9 accommodations in Eeklo

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B&B meetje verre in Assenede Bed and breakfast
Distance: 9,1 km10
B&B meetje verre
Landsdijk 152, Assenede

Bamp;amp B Bassevelde: Historic Bamp;B in beautiful Meetjesland, perfect for walking and cycling trips. Enjoy rural peace and hospitality of the Ineke family.

Hotel Restaurant Ter Heide in Kaprijke Hotel
Distance: 5,2 km8.7
Hotel Restaurant Ter Heide
Tragelstraat 2, Kaprijke

Restaurant - Hotel Ter Heide: Charming colonial rooms, seasonal dishes and activities in the Lembeek forests, near Ghent, Bruges and Knokke-Heist.

Camping Malpertuus in Kaprijke Camping
Distance: 5,3 km8.1
Camping Malpertuus
Tragelstraat 12, Kaprijke

Camping Malpertuus: Perfect for cycling and walking routes, close to Bruges and Ghent. Ideal family activities and dining options. Modern facilities!

Charmeverblijf De Zonnebrug in Sint-Laureins Bed and breakfast
Distance: 7,8 km9.5
Charmeverblijf De Zonnebrug
Beoostereedepolderdijk 6, Sint-Laureins

De Zonnebrug: Rustic stay in Sint-Laureins with B&B and luxury holiday home. Ideal for those seeking peace and quiet, near the coast, Creek area, and with modern conveniences.

B&B Villa De Keyser in Eeklo Vacation home
Distance: 537 meter8.9
B&B Villa De Keyser
Moeie 35, Eeklo

Villa De Keyser: Ultimate comfort in Eeklo, near Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp. Environmentally friendly, child friendly. Ideal for a relaxing and flexible stay.

Boutique Hotel Shamon in Eeklo Hotel
Distance: 1,2 km9.5
Boutique Hotel Shamon
Gentsesteenweg 28, Eeklo

Hotel Shamon: Elegant boutique hotel in Art Nouveau style, located in Eeklo. Inspired by artists such as Klimt, with garden views and easy access to Ghent and Bruges.

B&B Cambiare in Eeklo Bed and breakfast
Distance: 435 meter7.7
B&B Cambiare
Zuidmoerstraat 115, Eeklo

Cambiare Bed & Breakfast in Eeklo: Stylish rooms, private bathroom, lounge and kitchenette. Relax at the digital piano or visit the organic Cambiare Hoevewinkel.

Restaurant & Boutique hotel Sies in Sint-Laureins Hotel
Distance: 10,9 km9.1
Restaurant & Boutique hotel Sies
Stee 5, Sint-Laureins

Restaurant & Boutique Hotel Sies: Luxury rooms in a historic setting, fair food, cozy rooms, southern terrace and proximity to Meetjesland sights.

Albergo Cavalo in Sint-Laureins Vacation home
Distance: 7,1 km9.5
Albergo Cavalo
Warande 16 A, Sint-Laureins

Albergo Cavalo: Relax and build self-confidence with hippotherapy and coaching in a serene environment, perfect for reflection and personal growth.

Information about Eeklo

Eeklo is a city in the province of East Flanders, Belgium, located in the Meetjesland between Ghent and Bruges. The city is best known for its historic city center, including St. Vincent's Church and the town hall with its characteristic belfry tower. Eeklo offers an attractive town center with a mix of shops, cafes and restaurants, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The extensive network of cycling and walking paths in and around the city makes it an ideal starting point for nature lovers who want to explore the Meetjesland.

In addition to its historical and recreational opportunities, Eeklo is also known for its cultural events, including the annual International Accordion Week and various markets and festivals. The tourist office provides extensive information on city walks, guided visits and other tourist activities. Eeklo's central location and good accessibility via public transport make it an excellent base for exploring the wider region.