3
De Jantjes Keet
Deeneplaatweg 1, Werkendam

Jantjeskeet: rustic group accommodation in De Biesbosch National Park, equipped with modern conveniences. Ideal for family, friends and companies, 8km from Dordrecht.

B&B Belle Chambre in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 633 meter10
B&B Belle Chambre
Gravenstraat 12, Dordrecht

B&B Belle Chambre: mix of Art Deco & Nouveau in historic Dordrecht. Luxury facilities, near museum and inland harbour.

B&B Knolhaven in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 571 meter9.5
B&B Knolhaven
Knolhaven 37, Dordrecht

Bed & Breakfast Knolhaven: Historic Dordrecht at your feet, beautiful view of Museum van Gijn, near bustling shops and serene nature reserve the Biesbosch.

B&B Pura Vida Dordrecht in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 631 meter9.7
B&B Pura Vida Dordrecht
Knolhaven 11, Dordrecht

PuraVida B&B, Dordrecht: private apartment for 2, view of Nieuwe Haven and Grote Kerk. Shops, public transport and museums within walking distance. Ideal for short or long stays.

Bed & Breakfast StudioPlus & StudioExtra in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 767 meter9.1
Bed & Breakfast StudioPlus & StudioExtra
Hooikade 6, Dordrecht

Hooikade B&B: Spacious studios in historic Dordrecht with idyllic views of the Oude Maas. Enjoy conveniences such as free WiFi and private bathroom.

De Watertoren - Hotel & Restaurant in Dordrecht Hotel
Distance: 3,8 km8.9
De Watertoren - Hotel & Restaurant
Kromme Zandweg 80, Dordrecht

De Watertoren Hotel and Restaurant: modern accommodation with local, seasonal meals, luxurious suites and unique views over the polders.

B&B Appelsteiger in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 488 meter10
B&B Appelsteiger
Grote Appelsteiger 22, Dordrecht

B&B Appelsteiger: Experience 17th century charm in the heart of Dordrecht. Perfect for culture lovers, near Kinderdijk, Biesbosch and Rotterdam.

Bed & Breakfast Slapen in Dordrecht in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,1 km9.1
Bed & Breakfast Slapen in Dordrecht
Boris Pasternak-Erf 100, Dordrecht

Sleeping in Dordrecht: comfort and convenience in nature and near the old city, top location for connections to Breda and Rotterdam.

Bed&Breakfast Heer&Meester in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 667 meter9.5
Bed&Breakfast Heer&Meester
Pottenkade 8, Dordrecht

Heer & Meester B&B combines comfort with authentic charm in Dordrecht, free Wi-Fi and reserved parking, near cultural attractions.

De Drechtstee in Dordrecht Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,0 km10
De Drechtstee
Rechte Zandweg 46, Dordrecht

Drechtstee B&B; comfort, air conditioning, free WiFi/parking, near Dordrechts Museum. Top location for couples according to rating (8.5/10). Rotterdam airport at 37km.

All Exclusive Apartments Dordrecht in Dordrecht Vacation home
Distance: 894 meter9.3
All Exclusive Apartments Dordrecht
Kuipershaven 9, Dordrecht

All Exclusive Apartments in Dordrecht offer modern comfort and breathtaking views of the three rivers. Ideal short or long term stay!

Information about Dordrecht

Dordrecht, strikingly located in the widest river crossing in Europe, has a rich history as a commercial center and cultural hotspot dating back to the Middle Ages. As the oldest city in modern-day Holland, visitors can expect an excellently preserved center with more than 800 monuments. Special features include the Grote Kerk, the Dordrecht Museum and the Hof van Nederland, which commemorates the meeting of the Free States of 1572, with which the city undeniably played a key role in the formation of the Dutch State.

Dordrecht excels in its waterfront location, which is visible in its extensive network of old ports, unique waterways and the nearby De Biesbosch National Park, which is a paradise for nature lovers. This special combination of cultural heritage and natural beauty makes Dordrecht an attractive alternative to the more famous, touristy Amsterdam. Only a short journey by train or car, but a world of difference in terms of authenticity and tranquility.